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I'm also writing this on Quotev and Wattpad. I'll try to post a new chapter everyday. Hope you like it.




        Since recorded history, a group of supernatural humans have protected the Earth from 4 different dimensions. But for the past years, the members have been in desperate need of a new recruit. And it had to be one of the most powerful ones. This group's powers come from being not only a child of a normal person, but the great "spirits" of Nature. And it just so happens that they have two of the most powerful beings of the universe. Their names were Max and Bone.

        Now Max and Bone almost never get along ignoring the fact they're brothers. Max was younger but was just as powerful as Bone. Yet, despite their great powers, Max knew Bone wanted more and more power.



        It was a stormy night. The only figures you could see, if you were outside, were two ghost-like men on the roof of a skyscraper in Seattle, Washington.

        One started to talk. "You know how desperate the Naturals are in need of-"

        "Do not mention that group once more, brother. That group recruits 10 year old kids and makes them go on suicidal missions. I will not risk my son getting killed." The man looked away from his younger brother. Lightning flashed illuminating his face. His blond hair was soaked, sticking to his pale face. Finally, his blue eyes met his brother's gaze again.

        The man's brother sighed. "Bone, would you really want the Earth to be destroyed? Just like our other homes?" he asked.

        Bone stared at him. "If you're that worried for the Naturals, why don't you send your daughter?" he said. "I'm sure yo wouldn't mind her getting killed."

        "Ha. I bet my daughter could kill your son in a flash."

        Bone laughed. "Max, my brother, she'll have to find him first. I have made sure the Naturals don't find him. That might include your daughter as well." His eyes glowed than Bone disappeared.

        "Bone won't be able to hide Shane forever. Daisy is sure to find him," Max murmured. He jumped off the skyscraper and landed in a crouch position near a truck.

        "Max, your daughter will be a perfect little slave," a voice said from the truck bed.

        Max's blue eyes filled with hatred. "Why are you here, Midnight?" he said in anger.

        Lightning flashed revealing a dark figure with ears and a tail. His hair was black like Max's but even darker and believe me, Max has very dark black hair. "Well, I have traveled here from the 4th dimension, seeking a........ What do you call it? Oh right, a hero to be my slave. And from what I heard, your daughter will be perfect."

        Max growled. "I will not let you take my daughter!"

        Midnight's eyes glowed red. "Just wait Max. I'll have her when she's 15, I'll unleash her full powers which the Naturals forbid. She'll be deadly, Max. Imagine that." Then, as if made of shadow, Midnight dissolved into the air.

        Max's anger was uncontrollable. His eyes turned into a wildcat's gold eyes, his perfect teeth became ferocious fangs, and his tan skin was covered by a black coat of fur. He looked like a were-panther, picking up the truck next to him, he threw it to a skyscraper. He continued throwing vehicles and disappeared just as the police arrived.

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