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Hey! First off, please do not steal our idea. Sorry if it sounds similar to yours, but we came up with it ourselves. Secondly, the skit is pretty long, and we're not saying that we're the best at skit writing. Constructive criticism would be appreciated (at least, I would). Thirdly, enjoy, and comment what we should have a member of the four heroes react to next!


Rollan Reacts to Akinator:


Narrator: One day, the heroes were just strolling along the busy Amayan streets and found something familiar-looking. What could it be? Ah, our four brave heroes have found the almighty Apple laptop!  

Rollan: Ooh, look! A square thingamajiggy.

Meilin: Apt description, genius. Yeah, that pretty much sums up advanced technology from centuries in the future.

Abeke: *opens it* Ooh, pretty bright stuff!

Rollan: Look at that statue! It would look pwetty in my room...

Connor: What is that? *points at Akinator’s home page*

Rollan: Let’s play it! *clicks*

Meilin: *rolls eyes* Here he knows how to use it but doesn’t know what it is.

Akinator: Think about a real or fictional character. I will try to guess who he is. Player Information.

Conor: There are actually genies?! I didn’t know that!

Meilin: ...No.

Conor: But he has a turban!

Abeke: *facepalms*

Conor: With a feather!

Meilin: No.

Rollan: Wait, how old am I again? *counts on fingers*

Meilin: You’re 12.

Rollan: Ohhh. Kwel! *types in*

Akinator: Is your character a Youtuber?

Rollan: What’s that? *looks at Meilin*

Meilin: ...a person who makes videos?

Rollan: Oh, right. *clicks yes*

Abeke: You don’t make videos though…

Rollan: Who cares?

Abeke: Well, don’t you want that Akinator person to guess who you are?

Rollan: No.

Abeke: …

Akinator: Has your character ever married?

Random Bird: *cough*Reilin*cough*

Meilin: Did you hear something? Kind of sounded like our names mashed together.

*only Abeke and Conor heard because of their enhanced senses and Rollan is too busy being fascinated by the game*

Rollan: Hmm… *discreetly looks at Meilin* *clicks no* I’m not sure how I’m not married yet though… all the ladies love me.

Meilin: *fist clenches*

Conor: Puh-lease.

Akinator: Is your character famous?

Rollan: Of course! I summoned one of the Great Beasts! *Essix screeches, then digs her talons in Rollan’s upper arm* Ow, sorry Essix, sorry. *clicks yes*

Akinator: Is your character a female?

Rollan: NO! I AM A PROUD MALE! *clicks no*

Meilin and Abeke: *coughs, stifling laughter*

Akinator: Has your character recorded any albums?

Rollan: Albums?

Conor: Songs, aren’t they? Like Rawhide…

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Though the streams are swollen

Keep them doggies rollin',


Rain and wind and weather

Hell bent for leather

Wishin' my gal was by my side…

Abeke: STOP!!!!

Rollan: Ooh! A song was named after me!

Meilin: …No, just no.

Conor: You don’t like my singing?

Abeke: No.

Rollan: Well, yes, I have recorded an album before! I’ve made this song called Rollan Superstrongman! It’s awesome, lemme sing it to you guys!

Rollan Superstrongman is a super strong man!

And he’s so awesome too and he’s a summoner of Essix!

He also is friends with Meilin, Conor, and Abeke,

He is just so awesome!!!!

Rollan: That was the chorus. Do you like it?

Meilin: Nice rhyming skills.

Abeke: That was even worse than Conor’s, and that’s really saying something.

Rollan: What?! But I put you guys in there…. Whatever. *clicks yes*

Akinator: Is your character American?

Rollan: Wut.

Abeke: Sounds sorta like Amayan.

Rollan: *shrugs* Why not? *clicks yes*

Akinator: Is your character a Starfleet Officer?

Rollan: I dunno what Starfleet means, but one thing that I do know is that this is on fleek! *Gestures at himself* *clicks yes*

Meilin: I give up.

Akinator: Is your character the lead singer of a band?

Rollan: Well, we can make a band! I’ll be the lead singer!

Conor: No, I will!

Abeke: *whispers to Meilin* I think that I should be it.

Meilin: No - I will be. I have a melodious voice and have been trained by the best voice tutors in all of Erdas! U_U

Rollan: Whatever. *rolls eyes* Let’s have a voice contest after this. *clicks yes*

Akinator: Is your character from the Portal game series?

Rollan: A portal sounds cool! But what does it mean again? Oh, for the love of Mulop, I’ll just click yes. *Clicks yes*

~time skip to the end~

Akinator: Nick Jonas, a singer.

Rollan: ...who is he?

Meilin: Well, you did keep picking the wrong answers…

Abeke: You asked for it.

Rollan: -_- Hmph, he’s not nearly as handsome as moi, but I’ll take it.

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If I got locked away 

And we lost it all today 

Tell me honestly, would you still love me the same? 

If I showed you my flaws 

If I couldn't be strong

Tell me honestly, would you still love me the same? 

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just letting you know i'm still alive

title your next post sticky mochi if you see this

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my name is Night

or Dev


i left

i only come back when i think im needed

~bad punctuation is because of laziness~










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More coming! You guys make suggestions if you want :D

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*Sakura* or (*Moon) 

Life is like a cherry blossom tree

Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars 

Life is a piano; white keys are happy moments & black keys are sad moments. But remember together they create sweet music.

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XD LOL I laughed so much.

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Call me Felina



My sister is Megumi


I joined on February 26th 2017




I will miss you all :)