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The first thing I felt was panic! I turned in circles looking for something, Anything but this darkness before me, but...to no avail. Just then I felt the world JOLT from side to side and I heard a scream. A scream that pierced the darkness like a beacon of light, only it wasn't. The scream was of terror, pure horrifying terror! I looked for the source and found none. The scream began to grow louder and then it multiplied! It spread like a virus and it went from being one, then two, then three, then four! They surrounded me and there was nowhere to run, nowhere to escape this madness, these screams! I dropped to my knees and covered my ears and began screaming. I didn't know how long it was before I heard a voice. I couldn't tell who but I recognized it. The voice turned to multiple and then it joined into the choir of darkness, a dark lullaby to soothe a dark soul, which was not mine. Not entirely. I begin to think this is my fate when I see light, it expands out towards me and soon smothers the darkness and then I wake up. And the first thing I see are four faces, I swallow and realize my throat is raw from actually screaming...

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Sometimes you have to have bad days to appreciate the good ones