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Post a song that best describes the vibe you think you give off to other people and then if other people disagree they can post a different song until it's decided by the collective what your vibe song is and like whoever suggests the favored song goes next. If the song originally presented is deemed correct then that person picks who goes next

For instance, I would pick Swimming Pool by The Front Bottoms 

or Fine, Great by Modern Baseball

Because both of them are weird and take a certain taste to appreciate fully

And then y'all would either say "you right" or "no this song is better"

and discussion would take off there

I'm feeling musical right now fite me

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 ℂall me Ishmael.

Hammock Flavored Drinks Family


 pυт тнαт тнιɴɢ вαcĸ wнere ιт cαмe ғroм or ѕo нelp мe


 Gucci Gang: Ishamel•Ishmeal•Ishmale•FishmealAhab


Don’t hug me, I’m scared. 

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i don't know either of 'em but i'm sure they fit ya


i think "please dont" from mxmtoon fits me

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OCean !

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-haunted by knee bruise goblins

-NR's forum sis

-probably playing Miitopia


-your evil fandom reference queen

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