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Okay,  this thread is for funny phrases in krakish, and a translator. My signarure is in Krakish. It reads: "Battle for life. Owls overcome bad magic." :D Now for the translating part. I owe this to Guardians of Ga' Hoole Wiki.



yuoy: I

tuoy: you(singular)

tuoy: he/she/it

nuoy: we

vuoyou: you(plural)

vuoyven: they



bhago: book

criffen: battle

erraghh: rage

frahmm: flames

frishen: friend

glauc: life

glossen: glass

grot-ghot: native (of the northern kingdoms)

hordo: snake

issen: ice

issen blaue: blue ice

issen vintygg: deep ice

kraal: pirate

magen: magic

mik: jewel

m'whocki: owl

nachtmagen: evil/bad magic

N'yrth: uppermost part, beak

phawish: food

plurrh: blood

regno: ruler

rhot ghot: punishment

strah: crown

skog: storyteller/singer

smeisshen: smith

sund: sound, music

S'yth: lowermost part, feet

vhagen: evening

unguis: talons, claws



blaue: blue

clarren: clear

gunda/gunden: good

mi/mi't: my/mine

michten: little

nacht: bad/evil

nachtglaux: against Glaux

trufynkken: drunk

tuoy: your/yours

vintygg: deep

yoicks: crazy (same as in hoolian)



aroch: teach

bit: it is

bity: it will be

bisshen: say/speak (likely the infinitive)

frihl: it burns

fryke: freeze

goot: hoot

grash: eat

heeldving: think

misnacht: [Do you] understand

Murischev: teach to fight

skog: tell/sing

vinc: conquer, win, overcome

yeben: become



achtin: here/for



ach: exlamation for surprise

di: of

der: the

e: another form of and

effen: of(as in from, I am of the US)

in: in

ja: yes

murm: like, as

nuftan: no way

nunchat: no

nynick: never



Framish longa: Follow me

gare heeldving: think nothing of it

gunden vhagen: good evening

Hrash g'mear mclach?: Where are you going?

takk: thanks


Verb to be

youy bis: I am

Tuoy bit: You(singular) are

Tuoy bim: He/She/It is

Nouy bimish: We are

Vuoyven bimishi: You(plural) are

Vuoyven bimont: They are


Wh Words

Hrash: Where

Vhrunk: What


Whew! Okay, use this Krakish to Hoolian Translator to make up silly phrases, then let other people do the Translating. (and did you realize that we are the Others?)



~Firephoenix242 aka Dragonqueen51 and Storm the Tyto alba. And for those who have read my Owl RP, I do realize that Barn Owls are supposed to be from the Forest Kingdom of Tyto, but, LET'S USE OUR IMAGINATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!


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Dreams for my life:


Cure cancer


Olympic Swimmer

Olympic Volleyball player

To invent donuts and fried chicken that's good for you

 To be a unicorn :)

To be in Harry Potter and have awesome powers and stay at Hogwarts!















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We're Others, but owls think we're 'extinct'. Yea... We're extinct.

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