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When my class went on a field trip/excursion my friend had an asthma attack after going into an old Navy boat. One of the boys thought she was faking, but she wasn't.


Why do you think that boy thought she was faking?

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I'm not a boy, but there are many reasons that he could think that, some are...


1. He's scared that he might get an asthma attack/sickness and doesn't want to admit that he's afraid of the old boat because of what happened to your friend.

2. He really does hope it's fake.

3. He was smirking in his heart. What I mean is, he thought your friend getting an asthma attack was funny.

4. He actually thought it was fake.

5. He's never seen an asthma attack before and just started calling it fake for no reason.

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i don't think it's a question of gender, but of personality and i'm not a boy, but i tend to think this way 

it's either that boy had experience with overdramatic people in his life, or he doesn't believe much 

boys tend to think this way more than girls, but there are some girls (example me) who think this way too

disbelieve and annoyance is a trait

well, two traits, but this has to do with psychology and i don't want to go on, but it also means the boy has matured more than the rest, but he doesn't have that super scientific eye that can tell the difference between fake and real, so he assumes it's fake, because the people around him are either liars, jokers, or overdramatic ones 

yeah it's about experience and maybe his temper even and it's eleven pm goodnight 

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