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//in the center of the thread room sits a small girl, probably barely even twelve, and a skin-and-bones thin one at that. not that you can really see much of her shape under the ill-fitting tunic, belts, undershirt, and leggings. bandages wrap over the middle of her face, some wrapping above her left eye but otherwise just over the bridge of her nose. her hair is an uneven, choppy mess of black waves with the front braided back to reveal a sunken and rather hollow face and a pair of bright green eyes. one of her hands is poised above the sheath of a dagger on her belt. eris and helene are standing to each side of the girl, who you assume to be the aforementioned kasia. when she speaks up, there is somewhat of a cockney accent in her voice.//


you do know i can just 'port away, right?

kasia, i know everything about you. of course i know you can teleport. youre my oc for mods sake. just let the folks say hi.

does she know i contained her magic to this room?

i do now

not that its a problem or anything, theres no chance you could possibly get me to reverse it until this is over.

give me one halfway decent reason you have to rope me into this

because people enjoy hearing about you

oh god no youve told people about me

course i have //turns to the reader// ok dont mind any of this just ask m girl some questions and such and shell answer

no way in hell

yeah way in hell


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ill dream a nation of you

a new utopia for you to live in

ill dream a nation of me

a new ambrosia that we can live in


my forehead is bigger than my will to live






black holes and revelations

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Hi Kasia. Do you like animals?


God Loves You All!

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"Do not be overcome by evil,

but overcome evil with good."

~Romans 12:21






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#NiceDeliveryDudes #EveryPersonNeedsAKazoo



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*is playing around like a puppy more than a cat* O_O You ask something. *contiues playing; is playing with Nameless* Do you like.... Annoying people? *teleports in* Like you? *teleports away* I'm not annoying! *nods* You are.

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I am...

A Jedi!

A Redcloak!

A Half-Blood!

A Werewolf!

Me, Devin/Worthy, Karmo/Jolt, Shane/King, Goldenrod, Conor, Briggan, Abeke, Uraza, Meilin, Jhi, Rollan, Essix, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ak'wan, Aventine, Tamaki, Spider-Man/Peter Parker