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You're in an average town *squints at paper* or is it a medieval village? Anyways, all seems well and good until mysterious forces start attacking! Oooooooo, spoopy. The really wise village elder brings you and a few other people together to tell you that this all has been foretold in an ancient prophecy. Double spoopy! You and your compatriots have been blessed with special powers that randomly decided to manifest at this very moment, almost like it's convenient to the plot or something. Only you and #TheSquad can tackle this mysterious force. You have no plan, but that doesn't matter, you're powerful people! Wow! The Token Village Elder teaches you the basics of your skills but suddenly, BAM! Dead. Now you and #TheSquad are left alone with only the barest understanding of your newfound abilities. Darn! 

The characters:

The dude who is the natural leader for some reason even though he's completely unqualified. Must face near death at least once a day, but isn't allowed to die. 

The girl who is in love with the main character. She has to hate him with every fiber of her being first and then he saves her life and she magically loves him. Is either really weak or ridiculously strong. 

The love triangle kiddo: could be male or female. Exists only to be a burden on the natural leader and love interest. Really edgy. Probably fights a lot. 

Kid who thinks they're an orphan but one/both of their parents are evil

the resident edgelord: emo, either is good but everyone thinks he's evil, or evil and everyone thinks he's good. Smirks 24/7

the kiddo who looks weak but then suddenly can explode things or something when it actually matters

the person that constantly is at odds with the leader; could be combined with love triangle kiddo


will they ever defeat this evil...evil?




This is a joke 

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•I’m Not As Think As You Socially Awkward I Am

•Kind Of Emo


•A Little Bruised

•Raw bread is best bread

•I’m too poor to be a gay magician 


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I claim the kiddo of explode-ness

what if this actually turns out good

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your evil fandom reference queen

haunted by knee bruise goblins | nr's mb-sis

|probably playing miitopia | drowning in ships|


(thanks eris)