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Happy Friday, Greencloaks! To celebrate what is arguably the best day of the week, I come bearing a Spirit Animals challenge for all you aspiring writers out there. And it's not just any Spirit Animals challenge - it's a Spirit Animals FANFICTION challenge!


So I don't know about you guys, but I often imagine what it would be like to live in the worlds of my favorite books - what house would I be sorted into at Hogwarts? Which cabin would I be in at Camp Half Blood? What spirit animal would I summon (if I could at all) if I lived in Erdas?


BUT WHAT IF our favorite book characters lived in OUR world? Who would they be? What group would they fall in with at school? Would they be the heartthrob or the quiet bookworm who sits in the front of every class?


With those questions in mind, here's my Spirit Animals fanfic challenge: Take your favorite SA character and start imaging what their lives would be like if they lived in our world - if they attended your school or if they were your neighbor or an old family friend. Write about Rollan/Meilin if they were two normal kids at your school! Write about what Abeke's family would be like if they lived on your street! Write about the group of friends Shane would hang out with in the school cafeteria!


The possibilities are endless and your creativity is boundless, so get to brainstorming and start writing your very own Spirit Animals AU! Whether your AU fanfic is a paragraph or a story you'll continue on, I can't wait to read what you guys come up with...

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creator of CoI, the PJO FWRP (/355313)

the heart wants what it wants

and what it wants

is to burst out of your chest and terrorize people. it's an alien, remember?

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  Chai @^@

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I've been thinking about writing a fanfic which has me and Shane...

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  Chai @^@

2010-2016 : 6 years as a Cahill

The Lord of the Books!

The Inventor of the Gavinometer!

King of the 39 Clues Fandom!


Horizoner, Greencloak, SQ, Madrigal, Amulet Keeper, Shadow House Special

Since the very start!


ChaiHam or ChaiJavi


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I imagine myself and characters I create and are already designed in the books I read everyday. I put myself and other characters in crazy scenarios and things like that. So me and you have something in common Lisa, as I'm sure other book-fans do the same thing. I'm still debating if I want to write a Fan-fic or not but if I am ill post again on this thread. That is all from me (for now)... Bye! 

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Sometimes you have to have bad days to appreciate the good ones






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@Admin Lisa Q.: Just made a fanfiction for this! :D it's called GreenHaven Middle School.

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creator of CoI, the PJO FWRP (/355313)

the heart wants what it wants

and what it wants

is to burst out of your chest and terrorize people. it's an alien, remember?

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Cool! I might do one... I still have the Darth Zerif fanfiction to write

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Proυd Cнrιѕтιan!



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  I sat in the front of the class with the new girl. "Hi," she said. "I'm Abeke." I smiled. "I'm {For the story I'll just use my screen name} Rosebud." I couldn't help but notice that her backpack had a picture of a cat and six kittens behind clear plastic. "Is that your cat?" She smiled in a way that looked like the oldest feline in the picture. "Yep," she said. "All the kittens are for sale, my mother is a breeder. They're Siberians, so they're kind of expensive, but they're really friendly and exteremely fluffeh if you're intrested." I laughed. A friend of mine's mum bred Siberians, and although they were extremely fluffeh and extremely friendly, they sold them for $1200. That was inexpensive. And even if my family had that kind of money, the landlord didn't allow pets. "I think I'll pass," I replied.

  A boy with blond hair walked past, and I swear she hissed. Not that I was one to judge--I hiss sometimes. "Who's he?" I asked. Obviously someone she hated. "No one," she muttered. There was an awkward silence before the bell rang. Who was he? Stories began to form in my head. Perhaps I would write them down later. He then sat down next to Abeke. "Hello," he said. Abeke looked just about ready to pull out a knife. "I'm Shane." Shane. Abeke. Where had I heard these names before?

  And then it hit me like a kitten ball. They were SA characters. In the bathroom that day I saw something strange-the Keeper and Olvan. They came out of the mirror. "It works!" Keeper yelled. I could see what was coming. Insanity, pranks, and lots and lots of broken coffee mugs. Like the one Olvan held. "You're the Keeper, right? And he's Olvan? You're fictional characters here and I was one of the writers for fan fictions." I then threw Olvan's coffee mug on the ground, and he bent down over the shards. "Coffeena!" He cried. I grinned and Keeper. "Welcome to {Insert school here}."

  While I was in class, she spent the rest of the day confusing people with her lack of existence. No pictures matched her, no voice recognition, no registration to anything. She wouldn't say her name, she wouldn't say where she was from. They even did a DNA test to find her parents, but that got them nowhere. She ended up in an orphanage, and was quickly adopted by my friend's parents. She was officially in kitten heaven, so she wasn't complaining. As for Olvan, well, they couldn't get him to move. So now there are unofficial contests between students-who can get him to budge. I swear I moved him an inch!

  So if you're at my school and you hear someone scream "HE MOVED!!!" You know why-Olvan scotched a centimeter!

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Female if you can't tell by the purple/pink text


sometimes I put random phrases here until I can use them in my writing. Yes, I'm that greedy with journal space.

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I would but I am kinda in the middle of a story right now and I only have time for one.....

