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Simple enough.


O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father and refuse thy name.
Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
And I'll no longer be a Capulet.


Just... wow.

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Your friendly neighborhood starlight princess!

Gang @/306546

"Well, for your information,



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A video of my friend dancing to Single Ladies. 


Yeah I cannot post that. 

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love/life/deatdoesn't discriminate

ʙ ʜʏ ʟ ʏ

normalness leads to sadness

and love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside

now my life is sweet like cinnamon

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OCean !

- - - - - -


-haunted by knee bruise goblins

-NR's forum sis

-probably playing Miitopia

-drowning in ships


-your evil fandom reference queen

- - - - -


Ri Phe Jak Wisp Aki Finn Sil Cr Tai Nor Cody Is Isa Max Ed

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the link to the rubiks cube cheat sheet that I found for a friend


btw I don't need it i can  solve it

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Queen of color, rabbits, and much more

Pink fluffeh unicorns dancing on rainbows!!



Jesus loves you!!

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Some random, nonsensical link.

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Such a cruel world that we live in...


~Raven Tsakaryn~


Hello there. Don't worry, it's just me.

Just another memory in this sea of faces...







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Christmas List
Splatoon 2 (Nintendo Switch)
Pokémon Heartgold or Soulsilver (Nintendo DS)
Pokémon Cards(note:specify later)
Michale Vey 7
Steve Harrington Pop Figure (Stranger Things, is at Hot Topic)

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Call me Red


7th Grade Male



Son of Hermes

Pokemon Trainer


Meme Master

Boy Scout

Stranger Things Fan





If I’m acting crazy, I have ADHD


Spirit Tracks is underrated



General Geek(not a nerd)


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don't ask for context

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۞ a r i r a n g ۞


and i find it kinda funny

i find it kinda sad

the dreams in which i'm dying

are the best i've ever had


lost soul


you can't always control who walks into your lif

but you can control which window you throw them out of



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there is nothing for me to paste

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 I am a girl who hides behind her book,  I am a heroine of my own story, I am a dreamer,

                                           I am the believer 

"collective, mon amour"

it's a song title 

man we're all boring people

except kagam

she knows how to live 

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hear the thunder in this quiet trembling sigh 


  “ if you never saw the stars, 

candles were enough 


ayita, my better twin

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Includes swear words but something I texted to a friend when I was inebriated


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lllY'all are cutelll

Fluffeh Lotus

 ( / )

) (

( )


Up in the sky,   they twinkle bright,

The stars lead the way, into the night,

Giving way to the lurking shadows of night.


*facepalmqueen... or am  I?



 Join night clan!


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I live with the pack.

Forum sis BixBite!

Don't wait for something to happen.

    ^Go and make it happen^

I don't have to be girlie, cuz I don't want to.






That's in my copy&paste.

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The world is but a canvas to our imaginations


Spicy Calamari Inkantation

I am:

A true fighter

Agent 4

Splatoon 2 Lover

A Tom-Boy

Science Girl


"Stay Fresh!"-Squid Sisters/Splatoon

Home-Thread @: /310654

SAMBer since: Mar 22, 2017

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Me ~ Seventeen year old queen of Nardiria. Has long, wavy sandy blond hair that is often up in a ponytail and when it’s down reaches her hips. Her eyes are pine green. Mainly wears a long brown flowing skirt and a green one shoulder top. Has silver circlet with metal leaves on it. Her necklace is a metal orb that can replay the memories of the wearer, this said necklace is one of her most precious items. She almost always fights with her sword which she keeps strapped to her belt, this sword is enchanted to turn into any bladed weapon of her choice and if it is broken while transformed it’ll return to it’s original sword self. Her main personality traits include her determination, mood swings, loyalty to her friends and family, and though she’s quick to fight she’ll never fight one of her sisters. 
Echo ~ Looks like your average tiger but a little larger. She is Cassy’s spirit animal.  Although she’s rather lazy and doesn’t enjoy what others find fun she is actually very protective of her bond. She hates going into danger but she knows Cassy cannot be talked out most battles so she always insists that Cassy takes her on these missions. 
Cam ~ Her full name being Cambria Selen. Cam is the youngest of the group at age eleven. She tends to wear all shades of blue with black bottoms. She has black hair that is in a pixie cut and she has teal colored eyes. She has water elemental powers. She usually fights with a staff. Her defining traits are her prankster-like attitude towards everything, she hates sitting still, she attentions seeks a little and hates being alone.

