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아리랑 아리랑 아라리요 

아리랑 고개로 넘어간다 

나를 버리고 가시는 님은

십리도 못가서 발병난다


Arirang, Arirang, Arariyo. . .

I’m crossing over Arirang Pass.

The one who throws me away and leaves me

will not go even ten li before his feet hurt.


(rough english translation by me)


I’ve made many memories here, both good and bad, but it’s time for me to move on. I won’t write a long speech like Senpai did, because I’m not that eloquent, but I gave you a song, so I guess that should count towards something. . . I’m not sure what though.

Anyways, to all those who consider themselves my friends here, and all those who I consider my friends, thank you.

Before I go, I’d like to share a little sentiment.

The SAMB is a mini-society, a model of a world, and though there are many differences- such as the fact that the SAMB is populated entirely with children and teens who are aged anywhere from 8-17, and that there are moderators filtering what we say- we can still learn from this society, like how a model of an ecosystem you might have made in science class can help you learn about how the real world works. Many of us are mentally afflicted, or simply socially awkward. This website, this small community, helps us get used to interacting with people. I myself have learned a lot here, though I’ve only been here a short time. This website helped me with my anger problems in real life, and having people to talk to who understood my internal struggles really helped me get over the toughest times, when depression struck. 

So what?, you ask. 

So, I sincerely hope that all of you will keep this an open place for anyone and everyone, and welcome all these people who have so much more in common with you than you think. 

Please, continue to keep this a mostly-pure, supportive, and wonderful community.

. . . At this point, I feel like I should mention the wars. But there’s nothing to say about them. People come into conflict all the time, and that is just part of being so perfectly flawed, part of being human.

Once again, thank you so much.

It’s been a great two-and-a-half years.


//Arirang, Kagami, Reverie


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i finally noticed somewhere along the way

the changing seasons painted the town a new color

fluttering flowers dance as my heart wavers

what will be left when it's all over?

in this bittersweet place

i want to stay my old self forever


2.28.15 - 3.14.19

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Well, farewell then.

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Raven Tsakaryn

   ~est. April 2014~


Oh, how I've missed you, my friend...

Time has changed us both.

But deep down, our hearts remain the same.

So, no matter where life takes us, remember...






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Have a wonderful life!

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August 2017 — March 2019


13,035 stars uwu


When it’s time for you to venture out, don’t let fear have you looking back at what you’re leaving behind. 


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That was an awesome speech. We need more people like you. Not just the SAMB, the world. Use your beautiful words to make the world a better place. I'm being sappy but can't help it. I don't even know why, this is the first time I've even seen you...

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oceans rise, empires fall

we have seen each other through it all


for even if i‘m far away i hold you in my heart


no matter where you go

you’ll never be alone


toffee’s still a walnut


I'm going down with this ship

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Queen of colorrabbits, and much more

Pink fluffeh unicorns dancing orainbows!!



Goodbye everyone... it was good while it lasted. I'll always remember you, SAMB.

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♡ see you ♡

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Ever After~

 i knew a lady lost the forest for the trees

 she grew a lust to bury all underneath

 she cut to their heart,

 she bled them dry

 she kept her fire burning up to the sky

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Well, we were leased to have you. Enjoy life and good luck!

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Renegade - Ren - Renny

        aesthetically pleasing

                 and somewhat edgy


 Hope Hustle for Your Dreams



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