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Hi, I AM Elfie

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멈추지 말고 계속 해나가기만 한다면 늦어도 상관없다

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Meilin looked around at her new school. She shuffled a little closer to Rollan. "Wow"she breathed. She looked at the colorless white walls and the muddy brown footprints on the floor. This place was so not her style. She took a deep breath,smoothed her dress and went inside her classroom. It wasn't much better than the hall. There were three simple bookshelves lined up along the far wall and four neat rows of desks in the middle of the room. It needed some color but,at least it was tidy. she started walking towards the front of the room but Rollan stopped her. "We're the new students remember? We sit at the back of the room." "Right" she said but she wasn't so sure that they should sit at the back of the room. They took their seats right as the bell rang. Kids came pouring in. 






                           To Be Continued...

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"If nothing ever changed, there would be no such thing as butterflies."

"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read!"

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Posting to remember.

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To the things we loved....

How the time seemed to fly."~RWBY

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emeraldcloudburst42's like she knew I was gonna make an SA school skit a few days ago........

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Hello peeps. I am Emerald. I am a narwhal. I'm also a unicorn. Either ways, I'm magical. XD

Work, work! Obsidian!

Work, work! Nightgem- Pepper!

And Emerald!

Work, work! The SA skit crew!


Nigh- Pepper!














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I rung the bell to my new next door neighbors houe. A boy, who was slightly shorter then me awesered. "Hi, my name is Amlia," i said. "Your my new next door nighbor, so I thought I'd come introduce myself." "Hi," the boy awsonered. "My name is Devin. Uh, wanna come in?' He asked. "Sure," i said, and came in.  Two other boys were sitting on the floor, arguing over somthing. "Thats Shane, and thats Karmo," said Devin. The boy called SHane had blonde hair, and blue eyes. He had on a red shrit. The other boy, Karmo, had tan skin, and brwon-black hair. Both of the boys were at least an inch taller then Devin. I hadn't gotten a close look at Devin yet, so I looked at him. He had brown hair, That ended in a little flippy thing at the front of his face. He had lots of frerkles, and had a build like a cats. "So," I said awkrdly, "What are you guys doing?'

I think I'll finsh it later and I'm sorry that I';n trash

and Amlia might be the Keeper.....

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o mods, I have ot bump up stuff for you XD

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For my fellow Reilin shippers!                  


It was the first day of summer on a Friday Morning, and I got to sleep in. I was having the best dream ever... Until I herd Video Games playing. "NOO!" I said. I got out of bed a got dressed, and went int Rollan's Room. "Dude, you woke me up! Can't you turn the volume down?!" I said. "Nope." He said. "Oh, is that so..." I said sneaking over to his bed. I quickly went under his bed and grabbed his Diary. "SUCKER!" I ran out the door and into the kitchen. "NOOOOO!" I herd him yell. "Good morning Sofi, why are you running?" My mom asked. "Running from Rollan, I will be back inside soon I'm just gonna go in the backyard." I got my shoes on and ran out the back door to my favorite spot outback. I sat down to read his Diary, it said. "Dear Diary, I am in love with Meilin and Waffles. And my Dad Olvan is weird, cause his X-Wife is a Coffee Mug." I was about to read more until Rollan snatched it out of my hands. "WHAT DID YOU READ?!" He said. I got up and started dancing around and singing. "Rollan is in love with Meilin, Rollan is in love with Meilin! I knew it!" I said. Meilin was our Neighbor and whenever she said Hi to Rollan he always blushed. "Um.. So! Your in love with, with.. Uh" He stopped to think. "Your in love with Animals!" He said. I put my palm to my head. "You isn't?" I said. "Um-" Rollan was about to say something, but then Meilin walked in the backyard. Did I mention she was my BFF? "Hey guys!" She said. "Hi Meilin!" I said. "Oh uh, Hey!" Rollan said while trying to lean up against a tree, but then fell. Me and Meilin laughed. "So" I said. "You know how We tell each other all our secrets?" "Yeah" She said. "Well" I was about to say, but then Rollan got up and started talking. "Wait! Um.." He said. "You have to let it out Dude!" I said. "Rollan is in love with you." Rollan hid behind a tree. "Um, uh" He said, but Meilin handed Rollan a book that said "My Diary". He took the Diary. " Read the first Sentence" she said. He opened it, and I leaned over his shoulder to read it said. "Dear Diary, I am in love with Rollan."  I stepped back with no expression on my face and sat down. Then I pretended to gag. "EWWWW!" I said. Then I got up and started singing. "Rollan Meilin sitting in a tree! K I S S I N G!" I stopped and looked at Rollan and Meilin who looked a bit cross. I shrugged and said. "Well, that's life. Tell me when your wedding will be in 15 Years!" I walked inside cause I couldn't bear to see what was next. Then I started laughingf and pretended to be dramatic. "My baby brother is growing up! Ha.. Heh heh!" 


     The End

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Dont forget me(mes)









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Sounds cool! 

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I'm Aerca [and this is my flipside, Enya ]


I am a... Greencloak FanWing Rufflerin Jedi Unwanted


My home forum is the SAMB. So is mine, apparently.


#SaveTheSouthernResidents #RememberLeia #MakeItSo


#Canada150 #Reformation500 #MoreSigSp-

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Dont forget me(mes)









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@sOFI thankie!!!

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It would be awesome if Conor would go to my school. We have a lot in common.

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Okay, let's try this. Sorry it's so long


My first day of seventh grade. New school, new first impressions, new life. A chance to make myself a success. A chance to start anew.


I was terrified.


I fiddled with my necklace as I waited. I stood in the main office. Mr. Hood, the principal of Lake Country Middle, had instructed me to wait while a student was retrieved to show me around the huge school.


