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Most of you probably don't remember me, most of you probably never even knew me. Well, I've actually been here from the start, and i came back to say....
It's nice to be back on the SAMB, i came here when Spirit Animals was first released, i think my second to last year in primary school (elementary for you Americans) and now ive almost finished my second year of college! (high school for you guys in America!)
its been such a journey, and no unfortunately i havent been able to pick up the Wildcats Claw yet (my country gets everything a month late) but im looking super forward to it! more so than i was looking forward to this series when it first came out!
But anyway, let me introduce myself to you guys who ive never existed to before.
My Names Sophia. I've been playing Spirit Animals since the first day it was released! My main character on here is Evelin Wildhunter, and since i've never been the most serious SAMBer, i've never really created a backstory for my character. if you guys want to see one, and if you want to know more about me and my Spirit Animals journey, get replying and i'll get writing for you guys! Let me know what you want to see or read here! (I love creative writing so please feel free to drop a few suggestions!!)
Also, i'd suggest you don't read my old SAMB posts... they're pretty cringey and terrible... and some of them are kinda rude lol (seriously don't read them)
Anyway, i hope to see some of my fellow Greencloaks (and Redcloaks of course!!) at Greenhaven!

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Who are you?

My friends call me Sofa, my character goes by Freja. You know who I am to you, but this is who I am to me





an ARK Survivor




But that's not all...


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what country are you from?

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(( Ł Ë Ø )

f o r u m p h a r a o h

violinist // whovian // ENFJ // slytherin // aries

"the blushing light, just another la devotee"

Utensil Police // Duck Cultist

"deep blue but you painted me golden"


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YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!! *Runs out of hiding place*


Hello! You may not know who I am, or remember me, but I was another one of those "old people that came around when the game was first released". Ello, I used to go by Frost back then, but now I'm Faith.


Hi, how are you? (What can I call you now?). 

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~Carpe Diem~



Queen of wolves and ravens

Owner of the Sparkwings


"If I don't show it, doesn't mean I don't feel it"

"Normal people have no idea how beautiful the darkness is..."



No longer active anymore, please remember me


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Oh my god! I remember yooouuuuu! (You probably don't remember me, but I've been here for years, i used to, um, lurk on the popular people's threads o.o) but welcome back! I'm sally as you can see from meh Sig. O.O. its nice to actually meet you, instead of just watching. O.O. 



Hope you enjoy being back.

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I have loved you all for years, and I will never stop.

My friends, my family, stay awesome.





*you know you're missed when

someone puts you in their sig*