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Rebirth: [MLP world] Several teenagers receive a strange letter requesting them to come to a stable just outside their city. A man zaps them with a strange gadget and they black out. When all awake, they find themselves bound with ropes in a small, dark room and feeling sick to their stomachs. They find out that they are either unicorns, pegasi, or regular ponies and that they are in the magical land of Equestria. They need to get home, but really, where is home?


Rise: [Basically a tribute to anyone who's been handicapped and overcome their difficulties.] Several people are amazing at doing things but they have a severe handicap that most people would feel would prevent them from doing that thing (e. g., a blind or partially blind concert pianist; a competitive swimmer paralyzed below the waist/with a prosthetic leg; a deaf composer; etc.)

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"Well, for your information,


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Do the rebirth because it is My Little Pony! I love my little pony! 

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