My thoughts drifted to the past few weeks. We'd just moved, and now I had to start school, even though the year had already started. To tell the truth, the school's atmosphere made me desperately miss my old friends. I'd almost caught myself looking around for them when I'd walked up the steps, despite the different surroundings.


I was pulled from my thoughts by a warm voice, "Are you Sofi?"


I turned to see a girl about my height, with dark skin and brown sparkling eyes.

"I'm Abeke," she said. "Mr. Hood wanted me to help show you around today."


I nodded, a little shy.


Abeke smiled. "I remember being the new kid last year. I joined in the middle of the year, like you."


We began walking down the halls, lined with lockers, and bursting with kids. "Was it hard?" I asked.


She shrugged. "A little bit. It took awhile for me to find my group of friends, but now I wouldn't trade them for the world."


I nodded. That's how I'd felt too, until my parents decided to pick up and move.


"Hey Abeke!" A pretty Asian girl waved, and fell in step with us.


Abeke smiled. "Sofi, this is Meilin. Meilin, I'm in charge of showing Sofi around today."


Meilin studied me, seeming to size me up. I got the feeling that the girl had trouble accepting new kids, especially in her group, which may prove problematic. I knew already that I wanted to be Abeke's friend. She was just that kind of person.


I listened while she pointed out classrooms, with Meilin occasionally chiming in. Presently, we passed two boys, joking and teasing each other.


"Conor, Rollan," Abeke called. They joined us. "This is Sofi," she said. "Sofi, this is Conor,"––she motioned to the blonde haired boy––"and that's Rollan," she pointed to the other, dark haired one. They nodded at me in greeting.


I noticed Rollan looking at Meilin and I briefly wondered if there was something going on with them. Abeke had a slightly, almost imperceptible look of amusement in her eyes and she met my questioning gaze, affirming my suspicions that the two liked each other.


Suddenly, a girl bumped into Abeke roughly. She turned and sneered at Abeke. "Watch where you're going, klutz!" she hissed. She had long blond hair with red highlights, and wore several piercings in her ears. Blue eyes flashing, I had to admit that she was really pretty, but in a severe, harsh way. I knew immediately that she was someone I would want to avoid.

Abeke just glared. A boy suddenly materialized, looking so much like the girl that I knew they must be related. He touched her shoulder. "Drina," he said accusingly, and threw Abeke an apologetic look.


Drina just huffed and flounced away, a trail of friends following her. The boy, however, remained. "Sorry about that," he said. Then he noticed me. "Hey, I don't think I've ever seen you before. Are you new?"


I nodded. "I just joined LCM today,"


The boy flashed a smile. "Welcome then. I'm Shane,"


I gave a smile just as the bell rang. Students began streaming to different classrooms. Shane disappeared in the mass of junior high students, and Abeke pulled me toward a door at the end of the hall.


To Be Continued... (Maybe)

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SA is one of my core memories. #InsideOut


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"Everyone you meet in life is either a blessing, or a lesson."

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What if.......





















































Wait for it....


































































You know what, I'm not gonna tell ya. I'll just post the thread number.


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who can say if i've been changed for the better, but

because i knew you

i have been changed

for good    




paalam at salamat, samb.

coming back for a bit, but don't count on it

(translation: goodbye and thank you, samb.)

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For some reason, I combined Harry Potter (during the Prisoner of Askaban) with Spirit Animals (the first series). I have no idea what to call this. But who cares!


My fanfic:


I glanced over at the clock, then my friends. We couldn't wait to leave potions class. Professor Snape always seemed to be giving random points to Slytherin, and deducting them from Gryffindor. At Hogwarts, there was usually favoritism among the classes. Just then, Snape called on, probably his most favorite student, Draco Malfoy, to explain the properties of the Shrinking Solution.


I felt someone tap my shoulder. It was Meilin, my partner for this class. She pointed to the second row to our left, where Rollan and Conor sat. Rollan was silently imitating Snape, pretending to look down his nose, approvingly, at Conor, who was pretending to be Draco, holding up his arm as if it were in a sling. Abeke looked over at us and the boys, then pretended to be Pansy Parkinson, who had a huge crush on Draco. She rested her head on her hand and looked dreamily over at Conor. It was strange how accurate it was.


"Very well, Draco," said Snape. "But you forgot one ingredient." Everyone perked up when they heard this (except for Rollan, who was still pretending to be Snape). "I need a voulenteer, how about..." he looked at Harry, and smirked,like he usually did when he was about to call on him, "Rollan." Snape jerked his head at Rollan, who didn't realize he was called on and was still pretending to be our professor. Everyone giggled, and Rollan seemed to realize that he was making a fool of himself.


"Well, professor, the answer is..." Rollan glanced in Neville Longbottom's direction. Suddenly, Rollan exclaimed, "WHAT ARE THOSE?!?!" and pointed at Snape's feet. Then the bell rang and Rollan sprinted out of the dungeons (that's where Potions class is located).




to be continued......

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Pigfarts, Pigfarts. Here I come! Pigfarts, Pigfarts. Yum, yum, yum! -Draco, A Very Potter Musical

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Yay! Best idea ever!!!! BTW-I'll be writing in the name Rubi, because of my username and the school that is mentioned I no longer got to.


I started walking down the gravel path to my classroom. Four new kids were meant to be starting in Year 6 today. My friend and I had been chosen to show them around the school, only because we were school captains though. I often get flustered and shy around new kids, but I had to be brave today. I past my best friend Cara (actual names except mine will be used), who is also a school captain. She was so much braver and outgoing than I was. "Hi Rubi!" She shouted. She must have got here early. "Hi!" I yelled back. "Put your bag away! Those kids are already inside!". I put my backpack down next to everyone else's. My bag with a picture of a wolf on it looked so different among the other purple and pink bags that my other friends had. "Come On!" Said Cara, running inside the building.

