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-altean marks are really just highlighter in this au. that’d why they glow. 

-acxa has a large collection of bobby pins and hair accessories

-ezor has nicki manij long hair, tied in an ariana grande high pony tail that’s dyed red

-coran is a mechanic w/ a degree in zoology and history. he’s also had several odd jobs, including advisor for his best friend who just happened to be king and was in a famous underground pop/punk band. 

-allura’s a princess who was sent to live in another country while her kingdom altea got destroyed

-lance is an actor. 

-keith figure skates. his mother was a figure skater and gave him her blades before she left. 

-after his mother left and his father abandoned him, keith was eventually adopted by the shiroganes and met shiro

-pidge got an offer from MIT when she was just 14 but declined to finish high school with her friends 

-hunk would major in mechanics and minor in culinary studies

-lance is a theatre kid. he’s got a great voice and his acting skills are to die for

-ages: paladins (except shiro) in high school, shiro is in college, so is lotor and his generals and allura just started uni. 

-allura met everyone through shiro

-pidge met keith through shiro, since he and matt are dating

-keith and lance were in the same class

-hunk is lance’s best friend since they were 3. 

-lance moved from cuba and visits a lot

-shiro is a triplet. his brothers are kuron and sven. 

-since shiro’s 6 he uses it cleverly

-pidge almost got expelled from bringing rover to class 

-keith got his motercycle for his 17th birthday. it was old and broken. it took him a year to fix but he loves it.

-heck everyone is a mechanic but lance and shiro

-kuron hates lance. 

-lotor and his generals are like the heathers but nicer. 

-like he’s dating allura and that really softened him

-acxa is keith’s sister but they were seperated due to the foster system. keith forgot he had a sister. 

-they’re both oblivious 

-matt definitely made a few vines that went viral

-he loves anime

-allura has a huge house, nay, mansion. shiro, lotor and matt live with her since it’s so huge

-lance, pidge, keith and hunk are gonna join once they graduate 



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