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Ok so I'm doing some Mad Libs on here. If you do it, please do it in order. Here is the first list:



Time of Day (Day, night, dawn, exc)


Time (1:00 A.M., 9:00 P.M., exc)

Name (Sarah, Drake, exc)


Size (Huge, tiny, exc.)



Body part (teeth, claws, fangs, ears, exc.)


Markings (spots, patches, stripes, exc)



Another Noise

Random item


Movement (ran, walked, jumped, exc)

Food Item




Length of Time (year, day, exc.)


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Petal aka Leaf


"Mr. Hero!"


 "You won't be getting your way for long! Not if I have anything to say about it!"




 "I'm a talking dog!"


 "Are you a robot?"

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ill do these first 5



Time of Day: Dusk

Month: August

Time: 8:07 P.M.

Name: Niko

Noise: Kitten mewing

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My name is Random, though you may have heard of me as Animal. (You can call me Wist/Wistful/Nova) I'm a fan of Danganronpa God loves you all! A Million Dreams D&C 19:23, Helaman 5:12 "When there's no peace on Earth, there is peace in Christ"
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time: top of the morning ( i think it means dawn.)

month: may

time: 5:00 Am

name: Amelia

noise: quack

size: biggish small, not to be confused with smallish big.

color: the colors of the wind. a bright blue

animal: draconacornacampi ( a draconaquist, discord for mlp fans, with a horse head, a single unicorn horn, and a fish tail like a mermaid.)

body part: heart

color: a deep deep red.

markings: feathery stripes (stripes that have feathery edges)

shape: dodecahydrid

noise: neigh

noise: shouting

item: a fancy spork

movement: exploded

noise: le meow

food: a fancy red australian tea chocolate (i am really not sure what that is either)

movement: a very fast cartwheel beyond human capabilities

verb: amaze

noise: howl

time length: Milena

noise: low flying airplane noises

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I am the night painter sylvia

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theres good in everyone. its just that not everyone acknowledges it



beauty comes from unity

gang: nightshade, kimiko, dimarco, hector

im very random