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The lights are blinding, the music blaring. Life and vitality echoes around you in a wave of energy that connects us all. Between the chaos and the hype hides something different. A new emotion, peace. It is within that new found peace that I realized the truth. The missing piece of my everlasting puzzle. After years of the madness, I've grown to love and care for it. But something has changed. The colors don't seem as vibrant, the lights dim, and the music fades, then I realized, it has always been this way. I was simply too caught up in the excitement to see it before. Closing my eyes, I let myself fade away with the music to the next chapter of my never-ending story. This is it, the world disappears before my eyes and I with it.


The second the world finally melts away, I find myself in a void. Nothing but emptiness surrounds me for as far as I can see. My heart starts to race in fear, but a moment later, the fear passes. Because I know that in this silence, I can find peace and solace. So I will move on and embrace the solitude that has become my life. 


Ave Atque Vale, ~J. Silvershade. 


*I will still be reachable in other places.

Please let this through Mods. 

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Jenna Silvershade~

/J. Silvyr/


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Did you mean Failure?


All these voices in my head get loud

I wish that I could shut them out

I'm sorry that I let you down

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Good bye! I didn't know you, but I hope you have a nice life. Maybe I'll see you again randomly online, but that's pretty unlikely. Come back and visit!

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Twin= Topaz



"Where's the little demon?" 


"Toffee you're a walnut."


I'm obsessed with music please help.










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good bye Finale T_T

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i am........

-a unwanted

-a greenclock

-an agent

-the daughter of moon and qibli

-or a rainwing

-a muslim

-a sister

-a daughter 

-a warrior

-a student

-a bookworm

-a peace maker


-a normal girl



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Goodbye, Jenna.. I'll miss you.

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OCean !

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-haunted by knee bruise goblins

-NR's forum sis

-probably playing Miitopia


-your evil fandom reference queen

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Ri Phe Jak Wisp Aki Finn Sil Cr Nor Cody Is Isa Max Ed