Sora ~ Her Full name is Socha Calahan. Despite being the second youngest in the group at age thirteen, Sora is by far the smartest. She has long white blond hair, gray blue eyes, and extremely pale skin. Sora wears very pale colors and white. She has thin wire rimmed glasses. She is very intelligent and logical. She often makes logical statements and sounding like the bringer of doom and she doesn’t believe in emotions. She is an air elemental. She usually fights with bow and arrow.

May ~ Her full name is Mable Gray. She is a seventeen year old nature elemental. She has medium length wavy dark brown hair and leaf green eyes. She tends to wear greens and pinks with light colored jeans. Her defining traits are her forgetfulness, daydreaming, and love for flowers and animals. She always fights with a bow and arrow in the rare occasion she actually fights.  
Fiona ~ Her full name is Fiona Mendacium. Fiona is fifteen years old girl with curly red hair, amber eyes, and rather pale skin. She normally wears black and gold or red and black. She is a fire elemental. She tends to fight with a whip and usually this whip is made of fire. Her defining characteristics are her temper, eagerness to jump into a fight, defensiveness about her family, and her want to do everything herself. 
Eden ~ Her full name is Eden Celwydd She is a fourteen year old shadow elemental. She has long, straight, black hair that falls over one of her silver eyes. She has extremely pale skin much like Sora. She is a shadow elemental. She fights with her duel swords. She is very quiet, probably the most powerful of the elemental masters but she hates her powers. Eden is very intelligent and has a knack for memorizing spells. Clara’s twin sister

Clara ~ Her full name is Clara Celwydd. She’s also a fourteen year old seeing as though she is Eden’s twin. Clara is the total opposite of Eden. Clara has curly blond hair, sky blue eyes, tan skin. She loves wearing girly clothing that are normally pink. She is extremely outgoing, loves to be the center of attention, trusting, optimistic, and makes friends easily. She’s a light elemental who fights with duel swords. 
Zack ~ His full name is Zackeria Coogan. He is also a fifteen year old who went to school with Fiona. He has shaggy black hair, dark blue eyes, pale skin. Zack has thick, black framed glasses. He wears a lot of plaid or sweat shirts with baggy jeans. Despite being very likable of his main characteristics is how shy he is. Other defining traits are his flustered attitude towards Fiona due to his crush and his fear of everything. He’s a lightning elemental who fights with a mace. 
Lorelei ~ Her full name is Lorelei Thorin. She is a sixteen year old but despite this her best friend is Cam. Lorelei has black hair that is always in messy curls. Her eyes are a striking violet. And her skin is relatively pale. She normally wears purples, whites, and blacks. She always wears an amethyst necklace. She is very much a dare devil, hates being told what to do, likes a good prank, very clever. Time elemental who fights with a spear.
Ash ~ His full name is Ashton Lunice. He is nineteen years old. He has clean cut, light brown hair, warm brown eyes, and very tan skin. Ash normally wears beat up jeans and either gray or dark green tops. He has powers over rock, gem, and metals. He fights with a broad sword. He is Cassy’s big brother. His defining characteristics is his level headedness in most situations, protectiveness of Cassy and faith in her.

Kevin ~ His full name is Kevin Oleander but Cassy just likes to call him Pretty Boy. He is seventeen years old. He has clean swept auburn hair, pale blue eyes, muscular build, and copper colored skin. He actually has no known magic but he is skilled at fencing so he always has a rapier on him. He also plays most sports so he loves staying fit. He is rather kind and he’ll try anything knew in search of fun and adventure. He’s rather charming and can talk his way out of all trouble with the elemental masters when he does something wrong. He’s use to being used as live bate and no longer really minds. He gets a little tired of hearing how “pretty” he is.


