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            I know that Evolution, Adaptation, and Developmental Homology is a touchy subject here but I feel like I must share. Its a beautiful and eye opening science that I hope you all will/have enjoyed learned about. It also brings some humanity and humility when you realize that you and a mold spore share about a 14% DNA sequence match. At the same time shocking that you and a Chimpanzee have very few differences in sequence. This is because we all are made of the same stuff. DNA,RNA,and Protines. We as humans aren't that special to be honest, we think we're above animals when really we're so similar. Its amazing to see how you're connecting to every single living creature in our world. I also think the very process of evolution is amazing. Its how a wolf like creature can turn into a whale or how birds are so similar to dinosaurs. Or even the bone structure of horses an humans that are surprisingly similar which makes it even more intriguing that we've been companions of horses for thousands of years.I'm seriously considering following a career path in Zoology because of my interest. Science class is actually fun.


So when you start learning about this in class please don't be offended or start making charged remarks like "This is against my faith we shouldn't talk about this!". Everything you will learn is true and we can and have proven it, you wouldn't spend a year on it for nothing.Also man made the bible, we recorded everything thousands of years ago. How do you know the world wasn't always supposed to be like this? I mean come on animals staying the same is so boring! Where is the fun in that? If God wants us to grow and change to be better people why cant all creatures change and grow too? And if your faith is shaken by a Biology class then good luck... because that's just the tip of the ice burg. 

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i finally noticed somewhere along the way

the changing seasons painted the town a new color

fluttering flowers dance as my heart wavers

what will be left when it's all over?

in this bittersweet place

i want to stay my old self forever


2.28.15 - 3.14.19

Preach, Sea, preach. 

This is so true. 

I'm a Christian, and I believe believe this is true. 

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Ever After~

 painted with a dark stroke, dirty on the canvas

 creation was holy, we chose against it

 the devil he's evil, no need to proclaim

 it's the choices we make that bring glory 

 glory to his name! 


but u can call me ever

twin = ayita !

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I believe that the Big Bang happened because God made it happen.


Also, a friend of mine was told by a science teacher...........


"Write an essay on why the theory on evolution is correct."


So wrote an essay on why it was false and got


an A+. 

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 R E M E M B E R T H E L O S T 




"I thought mascara was a fish"-Galaxian

"Make an insect AU and they're all fruit flies"- Ishmael

"Brussels sprouts are just delicious earth meatballs"-Becky

 Deviantart is LivVirtual