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Calling All Greencloaks!


We are making a list!


A very awesome list!


A list of reasons why everyone in the world should read SPIRIT ANIMALS and we NEED your help!


We thought we would come to you because:


1.       You’re the most amazing fans in the world

2.       You have experience saving the world




Is it the awesome characters?

The Ships?

The amazing game?

The action packed battle scenes?


We want to know!


We’re going to collect 10 AWESOMESAUCE reasons from your posts and read them out for everyone to hear on a SPECIAL EDITION Live-Stream we’re holding in June!


We'll post more info about the Live-Stream but for now just tell us why you LOVE Spirit Animals!

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I love it because it's a very good series with all the relationships, and ROLLAN!!!! Love him so much and Reilin! I love the complex plot, and how you guys keep us updated on the news of Erdas!

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"It's done,


          Don't risk your


              for what's




~Emilia and Blaze~



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i like the books because there is lots of adventure.

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"I'm going to nudge wing and poke tails and HUG EVERYONE!"-Peril






"I diiiiiddd i waited and waited and then pounceied and it got awaay"-Clearpool

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I love the books because I enjoy the ships (Reilin in book 7!) and because of Shane. I think he is a very complex character and was very intrigued by his actions. (Is he a bad dude? Does he truly love Abeke? Do I secretly ship it?) I was always wondering if there was going to be a major plot twist, and whenever I saw Shane appear in the books, I was waiting for a twist. He's super awesome and I can't wait to read the third Book of Shane!

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~ Midnight ~


Daughter of Apollo, Divergent (Candor and Erudite), a Lunar, and a writer.


Cats are the greatest! 


"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I -- 

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference" ~ Robert Frost



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Um, I think it will be very hard to choose. I guess my favorite thing is The plot. I love the bond between animals and humans.

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Sometimes you have to die a little inside in order to be reborn and rise again as a stronger wiser you.

~ Me

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I like that it's got other things than happy scenes where everyone lives happily ever after. 

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Agents of SHIELD all the way!!!


Homestuck Trash.  :o) Honk. 









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I love everything about it! The awesome charaters, the animals, the action..........

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I'm Sophia

INTJ (Yeah, I'm one of the 0.8%!)

I uphold the Warrior Code.

I have reached Bankai.

The grey wolf is my patronus.

I don't care what the world thinks.

Midna is the manifestation of my soul.  I

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The awesomeness, and the animals :3

And the trailer. :) And the game. And the ships.. And the awesomesauceness.. *Rambles off*

I think someone should help her.


*10 hours later*


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2nd queen of Undertale


Inside this place is warm, outside it starts to pour...


The helper seeks to help because he knows what it's like to be helpless.




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Because I love it is pf the spirit animal and the action and the suspense

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Because the characters are with you, every step of the journey. Because of how you beam with pride with every Greencloak victory. Because, basically, when you begin the epic saga that is Spirit Animals, the Four Fallen become your BFFs.

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*geek* *nerd* *otaku*


I can't help but be nostalgic, can't help but miss our times on here, but what can you do when you just can't stay? When all the magic is gone?


Too many ships, too little time.








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1. The people on SA are supportive and accepting.

2. Scholastic is an amazing publisher

3. Animals, dude.

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L A K A E L / L O K I


"Oh, you fool

There are rules

I am coming for you

You can run,

But you can't be saved..."

-Yawning Grave, Lord Huron






And the use of animals as partners more so then pets. Partners with their own ideas and opinions and who get a say in what happens.

Plus the whole kind of 'magic' behind the bonding.

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1. The ships

2. A bad guy you like (Shane)

3. Jhi


5. Has kids that saved the world (just like us)

6. Give you people  to aim anger at (gerathon, Gar, Zerif, Devin, Kovo)

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Lion  Emma Stretiks-Oceanprincess

Co Queen of Skits

Daughter of Poseidon

 Storm caller HufflepufBrowncoat

Greencloak Keeper

#SkitTrap #Keepeith

Chase Marine Captain America Ghost Dóchais Athena

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Well, there's really no reason that I like the books. They're not bad books, but don't have enough violence for me.


But what I really like is that the books introduced me to the MB, which is how I met some of my best friends. Prank, Jade, Katana, Compass, and more. A reason that people should get the books is that they'll find the MB. And if they're loners, outcasts, troubled, etc. in real life, then they'll find a place to feel welcome. Just like I did, all that time ago.