Yeah... That's a large post.... But that's what was in my copy and paste. 

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Cassy Lunice


Queen of Weapons

Bump and Elemental Master


Gang:Me, E, C, S, M, F, E, C, L, A,K, Sp, Au, SC, PW, DW, SD, DD, G, Ma, F, T, MM, SS, SW, SB, St, De, RH




Full sig @ /283447

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Snowbreeze finally made it down to the podium above the arena where he mother and sisters were, in time to see Raven snap Branchswinger's neck. Feeling sick, she fled back through the halls until she was back in her room, staring at the ground in the corner, trying not to be sick. She killed them. She killed a dragon. How can anyone do that? She sat shakily on the ground, her wings drooping. I can't cope with things like that. I can never be a normal dragon.


 Part of one of my PoVs from the WoFMB, which I copied in case it didn't go through.

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Goddess of frost, leopards and darkness



Demigod daughter of Hades





"Always." ~Severus Snape

Remember Vertigo

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"The Old Country Waltz" (recorded April 1977)
"Saddle Up the Palomino" (recorded April 1977)
Neil Young, Tim Drummond, Bobby Charles
"Hey Babe" (recorded April 1977)
"Hold Back the Tears" (recorded April 1977)
"Bite the Bullet" (recorded April 1977)
Side two[edit]
Performed by Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

"Star of Bethlehem" (recorded November 1974)
"Will to Love" (recorded May 1976)
"Like a Hurricane" (recorded November 1975)
"Homegrown" (recorded November 1975)

A track list. I'm on my dads computer so

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hey youngblood, doesn't it feel like our time is running out?

I might start shipping this dude with you Necro if that’s fine


Name: Garrett
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Short description: Tan skin, short black hair spiked up. Tall and muscular, unusual golden eyes. Two brownish red horns coming out of the top of his head., and a line of spikes going down his back, the same color as his horns. He has a forked snake-like tongue and has some scales on his body, usually around the waist and hairline. wearing black jeans and tall dark red combat boots. He is part dinosaur, which explains the strange stuff.
-Special attributes?(Body parts, different coloring, etc): Brownish red horns and spikes, strange scales, forked tongue.
Abilities?: Breathes and controls fire, can communicate with dinosaurs and dragons. Pretty fast, agile, and strong, keen senses(part of the dinosaur thing).
Short personality: A bit awkward, kind of a show-off. He is compassionate and overprotective of people and animals he has a bond with. He has a low self-esteem though.
Special skills?: Heightened senses and strong, agile, and fast.
Colony?: None
-Colony ranking(if part of one)?: N/A
Religion?: N/A
Pets?: Pet Dilophosaurus (like a velociraptor but bigger) he uses in place of a horse. It’s a male and named Xeithu
Territory?: He is a traveler, right now located in the plains.
Relations with other characters?: TBD
Other: He is part dinosaur in case you haven’t caught on

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Yes hello it is I, [Dynasty]

(or Dankasty if you want?)


Beep b00p sneep my sn00p




Here’s s0me VERY t0uching lyrics:


Lost a bet to a guy in a chiffon skirt



Non-Binary Pansexual

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Ash proceeded to walk into the small cafe and...


Okay, that wasn't really what I was expecting. It's part of a story I'm writing on here, and I was finishing up a chapter.

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He seems super creepy and menancing but he wanted me to deliver mail?


DCI Obsessed.


"Did you just color me blue with my own attack?"


"All of your fears keeping me alive"









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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Homestuck needed a lenny face for something Supernatural had done, so Undertale posted it. I copied it to keep it in case I needed it.

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Once I was Mer. I'm now edgy(TM) Arial and her flipside, Andale. We're here for now.





I'm a member of the Intermission Crew


  I am Sher locked

<>=Vision Dreamer


I have the honor to be your obedient servant, A.Myth