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Spirit Animals
Scholastic Inc.

Fall of the Beasts

BY: Victoria Schwab


Something ancient and evil has awoken from beneath the world of Erdas. Shrouded in shadow and older than memory, just a sliver of its power can destroy with a touch. Even the spirit animal bond, the sacred link between humans and animals that keeps Erdas in balance, is under threat.

Four young heroes, Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan, are determined to stop it. Together with their spirit animals, they embark on a desperate journey that takes them deep underground and to the far corners of the world. As friends and allies fall around them, the four have no choice but to push forward and confront this darkness. If they stop to look back, they'll see the truth: Evil already has them surrounded.


Victoria Schwab


Victoria Schwab is the author of nearly a dozen books for children, teens, and adults, including THE ARCHIVED and A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC. When she’s not wandering the Scottish countryside or huddled in a French cafe, she’s curled up in her Nashville home with two big dogs and two noisy cats, drinking tea and dreaming up monsters.



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Create your hero and summon a spirit animal of your own! Join the Greencloaks, an order dedicated to protecting the world of Erdas, to bond and train with your animal—and gain access to incredible powers.

A stranger has appeared in Greenhaven. This mysterious masked boy says he needs your help to rescue a lost friend. But can you trust him? Go on brand-new quests in an exciting new environment tied to the Fall of the Beasts books—and earn special rewards to customize your hero.

Each book grants in-game bonuses, and is your key to unlocking the legend in you.

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Enter the world of Erdas in the Spirit Animals Book 1: Wild Born by Brandon Mull. Discover your spirit animal and join the adventure in the online game.

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