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It's a great series. Unlike some, it has plenty of action and humor in it all at once, but it has a sadder, more solemn side too, which makes it a very balanced emiton-wise story. The battles can very intense, and I usually find myself wanting to know who wins (check out the Evertree that battle's EPIC). The game's awesome to, and there's some relationships. The characters are AWESOME! They seem like they're real and alive people. Some authors make characters that don't really seem to be like people, but Spirit Animals brings the story to life, and it's very easy to imagine the scenes in your head while reading. The characters aren't perfect, but they're not bad either (well, some.).  They all have their weaknesses and flaws, their strengths and unquie abilities, they make mistakes, learn, and go on. It also can show heartbreaking moments of tragedy, revealing the true bond between the characters, one that usually is hidden until anguishing moments surface them. It also shows there are two sides to a story. Overall, it's a lively, action-packed, exciting, can be sad, and can be humorous book.

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Call me Harbor  

daughter oPoseidonY


Proud Wildlife Rescuer

 #StopAnimalAbuse #RememberTheFallen

I'm slipping away from SAMB.... But I will always be here, even if for just five minutes.




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I love all the things you listed, and there are other things I can't put to words...

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i like spirit animals because of all the action and adventure.

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Because it tells stories of children of different worlds who unite dispite them. It tells of misunderstandings, betrayals, memories. I think that Rollan, Conor, Abeke and Melin will always remember their time in Erdas. I definitly will.

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f Timpani Harashi f


God LOVES you!

 ~ Zapdos guards our hearts as we follow our instincts. GO MEME TEAM INSTINCT!!




 Master Hand Crazy Hand Meta Knight Yoshi Edgeworth Phoenix Kamek N Redfeather Novake Seven


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I like Spirit Animals because it's so action packed and surprising. I won't read a book and like ot unless it has some battle and exciting parts. Spirit Animals is also unpredictable and well written. (Writers of Spirit Animals, you did a great job! :-D )

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Forget all this stuff that I usually put here. The forums are ending so no one cares what's supposed to be here.


But this is what I want you all to remember: Be kind. You will have everything in life if you are kind.


Love you all.


~Windsong <3

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I love the series because they are such good books. The authors obviously put such effort into all of them, and although the events would never happen in real life, they make me wish they would happen to me, and I can relate to the characters. The battles are so exciting to read. You can just tell that two characters were meant to be together, which is good for ships. The game is very creative and fun, with new improvements coming in all the time. And the sad scenes bring tears to my eyes, while the happy ones make me smile and cry with happiness, and some parts just crack me up. From Meilin's betrayal to Shane's deception to Tarik's death to that one scene in the Evertree where they all thought they would lose their spirit animals and they didn't, I've found out that books can break me down like nothing else. So for all those out there that haven't read Spirit Animals yet, you should. For all those out there that are looking for a good series to read, Spirit Animals is the one for you. And for all those out there that don't like reading books, Spirit Animals might just change your mind. 

Brandon Mull came to our school to talk about Wild Born last year. I read it, and I was hooked. I read the rest of the series. I own the last four books and am planning to get the first three soon. I love all the authors that wrote the books and can't wait for the Fall of the Great Beasts series to come out. I have over 20 pages of posts on the SAMB and I love the game. Wild Born was a Beehive Book this year(long story, but if you read twenty of the books, you can go to an awesome party, and if you read them all, you can invite a friend. It's a Utah thing), and I was like, "Ha ha! I've already read that!" And I made it to the party again. So more people at our school learned about Spirit Animals this year. By the way, I can make a list of some of the Beehive Books for you if you want. They are all really good. Rambling aside, I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm the ultimate Spirit Animals fan. So please include one of my million reasons in the list!

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Who knows what's real anymore?

I'm sorry.

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Spirit Animals. 


When I think of these two words, a scene assembles in my mind.


Picture this:

A world of fantasy and fun lies beyond your very reach. Everything is possible, and with the help of friendship nothing can stop you. With an animal partner at your side, you explore the mystical land of Erdas, adventure at every (and any) corner. With a handful of twists, your heart soars with joy as you discover the world of Spirit Animals. 


This is the magical moment I experience while reading the series. This is where I can understand human and animal alike, and the journeys they must take to do the right thing.


After this, you can guarantee that me being a fan of Spirit Animals is underestimated: I'm more! 


The ships in the SA series are not unlike real love: With challenges and barriers crossing your path before your love is complete. Reilin was an example of this. This pairing grows throughout the series, although with hardships along the way.


Now onto the game.


I've never seen anything like it. It resembles the book series strongly, and I love how you get to be part of the Greencloaks' adventure. You even get to be mentioned in the books later on, as the Keeper! In the game, you fight Conquerers to save your world. You acquire and earn sweet armor, and your spirit animal of choice even finds some armor as well. 


But what's the best part of the game?


It's that, like the book, you never expect what will happen next. Each level brings new quests, new surprises too (unless someone spoils it for you!). From a beginner to the legend of Greenhaven, the Spirit Animals game is amazing! The emotes only add to the awesomeness!


Have any more doubts why you shouldn't read Spirit Animals? I didn't think so! Join on in a story you'll never regret reading!







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That moment when you have no ideas for your signature....


