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not only do i have no idea what it would be about, the few ideas i do have are extremely cliché.


first, it would be a supernatural fan fiction. this is how most supernatural fan fictions go:


-girl runs into winchesters/is saved by winchesters

-girl finds out she is related to winchesters

-stuff happens (usually happy stuff)

-bad stuff happens (probably crowley or another demon)

-someone dies


and those are my only ideas. now, i could have a male protagonist. but here's what's wrong with that:


-i am not a guy, and would find it hard to write from a male perspective 

-most people who read fan fiction are girls, and they would find it hard to relate to the protagonist

-most of the supernatural characters are guys

-shipping reasons

-a short bit focused on girl problems could be entertaining, and we wouldn't have those entertaining bits if the protagonist was male


i could also have a main character with no relation to the winchesters. there are no problems with this idea. yet.


maybe the antagonist is not a demon. here's what's wrong with that:


-i've already written a prologue with a demon in it. 

-demons are fun


maybe nobody dies. but that's boring. come on, all fan fictions have to have sad things. deaths, break-ups, anything like that.


a couple more problems:


-i'm only on season seven. that's five seasons i've not watched, a lot of information i don't have yet, and characters and monsters that i haven't heard of/been introduced to yet.

-when i write anything that has chapters, i usually get bored and never finish writing it. examples: demons, my warrior cats fan fiction and odium, my original story that never made it past chapter four (sorry about that, by the way)


can anybody help me out a little?

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