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The dress fits perfectly on my lean frame.Even though I've been locked up in a palace for four months with lack of exercise and hearty meals, my skin is hugging my bones, and the darker shade has gone lighter, even pale. My strength is long gone, and I stand on shaky limbs. The manacles around my wrists weigh my arms down at my sides. I can't help but feel self conscious about my exposed arms, where my skin tightens around my bones and my pearly scars show. I usually cover them up with sleeves.


But I get the idea. While the red silk embedded with diamonds and pearls stands out flawlessly, the straps tight around my shoulders exposes a much-to-bony collar bone, and the small cuts on my neck still healing, the purpose is to show that I'm weak. Helpless. The little leopard girl is nothing without her leopard. But it doesn't stop others from flinching at my gaze. I glare at kitten, and she glances away. It seems four months of isolation is starting to show. I'm empty of my joy, replaced by bitterness. I don't even know who I am anymore.It's pitifull, really. But I dare to hope. I know someone will come for me, eventually. I've had that same thought for days. Weeks. Months. It won't take long until it's a year. Sometimes I wish I could just drift away, into forever darkness. Peaceful, soothing darkness. But I don't have that luxury. I'm to good for death. Shane's voice echoes in my head.


i need to escape.


There's a knock at my door, the only indication of Shane. Finally, I'm able to tear my eyes away from the mirror. They land on familiar,black, scaly armor on Shane's back as he enters the room.This time, he's accompanied with two women; the one on the right is tall, with porcelain skin and dark eyes. A long, white dress flows majestically behind her as the door shuts. Long auburn hair is braided neatly into a bun. She looks about Shane's age, 17.If it weren't for the permanent scowl on her plump lips, she might've been the most beautiful women I've ever seen. The one on the left is quite the opposite; long, black hair rests at her shoulders, her pale skin glows naturally against the black leather jacket that presents broad shoulders, and she wears a simple pair of pants and brown boots. She could almost pass for human. Shane notices my observations, and quirks an eyebrow, clearly amused. I've only gotten one visitor before, which happens to be the king of Stetriol himself.


His voice makes me jump. "This is Elaine-"he gestures to the one on the right-"And this is Volka." Elaine's scowl widens. I wonder if I should be afraid of her. "These women will be in charge of covering up your flaws." He fakes a smile. He's good at that. And to my surprise, he just turns around and walks out the door.Busy, I guess."Sit down." I hear a sharp, demanding voice say. I look behind me, my eyes landing on a single chair with a table against the wall, a large, rectangular mirror shaped with precision. I sit down, Elaine and the apparently silent Volka appears on either side of me. 


As as they get to work on my tangled braids, I shift uncomfortably in my chair. I wish I knew what exactly I'm getting ready for, and something tells me it's not going to be enjoyable. I wish Conor, or Meilin, or Rollan would come breaking threw the doors right about now.




I dream of a cornered, weak Shane. I dream of letting Uraza snap his bones one by one, his screams of agony echoing threw the corridors. His ice cold eyes replaced by fear. It's a dark thought, but i still wish it were real. But at the same time, I don't dare to. 


I know what Shane is. He's a monster, And monsters are most dangerous when their afraid.







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