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I couldn't believe it when the Four Fallen all turned out to be the Oathbound's most loyal spies! And who would've thought that in the middle of the book, evil Saga suddenly appeared, and because both the Oathbound and the Greencloaks refused to do his bidding he turned them all into mind-controlled ducks! Near the end of the book he got so irritated by the constant quacking that he blew up all Erdas. The End. (Next 100 pages: Blank.)


Note: I don't have anything against Erdas. xD. Don't come up to my door and hurt me with a blank-paged book. 

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Burn, my Cosmos, become the light from hope that brightens the future! ~Gemini Saga



"I want to see just how far you can go." ~Scorpio Milo

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Remember the part when the three greencloaks died, Ovlan, Rollan, Abeke


Ovlan died from stone viper venom


Rollan died saving Meilin


Abeke died by being trapped and fought to her death against dozens of oathbound archers


It was sooo sad!


But they put up a fight!

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Tiger Strike #7


Dragon-Dolphin Spirit Animal



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