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SAMB age:





Main gang members:

Weapon choice:

Are you part of the rescue team?:



My form:


Name: Kitten
SAMB age: 13-15.
Gender: Female

Appearance: Purple hair to her chin, purple eyes, tanned skin. Has a cat tail and cat ears, and big black wings. Often wears a purple tee, jeans, and some slip ons
Powers: Shapeshifting into cats, siren song, teleporting, and telepatic stuff
Main gang members: Doggy, Ace, Red, The Twins.
Weapon choice: Bow.
Are you part of the rescue team?: Nah. I gotta be rescued.
Other: Hoi


Name: Reaper
SAMB age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown, probaly female

Appearance: White hair to her mid back, red eyes, pale. Snake tail for legs, and has eight chain-spider legs on her back
Powers: Mind-controling smoke, stopping time, shapeshifting into others, and taking full control of people
Main gang members: Fevre, Soul, Hex and Jinx,  Kasa, and Dawn.
Weapon choice: Chains, or sycthe
Are you part of the rescue team?: Nah. I'm the villian.
Other: *Evil laugter*


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"Dude IDK I'm just a small sack of fandom potatos."


"Why am I a human and not yet a banana?"

"Can I just,,, Scream?"

"tHe aXiS pOwerS"

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Name: Constellation (But if you need to, you can have characters call her "Con" in the story.)

SAMB age: Twelve

Gender: Female

Powers: She can manipulate starlight and bring constellations to life.

Appearance: Constellation is tall and sturdy with a firm foundation (big feet). She is very skinny yet muscular and has tan skin, bluish-purple eyes, and a lightly freckled face. She wears a white shirt and blue jeans with purple sneakers. Her ears are pierced with gold stars, and she has a silver star-shaped locket that she wears. When she's in battle, she wears amethyst wristbands and boots with redwood armor painted purple and silver with her necklace and earrings.

Personality: Constellation is compassionate and loyal. She is easy to get close to, but isn't afraid to voice her opinion on matters. She has a temper and will rarely hesitate to defend any ally she views as in danger. She is a free-spirited bookworm.

Main gang members: Snowflake, Sea Foam, Tigress, Sunbeam, Hurricane, Medicus.

Weapon choice: A sword with a blade made of solid starlight (which makes it extremely strong) and a diamond hilt.

Are you part of the rescue team?: Yes.

Other: FOR KITTEN!!! :3

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*~Alheimur Elysium~*


Joined 10/16/16

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep balance, you must keep moving." - Albert Einstein

Ponies make life 20% cooler

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ɥǝddɐɥ ǝɯ llɐɔ


ǝɔɐ-ʎɐɹƃ s’ǝɥs 'ʎʇnɐǝ-ᴉq s’ǝɥs



sund ǝʞɐɯ llᴉʍ

uɐɯnɥ ʇsnɾ ǝɹ’ǝʍ

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Name: Kryhsillia "Happeh" Opal Cheriss-Nut
SAMB age: 14
Gender: Cis-girl
Powers: Magic like from Dr. Strange, the Force, shapeshifting, purple thing (like Scarlet Witch in the MCU.) good pilot.
Appearance: Black hair with blue ombre, brown eyes, tan skin, an indigo crescent moon tattooed on the side of my left index finger, glasses with galaxy frame, skinny build, horrible posture, 5'3. Usually wears nerdy oversized tees, usually Star Wars, Marvel, Hamilton or YouTuber merch, black leggings with lots of pockets, black leather ankle boots.
Personality: Passive-aggressive, sarcastic, introvert, loves movies and books, giant nerd, creative, lazy, instinctive, implusive, generally tired, self-deperciating narcissistic. 
Main gang members: I'll skip on this. 
Weapon choice: Laser sniper rifle, dual dark blue lightsabers. 
Are you part of the rescue team?: Sure. 
Other: yee

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ɥǝddɐɥ ǝɯ llɐɔ


ǝɔɐ-ʎɐɹƃ s’ǝɥs 'ʎʇnɐǝ-ᴉq s’ǝɥs



sund ǝʞɐɯ llᴉʍ

uɐɯnɥ ʇsnɾ ǝɹ’ǝʍ

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SAMB age: 16

Gender: Male

Powers: Wears a robotic suit resembling Genji's from Overwatch, and it gives him great speed and reflexes.

Appearance: As his body has been ravaged by scars, he keeps his suit on constantly.

Personality:Nerd, likes to constantly train, and he is tormented by his mechanical body, loves music and YouTube.

Main gang members: None

Weapon choice: Short sword, katana, and shurikens.