Inside the classroom, there were 2 girls and 2 boys. One girl had dark skin, was quite tall for her age (like me, except a bit taller) and had her black hair in several tight braids. The other girl had black hair, was a normal height and had a imperious look on her face. One boy had dark hair, was tallish and looked like he was slightly older then me. The other boy was about my height, had blond hair and had calm blue eyes. These kids all seemed familiar, like I knew them from somewhere. I wasn't until they introduced themselves I realised who they were. "Hi! I'm Rollan!" Said the boy with dark hair. "I'm Abeke" said the tall girl. "Hello! I'm Conor!" Said the blond boy shyly. "And I'm Meilin" said the imperious girl snobbishly. I couldn't believe it! They were the four hero characters in my favourite book series, Spirit Animals! "Hi guys! I'm Cara!" My friend said. I almost forgot to talk. "Oh, hello! I'm Rubi!". There was an awkward silence. "Well anyway, we'll show you around!" Said Cara. "Rubi, show them their lockers while I go get Zale". I nodded and Cara walked out. I couldn't wait any longer! I had to ask! Especially while Cara wasn't here. "Um, this may sound strange, but.......are...are you the Four Heroes of Erdas!?". I must of sounded so strange because they all gave me a strange look. I braced myself. " do you know that!?" Shouted Conor. All of them started shouting at once. "Wait!" I shouted. I rushed outsid "e to my bag and grabbed my Spirit Animals book. When I walked back inside, they were all still yelling. Conor stopped and looked at me. I handed him the book. He started in bewilderment. Conor nudged Rollan, who stopped shouting, and started at the book too. Eventually, Abeke and Meilin stopped bickering and started too. "That's us!" Said Meilin. "And our spirit animals!" Continued Abeke. They opened the book and started to read. "Conor! There's a chapter all about you!" Said Rollan. "There's a chapter about all of us!" Shouted Meilin. "This is our summoning!" Remarked Abeke. Conor looked away from the book. I knew he couldn't read. "How did you get that!" Where did you get that!" He shouted. I heard the door open. "Quick! Give me the book!". They threw me the book. "What did I miss?" Said Cara. We all looked at each other. "Nothing" I said. "Good! Zale's waiting just outside! I'll go get her!". I looked at the four heroes. "Talk to me at recess" I said.


I'll write more tomorrow.


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Queen of Fairy Tail, Studio Ghibli and Video Games


"Fate whispers to the wolf: You can't withstand the storm. The wolf whispers back: I am the storm"


Spirit Animals!


Conor and Briggan!



Wolves are the BEST!


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Bookmark so I remember this

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                               Hellos! I am a random person! Call me Peryton.

 I am a Greencloak

 I am a Pokemon fan

 I am a fan of Steven Universe

 I love mythological creatures

 I am an Undertale fan

 Gang- Septarian, Eevee, Skylor, Frostfire


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Sounds AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tempest /⚡️ Art3mis®

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I'm partially sane. And you?

Wait for it






This world just drove me insane





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Mine will be lists/a story.




If Shane went to my school, let me tell you, at least some of the girls would like him. Dead serious. He'd probably be one of the guys that either did basketball or soccer. To me, there are two popular groups. There are the likable popular group, and the annoying popular group. He'd be part of the annoying popular group. I bet you he wouldn't be a straight A student. AND, that he'd use sports for an answer. I know his kind. He'd probably get mostly B's, or B+s. Maybe the occasional A. I bet you that most of the girls would be secretly begging for him to pick them for the dances. After half-finishing his homework and after sports practice, he would probably care for his Spirit Animal. After that and maybe dinner, he's play videogames. Strategic war videogames. Like, Halo or Destiny or something. He'd have a major crush on Abeke, who I'll get to later. He'd get into fights CONSTANTLY with Conor and other people to impress Abeke. He'd probably be in seventh or eighth grade. Most likely seventh.


I'll do the rest, later. :)

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"But I don't regret,

Nor will I forget all who took the road with me.


To these memories I will hold

With your blessing I will go.


I bid you all a very fond farewell."

-Billy Boyd

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Yay. A fanfic about me and Worthy or one with  Rollan. 

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"So," I asked. "What are you doing?"  Devin sighed and said,"The'er arguing about which move we should watch," he said. "No," said the boy called Karmo,"We should watch the StarWars perquls," he sauid. "No!" The boy called Shane said back,Those moives stink." Karmo gasped loudly, and then said,"Well, ther is somthing you have in commen with them." "HEY!" Devin sighed aain and said




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There she was. The new girl. She walked down the hall with nervous energy flickering all around her. The populars were snickering and hiding their faces. I could tell they were laughing.


Her name was Abeke. She had come mid-way through the year with three other kids. All different nationalities, all different sizes.


Abeke, Conor, Rollan and Meilin. The new kids to the school. Everybody called them mysterious because they didn't talk much and they seemed to be.... having troubles. They said they were all cousins or something, but everybody found that very hard to believe. Wherever they went, they would nervously look around, as though they had never seen a locker before.


All four were in my class. They acted strangely, rubbing their arms soothingly and never letting anybody see their arms.


I never really wanted to talk to any of them. I knew what the other kids would think of me if I did. The populars would spread their nasty rumors and soon I would be the joke of the entire school.