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The fights! Battles rock!!!!! Blood and gore!!! Drama!!! MORE DRAMA!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

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Elise Stretiks

SAMB elder


Queen of reading and r@Nd0mN3$$♛

Co-Queen of Skits♔

So many ships so little time

Too many fandoms!!!

"Never, ever underestimate your enemy. Especially when said enemy is a girl." ~ Keeper

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I love Spirit Animals because of the awesome people and the fun game!

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I love youtube! Heavy Pants are taking over!!!!



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The relateable characters.

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Greencloaks unite!For the four fallen!

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The reason that I love Spirit Animals is the characters. They're some of the most complex characters I've seen in any book series. For some of them, you can never tell which side they're on, or what they're going to choose to do, making the series a truly wild ride. They have amazing character development through the series, and they've grown so much in every book. But the best thing about the characters is how relatable they are. Despite the fact that they live in a world without technology and they can summon spirit animals that will grant them special abilities that people in our world will never have, the readers can relate to their problems, because they have similar ones. And that is the reason that the end of The Evertree made me, and no doubt others, tear up a little-the fact that these characters have grown so much since the beginning of the series, and we can still relate to them and look up to them.


Sorry, that got a little long. I have a lot of feelings about this series.

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My stories never end.

My dreams never fade.

I'll see my name in lights someday.

My wish will come true, someday in some way.

And maybe one day my ideas will ascend.


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It is:

1. The battle scenes

2. The authors are amazing

3. The tragedy

4. The excitement

5. It is about animals

6. The game/MB


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Roman Oh Kabra Lucian and Ekaterina 

Spirit Animal: Swift the hawk. 

Master Hystorian

Greencloak Legend

 Tombkeeper Lord Ma'at Cleverfoot

Icewing Dragon

Lord of Ice












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Spirit Animals manages to draw me, combining humans with animals yet maintaining a flowing story. The creativity behind the overall arches is breath-taking, and I love how I can picture myself in Erdas. The series overall introduces a variety of characters who all are unique and cleverly created. But the thing that makes my fall out of my seat the most would have to be compelling the books are, and how truly imaginative they are. I mean, one day I want to be a tween writer, and these books here is something I want to create something like. An interactive series with a host of fans, and everything else needed to be great. Spirit Animals has quickly flew up my charts, and I couldn't be happier we will have Fall of the Beasts.

Go Spirit Animals!

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"I'm 11, a little young to be saving the world, right? Wrong."

-Spice from Legend Unleashed: Shadows in the Deep


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I was drawn to this series by Uraza. So thank Uraza that you know me! The fact is, chapter book with cat + me = reading the book.

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 I'm Sandstorm




Queen of Pokemon,Co-Queen of SU




"I'm not gonna let you stand there and remind me of everything I hate about myself!" ~ Amethyst

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I love this series because it is something that is amazing! It has the elements of a good story, it has an interesting difference to it, it gives readers a chance to read something over than a nonfiction book or a fiction book about kids using special powers they alone have to save the world. Spirit animals gives us a world where people bond with animals, and a reason to hate the bad people. The characters are different from one another and gives people be able to chose one person for their favorite without it being close in personality to another. We get to see our characters grow and learn together, we love the others and it gives us a real reason to cry, we bond and- hold up! I'm doing a mushy speech about this?! Oh, it's just that good, continue! We love this book series and we love how different it is, the characters are enjoyable and it quickly draws a reader in. It has interesting mysteries that people can try to solve with our characters. That is why I love Spirit Animals- oh who am I kidding?


THIS IS SO EPIC AND I JUST LOVE POSITIVELY EVERYTHING! Thank you for giving us this wonderful series!

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-Queen of Magic, Magic Believers, Pink, and Star Wars Rebels

-Kid of Hecate + Herobrine

-Fluffeh Master

-Potato Bringer

-Melon Lord


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 Doesn't everyone read these AWESOMESAUCE books? But I would say that I love how complex the story is, and even know I haven't read the book of shane, it still seems like a cool story! Even though I am still on book 1, I already bought Hunted. I took a sneak peak of the first chapter, and I am interested in bile! My favorite characters are Briggan and Connor, not just because Wolves are my favorite animal, but because they are the perfect pair! Where Connors weaknesses are, Briggan aids those! And the same way around! I think I am a lot like connor because sometimes I am bullied, but I stand up to them! But with betrayal around every corner, Connor needs help! That's why I am on! So I hope more people read spirit animals than just 900,00000000000 percent people in the world! This is the best series ever!

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hi im ace, uh, its been like 3 years since ive done anything on here, so um yeah. 


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The books:


I love the books because of all the twists and turns, the suspense, and the general concept is amazing! Plus the intricate relationships between Greencloaks and Greencloaks and animals are fantastically wonderful!


The forums:


Being here taught me a lot about life and those around me. I've learned to open up, respect others for who they are, and, most importantly, be myself. 

