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I wonder how the planner of the series came up with the Great Beasts' names?? I have ideas on a few of them:




-The Hal in Halawir could have come from the scientific name for sea eagles: Haliaeetus. (Ironically Golden Eagles aren't sea eagles. But Bald Eagles are, so it makes me wonder if Halawir was meant to be a bald eagle in the beginning, but it was changed?)


-Dinesh, according to Behindthename, is an actual Indian/Hindi(?) name, meaning "day lord".


-Jhi could have come from the Chinese word Zhi, meaning "will, purpose" or "wisdom, knowledge" (Again, according to Behindthename, so that might not be accurate.)


-Suka is an Inuit name, meaning "fast". Her name could also be based off of Siku (which is also Inuit), meaning "sea ice". 


-Kovo could come from the Swahili word Kovu, meaning "scar" (Kovu is also a character in The Lion King lol).




But the others I have to do some researching on. Don't even get me started on the human characters' names XD.



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I remember last year, I translated Briggan, but made it briggi. In Italian, I think, it means fight.


Ninani, according to Google Translate, means "who" in Swahilli. 


After going to alternate pronunciations of "Cabaro", I came to "curbar", meaning enemy in Romanian.


Arax is a river in Armenia.



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Tarik is a traditional African name, at least according to John Flanagan.

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