That was, until one day.



I'm late. Late, late, late, late, late. I sang in my head as I ran down the hallways to my locker. I quickly did my locker combo, shoved my bag in and shoved it closed in under five seconds.


New record. I thought as I paused to admire myself. I snapped back into focus. Class. Late. Bad.


I sprinted down the hall to my class when I felt myself run into something. Or rather someone. I fell to the ground.


"Hey, Watch where you're going!" I heard.


I looked up from the floor. Another boy pushed himself up onto his knees and started picking up his fallen books. Rollan.


"OH MY GOSH I'M SO SORRY!" I squeaked in a voice that was far too high to be mine. I pulled myself up and was about to help out when i realized that all the books were gone.


I blushed a bright red as he turned to glare at me. "Now we're both going to be late to class." He muttered.




He sighed. "It's fine. It's not like I was going to be earlier before. Come on, let's go."


The class was on the other side of the school. Which was pretty stupid if you ask me, because of the sheer size of the school. On the first day, i was the new kid and I had no idea where to go.


Rollan then proceeded to go down the wrong hallway.


"ROLLAN! THAT'S THE WRONG HALLWAY! WRONG, WRONG!" I yelled as I made a large X with my arms. Luckily the school was pretty much deserted where we were so I had no teachers slamming their doors on me and hissing at me.


Rollan rolled his eyes. "I know where I'm going." He said back.


"PFFFFFFT. Have it your way." I said playfully and walked down the correct hallway.


Soon enough I got to the classroom, where my teacher was luckily still doing attendance. Sadly though, he had marked me late. Darn lucky kids that get called last.


An echoing shout of triumph was then heard as Rollan burst through the door. "I MADE IT, I MADE IT, I KNEW I WOUL-" He stopped as he spotted me sitting at my desk calmly and the teacher glaring daggers at him. "Oops."


All the other kids started laughing. They may not have trusted him, but they always loved a good laugh before the boredom.


Rollan sat down in his seat which was beside Conor's, behind Meiling and diagonal from Abeke's. Lucky kids, I was 8 desks away from my best friend, Asira. w eird name, don't ask.



Soon enough the bell rang and I walked out the door and sighed. To get to my food, I had to walk across the entire school. Again.


Before I could start down the hallway, I came face-to-face with a taller, Chinese looking girl. Meilin.


"Oh, I'm sorry, uh......." I sidestepped and walked around her.




I turned around to see a bewildered Meilin. "Yes?" I asked politely


"Um.... Well... You see.... Can you..... Help us out?" She slowly dragged out, as though it were hard for her to ask a total stranger for help.


At that moment, the other three came out of the classroom. "You again!" Rollan exclaimed as he caught sight of my face.




"I never actually learned your name. So, what's this about?"


"Well actu-"


"I just asked her to help us out." Meilin butted in


"The high and mighty Meilin asks a total stranger for help! Never thought I'd live to see the day."


Meilin scowled. "Anyways, Could you maybe show us to our next class?"

"Sure!" I said in my happiest voice.


We got our stuff and started walking down the long hallways.


"Hey, what's your name again?" I new voice, Conor's, asked.


"Um, It's Auri. So, I know that most people are probably asking you this, but why did you come here in the middle of the year?" I said, trying to act casual even though curiosity still laced my voice.


The four exchanged galnces. "Our parents just..... Wanted us to become closer. You know, Family!" Abeke smiled.


It sounded like a lame lie, but I soon dropped it.


The sound of the bell rang. the warning bell. It told us to all hurry up and eat.


"Okay then, Down the hall, go right, turn left, turn right and then you're at your locker. At least, that's where most of them are. Anyways, gotta run!"


I dashed down the halls to my locker to quickly get out my food. Right when i got to it, the bell rang again. End of eating time.


Darn it...... I thought as I gathered up all my stuff again and went all the way back to class.


How did I ever get used to this?





Sorry, it's really bad. A few grammatical errors here and there...... DARNED COMPUTER! Also, the story is off. OH MY GOSH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


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I smiled so hard when I saw the title of this thread :)))))))))))))

I have already posted this to other websites with exactlynerd as a username

please leave feedback!


From Starbucks and Airdrop – Reilin

Summary: Meilin is at her favourite café, Starbucks, just because she wants to finish off her essay and to get away from her loneliness. But when a mysterious macbook user that goes by the name of ‘Essix’ sends her a document, things take a turn for the better.

Genre: Reilin AU, fluff!!

Word Count: 1,263

Warnings: none

“Mee-lin!” a shout could be heard over the horrifically noisy buzz of people talking inside Starbucks on a scarily cold day.

Nobody ever knows how to pronounce my name, Meilin thinks, while weaving through the hoard of people crowding around the counter, muttering “excuse me”’s and “sorry”’s while to pick up her Chai Tea Latte she ordered. Although she hated how loud the café was, she enjoys the feeling of company even though she has none, just the illusion of it. Her drink pleasantly warm in one hand, and her tote bag with her macbook and textbooks in the other, she goes to the back of the overcrowded shop to find a seat where she can start her ‘Laryngitis’ essay she received today, which, she might add, was not due until next week.

Meilin was never the one to leave work undone until the last minute, earning her the name of “that smart Asian girl” in her university classes, but she doesn’t care at all, because she is at the top of her Biomedical Science class, and that was all that mattered to her, sort of.

Before Meilin could even open up her unfinished biology essay, her laptop pinged, and her Finder application bounced on her dock. She clicks on the icon, and a laptop named ‘Essix-memes-a-lot-to-me’s Macbook Air’ was trying to send a file named ‘hey there person!’