Are you part of the rescue team?: Sure

Other: yoy

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Kolorblind Histerian

"Chocolate must be savored, not rushed." Magnus Chase

"Poor babies." Mick Rory




Colorblind and proud!

'Rubix cubes are easy when you're colorblind'


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Lιʋʋ Sɯα

ϝҽɱαʅҽ/ƈαɳƈҽɾ/ʂαɱҽɾ ʂιɳƈҽ 2014



ι ʅσʋҽ, ʅιƙҽ ƚԋҽ ɱσσɳ ʅσʋҽʂ ƚԋҽ ҽαɾƚԋ

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Name: Andra Emmi Myth-Desitjo-Wilddliw (just Andra)


SAMB age: fifteen


Gender: female


Powers: mind powers (mind reading, telepathic communication, resistance to mental invasion and control), has various pieces of jewelry that give her certain elemental powers (one for fire, one for water, one for earth, one for air, etc.) for as long as she wears them (plus a violet backpack that changes its interior size as needed to put them in).


Appearance: Andra has wavy waist-length dark brown hair, sky-blue eyes, an oval face, and light tan skin. She is tall for her age (5'8") and slim. Usually wears tops and skirts OR dresses in varying shades of blue, pink, and/or purple; white leggings; and sparkly silver sneakers with white laces.


Personality: Andra is very friendly and warm, and her optimism borders on idealism. She is not the type to give up when the going gets tough, and often can quickly come up with a Plan B (that sometimes seems weird but is usually pretty sound) if Plan A fails. However, she can act very impulsively and is somewhat of a perfectionist, and her desire to take on more and more challenges is aggravated by both. If someone she cared about were in danger, she would do virtually anything to get them out of it, up to and including giving up her own life.


Main gang members: Caleb (quiet, serious, protective of Andra), Luce (very child-like, gets excited very easily, can always see the bright side of any situation), Andi (thoughtful, a mix of soft and hardened, ambivert) (Caleb, Luce, and Andi are all humans who can use magic), Kat (kind, introverted, bookworm) (a fairy that can shift into a human and hear other people's thoughts), Lexi (very self-confident, optimistic, would give her life for someone she cares about, good actor) (a human without special powers but knows her way around a gun)


Weapon choice: Bow and a quiver of infinite arrows (which can go in her "bottomless" backpack when not in use)


Are you part of the rescue team?: Yes, and so is my gang (if that's okay with you)


Other: Andra is Christian.

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Andra/Emmi M-D-W 

Christian †

Actress :-D D-:

Writer => ~

Autistic :'P

Singer ♪



I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)





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Name: Ocean
SAMB age: 12
Gender: Girl
Powers: Super Speed, slight hydrokinesis 
Appearance: Short, wavy red hair is now tied back with a cyan bandana, green eyes, you get the deal. Now wears a beige shirt, olive bomber jacket if it's cold, and jeggings. Don't forget the steel toed boots. 
Personality: You already knoooow. 
Main gang members: O'course, Isaac, Isabel, Max, Ed, and oh lol Johnny is joining us haha
Weapon choice: A dagger. aND STEEL TOED BOOTS
Are you part of the rescue team?: yes yes yes 
Other: Don't kill me off please

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your evil fandom reference queen

haunted by knee bruise goblins | nr's mb-sis

|probably playing miitopia | drowning in ships|


(thanks eris)




Name: Leafwhisker

SAMB age: 13

Gender: Female

Powers: Shapeshift

Appearance: Kinda tall, amber eyes, long dark blond hair

Personality: Shy, but caring, protective, lovable, loving

Main gang members: Wolfstar (13, female, shorter than Leafwhisker but not rlly short, short black hair, freckles, dark blue eyes, same personality as Leafwhisker but is not shy, instead impulsive; Tigerfang: 15 tall, kinda short brown hair, dark amber eyes, grumpy but protective of Leafwhisker/Wolfstar/Stormypaw/Lulupaw; Stormy(paw): 6, short, short black hair, dark blue eyes, rambunctious, caring, protective, impulsive; Lulu(paw): 6, slightly shorter than Stormy, short pale blond hair, greenish-blue eyes, bossy, sometimes ungrateful, but caring to Wolfstar/Leafwhisker/Stormy)

Weapon choice: Bow and arrows

Are you part of the rescue team?: I guess I should, since I was the unspoken leader/healer, right?(in book #1)

Other: I love the story so far! I'm very honored I was considered the unspoken leader in Book 1, I did not expect that

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I'm weird. Get used to it


Im insane; you?







"Geoduck- it looks like a naked turtle."