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Greetings, all.  I am the Honorable Poetic Lynx, also known as Blindie, and I have started playing the Spirit Animals today.  So far, it has been fun, but there are few problems I am having.  I tried to adress one of these in an already existing mod post, however I'm not really sure if it's still awaiting moderation or it's been declined or what.  So, since others have asked for help in this format, so shall I.


The first problem is what I like to call the "Forever Saving of Doom."  When I first started playing, I did many things rapidly.  I learned, after logging out of the game, that this was not smart as the game takes very long to save if you do this.  So I took more time when doing things, such as buying and selling things, when I played.  But then the problem came back and persisted after I did several things in the My Room section of the game.  While I am not sure what, it seems something in that room causes the "Forever Saving of Doom" and I ended loosing usaved data... again.  I have heard that this was addressed and mods attempted to fix it, but I am still having problems. 


The second problem comes when I go to switch characters.  I created a second character to play, but soon had an episode of the dreaded "Forever Saving of Doom" and basically did not care to redo some things so I went to my older charater.  The game said it was retrieving the needed data, but it never did and it froze my browser.  I had to exit out and reopen the browser.


These might be caused on my end, as well as the fact that this is a new game and will oviously have bugs.  Thank you for reading and the help that you may be able to provide.


Regards and all that jazz,

The Honorable Poetic Lynx


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There once was a lynxy gal named Blindie

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Is the saving issue still happening? This is something that I believe we have resolved. Sometimes when we make an update to the game certain accounts get confused as to which version they are using. This might be the case. Can you try clearing your web history/cache and see if you are still having the saving issue? If so try on a different web browser.


I think the switching characters thing might be due to the same factors mentioned above. Try clearing your web history/cache and try on different web browser and let me know!



Keith F

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I had that problem too. Probably your computer because I switched to this more newer laptop and now everythng is AWESOME! This is a game that takes more space in that gigabite ( did I spell that right? ) storage thingy.

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Everything is Awesome! So are you, if you're readin' this!