She accepts the document out of curiosity, and opens it. Inside, there is a picture of a hawk in sunglasses with the text, ‘ur awesome and don’t let other people rain on your awesomeness’.

Meilin smiles, and decides to reply, choosing out a nice font and typing, ‘Haha, thank you!’ and adding a picture of a panda holding thumbs-up. She sends it back, and feels a sense of accomplishment when he accepts.

She gets back onto her biology essay, sipping her Chai Latte while she types about how this particular type of virus breeds. Another ping sounds from her laptop, and she accepts the file quickly, and opens it. A ‘ur welcome, have a gr8 day! (: (: (:’ is added, and she is feeling touched that someone would actually take time to make her smile.

She had cruised through her high-school with nearly everything, excellent grades, a friendly reputation, a pretty face and good style, except for one thing. A proper, human friend. Sure, she has her family and pet husky, Jhi, but she wanted a person who was interested and treated her like she mattered, not just because she was a perfect example to her school and classmates and has every box ticked as an ‘A+’ on a flimsy sheet of paper marked with her name given out at the end of the year, — she wants to be appreciated because of her personality.

Maybe ‘Essix-memes-a-lot-to-me’ had sent the document to everyone who had airdrop open, but she still wants to make friends with them, nonetheless.

Meilin reckons that the person who had sent her the document was around her age, 17, or something, as memes were a ‘internet generation’ thing and doesn’t expect older people to know about them. She looks up to see if anyone fits her description as the mysterious airdropper, but realises that from her secluded, quieter spot at the back of the cafe, she can not see many people at all. Oh well.

She decides to start off slow making friends, as nothing great comes out from being too forward. Maybe a ‘How are you today?’ would suffice. Meilin sends it off, and within 30 seconds she gets a reply. ‘im fine, how about you? how’s your day been? (:’ it says. She types in her reply, and drops it on ‘Essix-memes-a-lot-to-me’s Macbook Air’’s icon. She gets another reply almost instantly, and five minutes later, her essay was all but forgotten, Meilin furiously clacking at her keys, while replies have gotten quicker each time, from both sides, and they had moved on from the awkward just-being-polite topics to revealing more about their own personalities.

From their chat, Meilin learns that the person she is talking to introduces himself as Essix, is also 17, male, likes birds, want to become an optometrist, is an ESTP, likes to listen to OneRepublic and Coldplay just like herself, Essix is actually his pet hawk-headed parrot, not a forgotten meme, his favourite colour is green.

She also tells him a bit about herself, how she loves to browse on Tumblr, an INTJ, she was offered a scholarship to one of the most prestigious universities when she was only 11, and she has been in that university since 15, is a very well-known artist on the DevA community, and she prefers to watch anime rather than filmed tv shows unlike Essix, who likes to watch shows like Teen Wolf and The Flash.

Meilin checks the time, and realises that it has almost been 20 minutes of her and this person just... talking. She is surprised that she feels like she’s known him forever, even though they’ve only just ‘met’ today, and surprises herself again by feeling… attracted to Essix.

He’s witty, funny, and seems to be sincerely friendly. It has been a while since she has had a conversation like this.

Was this what it was like to have a friend? To be able to talk like this all the time, whenever you want?

She also vaguely wants to have a proper face to face conversation, also wonders what the person she is talking to looks like, and it is rather tedious to keep on sending the document back and forth, but she doesn’t mind too much, the feeling of having a friend stops her from continuing her essay.

Luckily, the guy asks for her, saving Meilin the embarrassment and time that would be spent on phrasing the question. It’s just a simple ‘do you wanna talk irl now? X)’ and she replies jokingly, ‘Sure, but you gotta buy a sandwich for me :P’ and sends it back. She waits for a reply, but a minute, then two minutes has passed.

Surely Essix didn’t take her seriously? Meilin is jolted back to her senses when a shout of “Lonely panda’s macbook!” is called, which is her laptop’s name. She blinks in surprise, surprised he took her seriously, but then again, sarcasm wasn’t easy to tell in written words.

She packs up, quickly shoving her textbooks and macbook inside her tote bag, and re-adjusts her beanie, scarf, deep royal blue sweater and jeggings, making sure she is looking presentable before meeting ‘Essix’. Standing up from her warm chair, she walks over back to the counter, scanning the counter for the sandwich.

“Looking for something?” a mellow male voice is heard behind her. She whips her head around and sees a shockingly handsome young man with a charming smile and such cute boyish features, holding a plastic fork and her fruit salad in one hand, his other stretched out to her, for a handshake.

Meilin is stunned for a moment, entranced by this man’s tanned skin that reminded her of that soothingly warm Chai Tea Latte, dark chocolaty hair and his warm, brown eyes.

“Yeah, that sandwhich you’ve got there.” she smiles, finally finding her voice.

“Lonely panda right? I’m Essix, or actually, Rollan.” he reaches out to shake her hand.

“Yes, I am. Just call me Meilin.” she replies, and he grins. She takes his hand, but forgets to shake it, and Rollan seems to have forgotten too. His fingers are warm, and Meilin has never been so aware of the beating of her heart.


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"It's done,


          Don't risk your


              for what's




~Emilia and Blaze~



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Ru Bibi... Or Melayia... Or Opal... :3


Proud Christian!

X-Men and HTTYD 4 lyf!

Minecraft and Flyff 4 lyf!

