Ok, so I know the title sounded mean, but I needed you all to come see this. 

so, this is scholastic. It is a website for all their books and for kid so to talk about and discuss. People are going around saying stuff like: chat room, and BRB land.
So that's what this thread is for. I am going to make a "mental map" of scholastic. Com, and I'm going to try and show you all how I imagine this place.
So here goes:

ok, so imagine this whole place as a medieval kingdom (or queendom). Looking from above, you see that up in the top right corner is a palace with a title written across the top. It says, "forum palace".
Now imagine that every grand room in that palace is a thread in a forum, and each wing in the palace is a different forum. For example, the east wing is the 39 clues message board, and every room in that wing is a different thread, and the west wing is the spirit animals forum, and the north and south wings are the WoF and horizon Mbs. And the towers and barrings of the castle are all different Forums.

Then you look over at the bottom left corner of the scholastic map and see a small dukedom with a name in the corner. The name reads, "BRB land". And the dukedom of brb land, has a small town right in the middle and a large forest surrounding it. In the town, each building is a place people go on brb. For example, what looks like a blacksmiths shop is actually where people run to hide from parents when they aren't *cough cough* allowed to be on. And the town store is where people go to buy food when they're on for a long time and getting hungry.

 The forest has a large water fall and a big cliff around the side of the trees on the left. You see that the cliff is also labeled, "embarrassment cliff"it reads. And by the water fall, you see that there is a title, and the title says, "flipside falls", where people go to get inspired for their flipsides. 

After that, you look over to the top left corner of the map and you see the words across the top, "the confusion Cs". You see confusion corner and a group of tourists on the confused tour bus. The tourism sites are confused corner and confused canon. The mane ways of touring are by taking the confused tour bus and walking on the confusing trails.

And finally you look down at the bottom right corner of the map. In that corner, you see a huge hotel. The sign above the door reads, "chatter box hotel". That hotel is where all the chat rooms are. Imagine that each hotel room is a different chat room on the internet. Every website that you have been on with a chat room has checked into the hotel and let the site users, use the chat room. Now imagine when your in the chat room and someone comes in and says, "so and so crashes through the roof", wouldn't that be basically saying that that person came from a different chat room hotel room and crashed through the floor of that one? See, there's are so many possibilities.

And now imagine this, everyone is either a human or a ghost or an alien or something and they all live and are part of the family of the internet. They all have a means of travel specific to them, they all have an internet family, and they all have something they like to do or something. The point is, this website and whole internet are, in a way, a family and a home to people.

So that's how I invision scholastic and the internet.

Mods please let this through
Mods please let this through
Mods please let this through


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How spiffy.

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Well then, that was interesting. I've had a similar version for another one forum...

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