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Dillen Sunranger





Dear Abeke, 


My name is Dillen Sunranger, and I am a descendant of Funray. I came from Eura, when my hometown is under attack. My father, Jim, get out of Eura as far as possible. Then, in the ocean, Keith found me, an took me to Greenhaven. Then, I drank the nectar, and the sky was blackened. Then, I saw a husky named Artemis, and I was proud of myself that I have a spirit animal. 


So, I found two talismans, and ran into Drina. Thrice! (Three times.) It's nice to meet you. Someday, in real life, you and I will have a conversation about Drina. 


Dillen Sunranger 

I am Dillen Sunranger



And I am a Greencloak! 


Descendant of Funray! 


Son of Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt! 

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Natalee Wildshadow









well, if you're still on forums...

cuz this was years ago...


My Nectar ceremony started waaaaaaay back in 2016. I was confuzzled what to do because I was so new to this thing. But I do want a Spirit Animal, so I drank it. The Nectar actually was real sweet. Not  too shabby. so ya, I summoned my favorite animal, The Wolf. But instead of a normal wolf, I got a red wolf. he was shy at first, but then he started to get playful when we arrived at me den. Soon I realized that he can teleport. So I named him, Lucky, the teleporting red wolf. later I met my friend, Skylar. he's a Conquerer but acts like a Greencloak instead. His Spirit Animal is an eagle, whos name is Conor. So ya, that's pretty much me story. Oh wait I have one more question: you enter your room,  right? where your Spirit Animal is, right? there is a stair that leads down to something. but what's down there? we will never know. (illuminati confirmed)


Nacho Chao (Natalie Wild Shadow)

Who am I?

I'm a Nachopedian and a Prankster Gangster

I'm a Wolf

I'm an author and illustrator

I'm an creator 

I'm a Minecrafter


I'm a Survivor

I'm a fighter

I am...


Nacho, warrior of Flying!            "There is nothing to fear but Fear itself"



hi abeke u are my favorite character from spirit animals ur brave and so pretty and i think conor likes u so do u like him tell me so anyway bye.!!

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Mai Dreamcaster






Wolves of Truth

i remember this post how is it back?




Philosopher: a person who studies Hakuna Matata

I am known as Wolfie,Shei,Caress,Tetsugakumono,and Okami but who am I really?

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Simon Diamondrider





hi Abeke and Uraza,


where are the rest of the four fallen?

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Samie Darkgale






The Spirit Animal Queenz

Hi Abeke and Uraza!


 Do you know where the rest of the 4 fallen are? Please aceept my friend request. You 2 are my favorite characters. Here is something for you.


Samie Darkgale and Jasmine the Zebra




for Abeke



for Uraza





Go Ravenclaw!

accio book!  

I am a Harry Potter fan!


99% of people would hug a bunny.

Copy and paste this into your sig if you're part of the 1% of people that would also hug the bunny.


I am  Midnight!

I am Noone!

I am Peral!

I am .3.!



OK I will follow the rules.

       Dear Abeke, 

I am in a far dimension,and unfotunately, we don't have spirit animals.But the good thing about that is our world is less wartorn.We bond with pets,wegive them love,food,respect,and a home for their love and trust.Good luck





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Zoe Rockknight






Stone Warriors

I lived in the northern part of Nilo, near the narrow passageway between Eura and my home country.My father was an importer, sealing goods from Nilo to men of Eura. On my twelfth birthday I was taken to a harbor where a Green lock lived. He gave me the Nectar. Although I expected nothing, a sabino horse appeared and it was my spirit animal. It was an instant bond. That night, I was then captured with Blaze and taken aboard a ship traveling to the Hundred Iles. With the help of Blaze I broke free as soon as we reached land. A kind Greenlock from an outpost escorted me to Zhong. He died however when the ConquerersConquerors took Jano Rion. I've been on my own with Blaze ever since. 

Opainohere, buaher sister...

*getting tired of changing font colors*

so I am on her account. 

weiio I am...


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Kayla Kindworker





hi abeke i am ur biggest fan and why aren't u answering my posts well i guess ur busy saving the world and stuff anyway i am Rebecca and i live

in nilo to i am in a part not to far from ur home i visit ur home once and a while and i say hi to ur dad and sister there nice well i miss u have fun saving the wold BYE!!! wish u luck!!

