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in which i post a topic and we discuss it, whether we share our thoughts or have a friendly debate or whatever. just please don't fight.

probably no one will come but i'm gonna post this anyway


first topic: what are your thoughts on the concept of good and evil?


i think it all depends on your views. for example, in the odyssey, odysseus and his men were often perceived as heroes, or the good guys, when really they often caused chaos and death wherever they went. i believe that neither good nor evil exist; it's just people trying to do what makes sense to them or their beliefs/values, or what seems like the right thing to do. now, every once in a while there'll be something that is what one would consider evil - killing for fun or bullying, doing horrible things for the thrill of it and things like that. that's an exception. but there are two sides to every story, and one might think that they're doing the right thing when somebody else thinks what they're doing is definitely wrong.


sorry if that's a bit redundant, i'm feeling particularly lazy right now.

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