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We're one of the same. Same heart, same blood. 

I am not just another number! None of us are! 
















Future SeaWorltrainer!



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I like it because i like animals and the idea with partnering people with animals is a good idea, and because the book is VERY intresting.

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1. The authors are amazing.


2. Scholastic is publishing it- I mean, come on!


3. Erdas is an awesome fantasy world. I know I'd like to go there!


4. Choosing a spirit animal is exciting and gives an air of belonging to the series.


5. The conflict is believable and the plot is driven forward at a good pace.


6. The mystery aspect is well-excecuted, especially in Against the Tide and Rise and Fall.


7. The characters (while sometimes iffy personality-wise) are relatable and multi-faceted. 


8. The game is great (the animation is unbelievably cool). 


9. The forums are awesome! :)


10. The Great Beasts have great personalities (Rumfuss and Mulop's way of speech is refreshing and funny), and the executing of the role they play in the world of Erdas is well-written. 


11. The battle scenes are exciting and the words flow easily.


12. The plight of the Conquerors is believable and is a good motive for their actions. There are so many stories that wave this off with a simple "they're evil". 


13. The shipping and romantic tension lends another side to the books that older children will enjoy. 


14. All things considered, this is a great series for elementary -- middle school ages. I recommend it heartily. 

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Hi! I'm Onyxfire, Christian, cellist, pianist, and Queen of Writing. I'm currently:

a) banging around on Minecraft

b) recovering from forum withdrawal


"Perfect love casts out fear..." - 1 John 4:18

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Why thank you! We do our best in saving the world! 


The reason why I love spirit animals are: The characters, the places, and the Great Beasts! You can relate to the characters, and some characters you want to know more about! For me, it's Zerif. Also the places are very fancinating, one of my favorite is Arctica! And the Great Beasts are all fantastic like Tellun, Ninani, Cabaro, and Mulop! And the game is also very fun! :)

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Because its awesome!


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    Das  God Of Animals. DINOSAURS!

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Because spirit animals is an awesomesauce series!

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Oh deer!







"There is never harm in asking a question. You just have to be prepared to hear the answer." Dante, The Return


I am a Greencloak and Aimable.






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1. It is action packed and the ships are great.


2. Evil shipping. (i.e. Tarshay)


3. Great stories, with the whole mentor dying and another one taking his/her place.


4. If you like/love Star Wars, you are going to notice a bajillion similarities.


5. Gives us a game to play.


6. Teaches us all about animals.


7. Teaches us that everything is complicated.


8. Teaches us both sides are basically yin and yang, with evil and good in each individual, and evil has a seed of good, and good has the seed of evil.


9. Teaches us that if you see a gorilla the size of your house, run the other way. A snake half the size of Mt. Everest, your toast unless you have some buddies the same size. And make sure you allies are on the same side as you are.


10. A person who is from Eura is a good leader. A person who hails from Zhong is probably a traitor. Niloans are guillible. Amayans are the odd bunch. Anyone from Stetroil has as many layers as a layer cake. An Arctican won't bother you if you don't mention Suka...or destroy an Ice Palace. A person from Oceanus is also like a combination of an Arctican, Stetroilan, and Amayan.


                                          ~Theorycrafter the Critic who is not feeling right in the head at the moment and put in two terrible jokes, OUT!

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Alclone troopersChewieR2BB-8HachikoCliffWRBYRavenBeastBoyKidFlashSherVaghYukiWhisperNagualOCs



Shipsinker (red)


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1.The ships,they have to find a way to work together,even though they are nothing alike.

2.The Awesome Characters,Rollan with his sarcasim,Conor with his loyalty,Meilin with her order and fighting stuff,and Abeke with her trust.

3.The action,come on,there are swords and spirit animals,and quite some interesting fights.


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Call me Phoenix.


I may run away in anger, but I'll always come back in hope.

Thus, am the phoenix, the returner.




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1. The good plot

2. The fandom

3. The game


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Well if you want to ask me......

1. i like to be able to have friends

2. i like that the people who play are from all around the you never know who you will meet??????

3.i like the chat,so you can get to know these people and about them so you never make them mad and make them feel happier and happier

4. i love the battles, (p.s cant wait for versus mode) they are so fun but i dont like all the levels and how hard they get :(

5. i like how we have the councils so you can have your friends in this council and another time just ask new people to go to a council to show them around and greeet them to the amazing world of erdas

6. i like how everything looks, it is just so... what is the word im looking for awesomsauce!!! i never say that, the desighn and how it is set up is fantastic

7. and last but not least the fantastic, great,smart, epic mods that we have. they help us all the time no matter the problem and care so much about making this a safe and fun place to be. :) i love you mods( as like best friends of course)

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Where is minty?
















    1 , , 3 ... 6 , 7 , 8