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aye so just drop in here if you have an rp that you want people to check out or if you wanna check out other peoples rps


so ill start this off with one of my own, shall we?

its called plus ultra, its a boku no hero academia rp but you dont need to have watched the series to be in the rp because i explain quite well if i do say so myself. basically its a superhero thing where 80% of the world have some sort of special physical or mental trait called a quirk, and so through this professional heroes and villains (basically criminals) rise. the characters in the rp are, much like the show, one of the two classes of students in the best hero training school in the world, located in japan and called u.a. high. pretty easy to wrap your head around.

theres three spots left of the twenty, and youre allowed to come up with your own quirks and all, and recently ive gotten desperate for the four with saves to post forms and for other people to pick up spots so ive taken a few steps back from my usual ridiculous forms

find it at /293893 for the main thread and then /274937 for the character discussion thread.

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 -my forehead is bigger than my will to live-


   our hopes and expectations

   black holes and revelations


we're a city of orphans

                      who had nowhere to go

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I have a RP currently, called What do you see? It's partially based off of Phantom of the Opera and the Mandarins 2017 show, Inside the Ink. I have a basic echo of a plot that I need to expand, and one spot is open. Tread at /295868.

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The creator pǝl to us...



Hide your face so the world will never find you


Remember, there are things far worse than a shattered chandelier


Forge your own path


The verdict is GUILTY and now she must BURN!