Reader, Writer, and RPer!

Wolf-girl at heart





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(I'm using my hero,Charissie Snowcaster,ok?) I took a deep breath. Here I was,in this strange new world,unsure if my friends had come here as well. I thought about them:Abeke,Rollan,Meilin,Connor,and Worthy. I wonder if they're here,I thought. I decided to find out. I walked a few paces and tripped on something:A white mask. Worthy! I picked it up and continued on. There were a few splotches of red stuff. Others would've thought it was blood,but I knew it was the red dye I had collected for Worthy in the tunnels. While I was thinking of Worthy,my thoughts instinctively drifted to the time Worthy had lost his shoes,both of them at the same time. I laughed. "Keeper!" said a familiar voice. I looked up to see the astonished face of my friend Worthy. "You got here too?" I asked,suprised. "Yep!  Better with a friend than alone,huh?" 'Yeah." I said. "And for the love of Mulop,don't call me that!" I said. "Sorry." He muttered.

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"YOU ATE MY SWORD!!"-Percy Jackson



Current music obsession:Horrible Kids



























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Okay, I'mma do this! (WARNING: Reilin and minor Conbeke scenes)




Rollan bounded out of his door after giving his mom a hug. He was heading off on his first day of middle school. But strangely, he didn't see any other kids on the street. Rollan shrugged and skipped off, dancing through the large doors of Greenhaven Middle School.


As he entered the homeroom class, he saw everyone in class. Confused, he glanced at the teacher, Mr. Olvan. 


Mr. Olavn cleared his throat. "Rollan, you're late," he grumbled.


Rollan turned a deep shade of embarrassed red, taking a seat in the back, next to a blond boy and an African-American girl. 


"Hey, I'm Conor," the blond kid turned to Rollan, whispering. He held out his hand for a shake. Rollan took it reluctantly. Conor pointed at the African-American girl. "That's Abeke," Abeke turned to Rollan and Conor confidently. 


"Hi," Abeke smirked, and turned back to Mr. Olvan. Conor smiled at her. 


"The duo's back together, aye?" The Asian girl in front of Rollan turned around. Conor grinned lightly, and Abeke giggled quietly.


Rollan, on the other hand, was staring at the girl in awe, thinking she was beautiful. She seemed to turn to Rollan in slow motion, and smiled at him.


"Hey, I'm Meilin," she smirked.


"Rollan," Rollan blushed.


"Hope to see you around-" Meilin was cut off as Mr. Olvan motioned at her.


"Meilin, is your conversation that important? We're venturing of into the world of algebra," he said, half seriously, half jokingly.


"Chill, Olvan, it's the first day," Meilin smiled coolly, and then gave Rollan another glance before turning around. 




that was really bad, but you get the idea.


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i really like kim haon




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28th i am!


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Destiny, Mai, Meanie, Dune, Mina



A Warrior?

A Seeker?

A Fighter?

A Greencloak?

A Hero?

A Musician?

A Reader?

A Survivor?

A Challenger?

A Normal Girl?

A Ninjago Fan?


Turns out...


I'm all of them


And that's who I will always be...

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Bookmark! So gonna do this! I need a break from SAMBtale and write something else anyways.

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                        Foxwing  Forjaekkal

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Man, I wrote this a lot faster than I was expecting. Here. Take it.


   It was the first day of 7th grade. I would be heading to a new middle school; I had moved here last year, after 6th grade ended. I hadn’t really met anyone in this place yet. Excited and nervous, I began walking down the hall of my new school… and promptly ran into someone. I tripped, dropping my book.

   “Oh no! I am so sorry. Here, let me help you,” The someone said. They seemed to be male. He had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. His shirt sported the school logo. He assisted me up and picked up my book before handing it to me. “I’m Conor, by the way.”

   “My name is Abeke,” I said.

   “You don’t look familiar. Are you new here?” Conor asked me.

   “Yeah, I moved here a couple months ago,” I explained. He started walking with me to my locker.

   “Well, welcome to our school, Abeke. What time are your classes at?” Conor said as I pulled a couple things from my locker. I showed him my schedule. He looked at it.

   “Hey, you have most of the same classes as me! That’s great. If you need any help, I’ll be here.” He smiled before walking away. I stared after him, trying to organize my thoughts.

   “Looks like someone’s got a crush,” Someone said behind me. I turned around. The person was a girl with black hair tied up in a bun. Next to her was a boy with short black hair. “I’m Meilin and this is Rollan,” She said, motioning to herself and the boy.

   “Hai,” Rollan said with a goofy grin.

   “Hey. I’m Abeke. Do you know Conor?” I asked.

   “Oh yeah, we know Conor. Meilin, Conor, and I are besties!” Rollan said.

   “Oh, well in that case… I’m new. I’m still trying to figure out who I’m gonna be friends with,” I said.

   “Hey, it’s cool. You can join our group. If it’s okay with Conor, then it’s okay with us. Right, Rollan?” Meilin replied, glancing at Rollan.

   “Yep. Definitely,” Rollan confirmed.

   Meilin grabbed my wrist and started leading me down the hall. “Come on, our first class starts soon. Everyone is usually there a bit early, I help you meet them.”

   Before long, Meilin, Rollan, and I were in the classroom. Conor was at his desk, reading a book. Rollan began pointing people out to me.

