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*Shoves the Phantom and Vladimir out of gang*


Wait why- *disappears*

*Disappears, but doesn't say anything*


The kid wears a purple top hat, with a purple tunic-y top and a yellow cape, and she's doing some crazy jumping and grappling-hooking all over the place. Rebel (even though its her gang member) is nowhere in sight, so it is Jallas trying to get the kid in line. 


Hat Kid, stop that right now!


The girl stops briefly, then sticks her tongue out at Jallas.




After this brief stop, she resumes swinging around. She's not hurting anyone, but the furniture doesn't seem to appreciate this intrusion.

Ory is also here, but he hasn't said anything yet. He, too, is trying to at least slow down the girl, but he doesn't seem as annoyed about her as Jallas does.




This seems to be escalating surprisingly quickly.

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The creator pǝl to us...



Hide your face so the world will never find you


Remember, there are things far worse than a shattered chandelier


Forge your own path


The verdict is GUILTY and now she must BURN!




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*hides with gang into corner* *one gangmember comes out of hiding place* it appears to be Aylina the new kid 

What is your name?

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The whole problem

with the world is that fools and fanatics

are always so certain of themselves

and wiser people so full of doubts

-Bertrand russell

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