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The DCI World Championships were tonight, and scores were announced. The Blue Devils won, and were undefeated this year. Santa Clara Vanguard was second, Carolina Crown third, The Cavaliers fourth, Bluecoats in fifth, Boston Crusaders in sixth, and the rest behind that.

The championship had 12 corps competing.


Now, you just wait until next year, I suppose.

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DCI Obsessed.

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Where does that elevator go?

Downstairs, obviously.


Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?


Why are you keeping this curiosity door closed?



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Bluecoats were only fifth? I thought they were really good. 


Or am I thinking about the Bluestars? 


I only watched a little, though. I think I saw the Cavaliers and that was about it from the ones who placed. 

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