   “That’s Sadie and Carter Kane. Don’t let their looks deceive you, they’re siblings. They’re also really good with Egyptian stuff. That’s Percy Jackson and his ‘girlfriend’ Annabeth Chase. They’re ADHD and Dyslexic. Percy’s grade are nothing to be proud of, but Annabeth is a honor student. Straight A’s in everything. They both seem to be good with Greek stuff though. That’s Dan and Amy Cahill, siblings. They’re just good in history in general. And that’s Josh Baxter. He’s just kind of… there. One heck of a video gamer, though.”

   Meilin cut him off. “Okay, Rollan, that’s enough for now.” She turned to me. “You understand all that?”

   I nodded. “There are a lot of interesting people here.”

   “Yep. Our school takes pride in it.”

   “What about you guys? What’s interesting about you?”

   Rollan shuffled his feet nervously. “I, uh, I’m an orphan. I’m technically a community service project or something like that for you peoples, but I manage to pass as a normal-ish middle schooler.”

   I looked at Rollan. “You’re an orphan?! What happened to your parents?” I asked.

   “I dunno what happened to my dad, but my mom decided she couldn’t take care of me. I have vague memories of her,” Rollan said, never taking his eyes from the floor. Meilin jumped in to say something about herself.

   “My dad is an officer in the military. And I’m mostly Chinese,” Meilin said.

   “Aw, I’m just American. Bor-ing,” Rollan said.

   Meilin motioned to Conor. “Conor lives on a farm. You should see him working with a dog, what he does is amazing. He’s mainly European. What about you? There’s gotta be something interesting about you.”

   I thought for a moment. “Well, I’m almost all African. And I can shoot a bow and hunt. I also have a pet cat named Uraza.”

   Meilin and Rollan smiled at me. I returned the gesture with a grin of my own. I got the feeling that 7th grade was gonna be just fine.



Time to go work on SAMBtale now because I'm trapped and should probably work on writing something else, at least my Undertale fanfic but whatever; writing SAMBtale is fun. :D


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                        Foxwing  Forjaekkal

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The last thing I knew was that Uraza was licking my face with her tongue (witch was not normal) and I was holding a frying pan with a strange tan liquid in it. The liquid was running down the side of the pan, and I sat up, then saw Briggan licking his paw like a cat.  Essix was cleaning her feathers, and pecking at a dish of birdseed.  I rubbed my eyes and said, "What happended? Why is Essix acting like a canary, Briggan like a cat, and Uraza like a dog?"  "Oh I really don't know. All of a sudden, I have an unbearable urge to write stuff in a book." Conor said. "And Rollan is sewing up his clothes right now. I have no idea why." I looked over and saw Rollan hunching down over a desk and stitching up the hole in his coat. Meilin was sitting at a desk and tapping at a weird panel with little keys sticking out of it, and the panel was attached to a flat sheet of flickering material. She was hunched over and she was muttering to herself. We looked outside and saw the Reptile King walking a huge mass of dogs and puppies. He was scowling as two of the dogs pooped at the same time and one peed on a mailbox. We all laughed as he bent over to pick it up. I took the waffle pan and cooked some waffles. I topped the waffles with whipped cream, strawberries, syrup, blueberries, and jelly, took a bite, and I thought it was glorious. There was a knock on the door. I opened it, and it was Shane. He was dressed like a pizza delivery guy and he asked for a blueberry waffle to go. I accepted, cooked the waffle, and put it in a small box, gave it to him, and he handed me a ten dollar bill. I went to bed thinking about my strange and wacky day. I fell asleep happy about what I had done.



The end....





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 A wild midnight appeared!   


 ✨ Spirit Animal Summoner  ✨



"Now that I see that the chances of one's birth are irrelevant, it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are"~ Mewtwo, 1999

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Once upon a time in a random place...


I was starting my first day of the 6th grade. I finally got a second chance at a good reputation so I had to be cool. I went to my locker and tried not to run into it until... I saw four kids walking the hallway like they owned the place with sunglasses and everything. I knew that I would never fit in with those kids. The four kids walked up to me and took off their sunglasses. "Sup" one of the kids said. He had a face of a boy, but hair that kind of looks like a girl. "I'm Rollan." The kid said. "This is Meilin, Abeke, and Conor." One had black hair and brown eyes, brown hair and brown eyes, and blond hair and blue eyes. It was easy to tell which one was which. Why? Because they are the characters of my favorite book series of all time. I went on my phone and googled them just to make sure. "You know who else who would like to meet you guys? My bff harmonie." My friend harmonie's locker was not too far from mine. "OMG is

they the four main characters of spirit animals?!!" Harmonie asked me freaked out? "Ya" I replied cooly. Me, my friend, Conor, Meilin, Rollan, and Abeke walked down the hallway to our first class. I opened up my phone to send my other bff sani a text when Conor noticed something about my walllpaper. "Hey is that me?" Conor asked. "What? I don't have have you as my wallpaper because I like you that's for sure." ( says awkwardly and strange) We all walked into the classroom and took our seats. The first thing we did was take a state test. Conor was staring at me the entire time we took the test. I was guessing he wasn't as smart as me and harmonie. We left the classroom relived that the test was over. "By the way I'm kayla and this is my friend harmonie." I said. "Welcome to the club." Rollan said. "Welcome to Meredith Middle." Conor said winked at me. "See you at lunch." Meilin said.  Me and harmonie waited until they walked far away so we could celebrate that we were friends with the cool kids. This is a good way to start the 6th grade.

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Just your average kid that loves Netflix, Chick-fil-a , and reality TV   Socially awkward clarinetist     Honor Band 2k17 & 2k18   Yes, I know I'm tall, no I don't play basketball




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