How have my comics been?

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it's finally here so here we go



The ShadowClan Attack


Firestar and Graystripe are sitting on the highrock enjoying the peaceful night

Firestar: The moon is not up we should be aware of attacks.

Graystripe: agreed.

Firestar:what is that awful smell?!?

Graystripe and Firestar together:SHADOWCLAN!!

Firestar yowls to warn the clan as Blackstar and his clan emerges from the bushes.

Firestar snarling: what do you want?!

Blackstar:Oh, just your kits and almost all your territory.

Without a reply Firestar leaps onto Blackstar and pins him down.

In reply, Blackstar wriggles free and takes one of firestar's lives.

Firestar rears up and makes a HUGE clawmark  on Blackstar's right hind leg.

As Blackstar starts to loose the life he claws Firestar's muzzle and Shadowclan retreats



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