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aka: my sexuality, and what it means to be bisexual and what it means to be a good christian, and if i can be both at the same time. 

ive been wrestling with the belief that homosexuality is wrong, that it goes against God's word, and such. heck, the Bible even says that homosexuality is a sin. 

but the Bible also says that everyone is a sinner

and then goes on to say if you choose to 'turn your back on God' and be homosexual and such, bad things will happen

so the Bible didnt exactly clear things up for me


last night, i went to a youth group thing at my church, like i usually do

in our small groups, we were talking about the ten commandments, which led to rules, which led to the 'no bullying' rule, which led to a gay kid at someones school who didnt talk much, and that led to our churchs stance on the lgbtq+ community. it turns out, unsurprisingly, that our church hasnt taken a stance, because there will always be traditionalists and there will always be people who are more accepting. although the leader of our small group basically said that the Bible calls us to love everyone, and that he (the gay kid) would be welcome in our church if he wanted to join.


it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

of course, i didnt immediately go around flaunting my bisexuality, but i felt better, more secure, with the fact that my church would still accept me if one day i do want to come out as bi.

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