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Harmonie Firestorm






White Leopards Creed

Hello Abeke and Uraza,

       Hello my name is Harmonie Firestorm, from the mountains of Zhong, Scarlet (my spirit animal,) is here as well. She is a hunter really (but you know how that is, having Uraza.) Me and Scarlet have been through a lot, it has been an adventure that I wouldn't trade for all of Erdas. 

 I lived with my father and older brother "Cole." Our village was small and secret, and all villagers were part of a clan, which we called the Tiger Creed. The clan was for people who had summoned a cat for a spirit animal, there were people with Snow Leopards, Mountain Lions, and yes...the Tiger. My father summoned a Tiger...white as snow, we called her Windra. My brother called a Mountain Lion, and he calls him Manu. So when our Greencloak "Reeda" called all the children for the nectar ceremony, I happened to call Scarlet, my tiger. Life was never simple after that, I became a member of the Tiger Clan. I have always been good at hunting, so I became a scout. But somehow the other Greencloaks found us. And wanted my help. I was a bit confused, I left my village with my friends Cris Mountainrider and Silver Arrow. Silver had called a black leopard...while Cris summoned a Komododragon (he was not a part of the clan.) I started in the fight to save Erdas, along with my friends.

Are you still telling her your story?

Yes, why?

We have to leave soon, c'mon!

Sorry, I've got to leave, this is my friend Silver!

Umm, hi Abeke

Alright talk to you later then...

Harmonie, what are you doing?

Just writing Abeke, this is Cris!

Hi Abeke, 



See you later


                      Harmonie, Silver, and Cris

Hello Abeke,


Nice to talk to you. How's Uraza? 

Thanks for warning me, I will look out for Shane and Drina. Is Zerif searching for the talismans too with Shane and Drina?

By the way, Leopards eat small hoofstock such as gazelle, impala, deer and wildebeast. On occasion, they may also hunt monkeys, rodents, and birds. Just telling if Uraza gets restless. Have you and Rollan got your green cloak yet? Tell me all about being a green cloak...



My story- I lived with my parents. My mom had summoned Ninani and my dad had summoned Tellun.The day I turned 11 was special. I looked outside my window. My combat guru [sir] was waiting. I was the best warrior in the entire Erdas maybe. I am not show-offing! I mouthed the words cerimony. He nodded his head and pointed towards the royal stage of Eura, TranSwick.Conner, 14, assured me that it will be all right. He had summoned the great beast, Briggan. My parents, as mentioned had summoned great beasts as well. I wore my best warrior dress. I saw my cousin, Lyn waving. He had summoned a simple mongoose. Not a great beast but quite useful. I went up the stage full of poise and confidence. After the basic rituals, Issila  walked towards me holding a golden, copper flask. she raised it to my mouth and allowed me to take a swallow. I had seen the nectar when i was 2 years old as Ninani had given it to my mother. Suddenly I felt dizzy. I heard a distant roar. For a few seconds, using my smell senses, I could make out where the farthest deer was sleeping. I saw something brown and yellow. And I knew, i had summoned nne other then Cabaro the great Lion. We created a dornmant and passive bond in no time at all and he has already given me strength you can imagine.


Your own- Lion Challenger




P.S- Uraza is very pretty and strong.

P.P.S- Can you tell me more about Cabaro the lion. He is my spirit animal.

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Kayla Windstrider





Hi Abeke,


My character, Kyla Wind strider is from Zhong. Her families village was attacked by Conquers they took me and my family to Stetriol as prisoners. My family had no choice but to join them if they wanted to survive but I beg to differ so on the night I got their I stole a boat with enough room for one person and used my eagle, Whisper's, vision to find any areas without guards and ran away to Nilo where it took me days to cross the land without intruding tribes then at last i found the dock. I had pay someone to take me across to Greenhaven. And that gets me to where i am today, training, going on missions and playing with friends. I couldn't have gone better except if my family hadn't disappeared after the battle but any way you must always look on the bright side.


Kind Regards, your Greencloak friend Kyla.W

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