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the most i've done is be best friends with my friend who got the highest average in grade 8, and i barely got honour roll. 


i can't remember my 8 times tables. (but let's be real who actually remembers 8 times tables that (BLEEP) is hard)


heck my my younger cousin the fourth grade got an award in chinese school


y'all i'm (BLEEP) dumb

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love/life/deatdoesn't discriminate

ʙ ʜʏ ʟ ʏ

normalness leads to sadness

and love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside

now my life is sweet like cinnamon

No, your not at worse your average

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(Lost account password so still me but different account.)









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You're not dumb. I haven't been on the honour role for the past few years.

Plus, there are more ways to be smart than just academically. 

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There's just one place you'll find me...

The World of Harry Potter.  


We don't need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.

But I'm sure my letter's coming. Maybe the owl just got lost?

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Let's see how many eight times table problems I can remember... XD















Agh, no more math. XD

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I'm a Star Wars Geek Jedi.


(Clarinetist in the Corner)


Talk less.... Smile more!


Why are you still reading this...? Scroll down!

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but do grades even matter in the long run

not really

i can't remember any of my times tables past three because my memory is awful if that makes you feel better?

also about your cousin, it's been proven that younger children pick up languages better so...

i haven't skipped a grade

yeah i've got high reading levels but i can't keep myself on topic for the life of me and i space out too easily so it's not really helpful

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Silver/Eevee Lunice-Ignorè-Argentum-Moonhaven






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Honestly, everybody has their own talents. I do well in subjects because of my reading ability, but that’s because I’m able to write rite a lot more and use complex language to make my writing seem more appealing than my classmates’. I suck at French because my mind is not geared towards that field and technology makes me feel anxious and gives me headaches. Focus on what you’re good at and you will succeed. Remember, school is absolutely pointless if you come out arrogant or unsociable. People don’t care if you’re smart, they may care a little bit but typically people hire those who are good with other people and can perform well. Nobody cares about how smart you are if you look down on people, show up late and put in half the work.

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   Probably insensitive

Honestly, I'll be your friend if you want me to.


(What even if this sig?)

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Amen. I mean, not to brag, but i do have a high reading level, but reading is my strength. I’m gifted but skipping a grade?!

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Call me Red


7th Grade Male



Son of Hermes

Pokemon Trainer


Meme Master

Boy Scout

Stranger Things Fan





If I’m acting crazy, I have ADHD


Spirit Tracks is underrated



General Geek(not a nerd)


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Hey, I've never skipped a grade, and although I have a high reading level, reading is just my strength, along with math, science, and basically anything that isn't writing.

And personally, I find 11s hard to do after 11x9. (Although why do I need to know that BLEEP)

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Call me Starflight


Wolves aren't evil




Janus all the way.


Fangs 4 Life


One can melt my icy heart


Showing my Zside Pride!!


Shadow Cadet 4 life!


Beware my flip side, Silverwing




I have a high reading level (or, I know I used to... idk about anymore... I don't know how to find out when ur homeschooled and you just watch videos that are shot in a school across the country) but I can hardly remember the 4, 6, 7, 8, 11 (above 10*11), and 12 tables. I can do the 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, 10, and 11s under 11*11. I have to use the finger trick for the nines, though.


I started liking History after last year, because last year's History teacher made the learning fun. I'm okay at the subject.


Science.... ehh, I learned Biology last year, and the lowest I got on anything was a B, I'm pretty sure. This year, its Earth and Space, and I'm not doing the best.


English is okay. I like the vocabulary and literature studies, but the grammar..... I could be doing better.


Again, Math is definitely waaaaay worse than everything else. (I got an F on one semester.... I think I barely passed to Pre-Algerbra, aka this year's math class thingy)


I'm a Christian, and I'm in a Christian school program, so I learn Bible stuff. I'm not too bad at it; this year's Bible teacher is kind of like last year's History teacher, so the class is fun and I'm not too bad at it. Although, memorizing verses is probably the worst part of the class. This class taught me to not be afraid to sing (we sing hymns and stuff) and I'm thankful for that. I sing a lot more now, although I still don't like to sing in front of my parents/other adults.



I'm in eighth grade.

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I'm weird. Get used to it


Im insane; you?







"Geoduck- it looks like a naked turtle."

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i've never been on honour roll cause i'm a trouble child and i got suspended once or twice


my geometry grade is b- and basic trig was easy but man vectors got me and now we're doing?? unit circles?? more trig?? physics??


orchestra is pretty okay but it really shouldn't count


social studies is awful, the teacher's great and i get a's on all the tests and projects but;; in the one class where participation matters more;;;;;


english is awful, i keep citing things the wrong way and get marked two letter grades down for it i swear


science is pretty ok but these stupid prissy kids and almost all of the student body gov is in it and ugh


japanese;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; is just;;;;;;;;;;;;;; really easy but the teacher's awful and he only gives 97 when it should be 100 and he marked me down for using actual numbers in the date instead of writing 8-10 chinese characters

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۞ a r i r a n g ۞


and i find it kinda funny

i find it kinda sad

the dreams in which i'm dying

are the best i've ever had


lost soul


you can't always control who walks into your lif

but you can control which window you throw them out of



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I do okay in all of my subjects, but my studying habits, work ethic, and people skills are all so terrible that they make it pretty much impossible for me to be anything more than average. When you're being considered for a job or a college, they'll pay a lot of attention to what extra-curricular stuff you've been doing. And sadly, I doubt that my chances for anything high-level are very good, considering my unwillingness to actively participate in any clubs.

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Such a cruel world that we live in...


~Raven Tsakaryn~


Hello there. Don't worry, it's just me.

Just another memory in this sea of faces...