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Dear ________,

Congratulations! After a long waiting time, I am sure you are glad to hear that you have been accepted into Banyan Academy. Banyan Academy is an elite pokemon training school that helps young trainers develop their skills. Through your time here, you will receive hands on experience with your job of choice. Once you graduate, you will have obtained valuable information that will help you get into your job. Please go to this address, on the docks, _______ by 1:30 to board the boat that will take you to this academy.

Headmaster Juniper Sylvan

(credit to the pokemon creators and other pokemon rp creators)


Banyan Academy
Banyan is a large campus that resides on Kamilah Island, a large Island that is off the coast of the Kanto region. This Island can be reached by ferry, airplane, or car(there is a bridge connecting the island to Kanto). It is comprised of 5 builds. All buildings are made out of a light, sandy colored brick. The roofs curl slightly at the edge of the building, resembling large, mansions, almost castles. Each of the buildings is placed.

Central Building
This building is the largest of the five with 5 floors. The first floor is the cafeteria, health offices, registration offices, pokemon health center. On the second floor is libraries and rooms filled with board games and other rooms for dancing, musical instrument practice, and there is even a small cafe. The 3 floor is dorms for the students; sky eastern(S) for girls and earth western(E) for boys. The fourth floor is mostly storage and meeting rooms for teachers, and the top floor is dorms for the teachers and other employees.

Eastern Building
This building is one of the buildings with classrooms, and is the larger school with two floor.  The first floor has some classrooms, offices for teachers, a library with a computer lab into it, and a large courtyard in the middle of the building. The second floor is strictly classrooms. The Eastern Building strictly teaches mandatory classes such as math and science.

Southern Building
This building is the building dedicated for pokemon training, and while it has only 1 story to it, it covers the most land. There are 4 indoor pokemon fields and 1 grand indoor pokemon field that doubles up for a classroom.  East of southern building, about a mile away  is a pokemon stadium hold for the largest competitors where people from all over the world come and watch.

Western Building
This building is 2 stories high. The first floor has 3 gyms dedicated to inside sports such as basketball, and volleyball. There are also rooms dedicated to martial arts, fencing, boxing, cooking and sewing clubs. The second floor has rooms dedicated to photography, newspaper, book club, math club, and clubs like that. Outside of the western building is two soccer fields, a football field with a track around it, and 4 tennis courts.

Northern Building
This building is a story high and dedicated to path specified classes. There is a small library with a computer lab and several classrooms, and this is the smallest building.

This academy has many fields to choose from.
~A field is a path of study in which a person can choose.
Gym Leader*
Pokemon Ranger
**Pokemon Actress
**Pokemon Triathlete 
**Pokemon Artist
**Pokemon Musician
*In order to follow the Gym Leader path, you must be a specialist
**These are secondary path options only



No matter what path(s) you decide to take, every student is given a title. There are two.
Specialist= A specialist has only one type of pokemon
Maveneer= A maveneer uses more than one type of pokemon



~Be nice
~No perfect characters, or op pokemon teams

~No Legendary Pokemon

~Don't have op moves like thunder, blizzard, etc either. Everyone is going to be a first year, so our pokemon will be of equal strengths
~If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask!

~You don't need to have 3 pokemon right away. There will be opportunity to catch pokemon later and change teams later. You can change your title, but only after paperwork. 

~Specialists can use pokemon that are just the type, primary that type, or even secondary that type. But must know moves of the specific type. Example, a Flying Specialist could have a Pidgey, but the Pidgey must know a fkying type move.

~TM and HM taught moves are not allowed


        If Specialist, what type:
        Secondary Path: (optional)
Pokemon: (0-3), if 0 then all characters with 0 will have a slight different way of getting to the school

Pokemon Form

Pokemon Species:

Pokemon Type/Matchup:

Ability: (must match the pokemon)

*Schedules will be handed out later, but for right now, worry about forms.

*My forms will come later

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I wanted to join... But you said, and I quote: "THIS IS THE WRONG ONE"

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