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Real People:


Dan, not to be confused with Dan or Danny. He is British, and he has a distinct British accent. He's awkward, obsessive, clumsy, a geek, humble, a pessimist, and a dork. He has messy black hair in a quiff, and I'm not entirely sure what colour his eyes are (though most say that they are blue). Dan stands at about 6'1. He is the lead singer and songwriter of the band B△STILLE, and he also plays the keyboard. He loves Twin Peaks, David Lynch, films, and other people's music.


Danny is Irish, and he has the accent to prove it. He writes amazingly good songs and sings just as well. He is the frontman of The Script. He's a huge dork, awkward, humble, and kind. Danny has short black hair and hazel eyes. He's pretty tall, about 6'3. People say that he can play any instrument, but the only instruments that I know he plays for sure are keyboard, guitar (I think), and a little bit of the drums. Danny likes photography, music, and, uh, hmm...he's not quite as open as Dan, so I can't really say. Sorry.


Glen is also Irish, and has an accent. He plays the drums really well, and he is in The Script as well. He also sings and plays a little guitar (not, like, a miniature guitar, he plays normal sized guitars, but I meant that he plays only a little bit of guitar.), according to Mark and Danny. Not much is known about the mysterious Glen. 


Mark, who is Irish as well, with the accent. He does background vocals and plays the guitar in the band The Script. He's bald and has a ginger beard. Not much else is known about Mark, either.


Will is British, with an accent. He is a bassist in the band Bastille. Uh, he's quiet and awkward. He likes Rihanna. Possibly the only normal one in Bastille.


Kyle is British with an accent. He does the background vocals and plays the keyboard in the band Bastille. He is cheeky and mischievous. He likes cats. He is a dork.


Woody is British, with an accent. He plays the drums in the band Bastille. He likes football (soccer). 


Dan is British, with an accent. He is DanTDM. Moving on...


Jessie (Jessie J)


Tom Jones




Danny - but call him Phobos because there are getting to be too many Dans and Dannys in my gang. He's about 15 years old. He loves mythology, Greek mythology especially. He likes music, photography, writing, and reading. He has messy, short, thick black hair and pale green eyes. He is taller than average and has pale skin. No specific fandom. He is Canadian, and his brother is Arro.


Arro , Arrow, Deimos, or Icarus. He likes mythology a little bit. Arro is his actual name, but online he either goes by Arrow, Deimos, or Icarus. Danny/Phobos always calls him Deimos or Icarus, but I either call him Arrow or Deimos. He has neat, short black hair and a muscular build. His eyes are a flaming amber. He is stuck between average height and tall for his age. Out of the two (Phobos and Arro), Arro is the one that gets all the girls. He's cocky, confident, and extroverted. He's a jock. No specific fandom. Also Canadian, and his brother is Phobos. He is Danny/Phobos' twin brother, so he's fifteen as well.


Thistleshade, a dark brown tabby tom with green eyes. His Clan is ShadowClan. He is from the Warriors fandom.


Night, a black tuxedo she-cat. She is a rogue from the Warriors fandom.


Sparrowblaze, a light brown tabby tom with a white chest, belly, and tail-tip. His eyes are amber. He is of RiverClan, in the Warriors fandom.


Talon, a grey wolf with brown eyes. Male. No fandom.


Narrarator. Sounds like Samuel L. Jackson. Doesn't speak much.




And then there's me. Who probably forgot a few gang members (sorry, forgotten gang members)

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