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Hey guys, I'm new to this Spirit Animals thing and I just found out about the website, the books and the game. I started playing the game and it's really a good game. I was going to read the books first but I don't have the books yet and I am currently reading the series Wings of Fire. I love the Wings of Fire books and I am also a member 

on the website. I have absolutely no idea how to do anything here on this website. I finally managed to post this though.Thank the moons... though as I was saying, yeah I am not telling you guys to tell me what the the book is about, just for a little help on this website and maybe some cool tips for the game too. I will read the books for myself though. Thank you so much for your help, well if I get any I guess... 

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Finally gonna get the Spirit Animals series. 


   I have been dying to read them :)