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Okay, so here are the characters and some basic information


Number: 0001

Alias: Gamble

Real Name: Tomás Reynolds

Gender Identity: Cismale

Sexuality: Literally the only straight character

Power: Can turn back time. Cool down varies depending on how many hours he turned back; if it was one hour, the cool down would be two; two hours, the cool down would be four, and so on.


Number: 0002

Alias: Shadow

Real Name: Ryan Summers

Gender Identity: Cismale

Sexuality: Homoromantic ace

Power: Omnilingualism, no cool down


Number: 0003

Alias: Dare

Real Name: Chiko Fukui

Gender Identity: Cismale

Sexuality: Bisexual

Power: See the dead and talk to the dead/recieve messages from the dead. No cool down for seeing the dead, but one hour cool down for talking to them.


Number: 0004

Alias: Arrow

Real Name: Arlow Quinn

Gender Identity: Cismale

Sexuality: Pansexual

Power: Immune to fire, no cool down; also can summon fire, but only for up to an hour at a time, and with a four hour cool down.


Number: 0005

Alias: Glitch

Real Name: Glen O’Riley

Gender Identity: Cismale

Sexuality: Gay

Power: Can change appearance to resemble any human, plant, or animal, also gaining its abilities. Has to stay in that form for twelve hours. Cool down is fifteen hours, and his body might function abnormally for a day or two after the fact.


Number: 0006

Alias: Winter

Real Name: Misha [surname undecided because there are like no surnames that go with the first name Misha]

Gender Identity: Cismale

Sexuality: Bisexual

Power: Can turn anything he touches into ice if he wishes, but it only stays frozen for an hour. Cool down (no pun intended) is three hours.

Shipmate: Currently shipped with Delta/Dublin.


Number: 0007

Alias: Fen

Real Name: Daniel Fen Michaelson

Gender Identity: Cismale

Sexuality: Gay

Power: Can breathe underwater. No cool down.


Number: 0008

Alias: Blame

Real Name: Hailey West

Gender Identity: Cisfemale

Sexuality: Lesbian

Power: Tame and control any animal. Can only control up to eight animals at a time and for up to ten hours, with a two hour cool down after the ten hours. Taming has no cool down.


Number: 0009

Alias: Delta

Real Name: Dublin O’Donoghue

Gender Identity: Cisfemale

Sexuality: Pansexual

Power: Heal any living being; also can resurrect something exactly once, but she’d be risking her own life and would probably die. No cool down.

Shipmate: Currently I really ship her and Winter/Misha. Their ship name is Denter.


Number: 0010

Alias: Polaroid [considering changing it]

Real Name: Tahmoh Foster

Gender Identity: Cismale

Sexuality: Bisexual

Power: Can create illusions; also shadow mimicry. No cool down.


Number: 0011

Alias: Angel

Real Name: Ash Mitchell

Gender Identity: Transgender (MtF)

Sexuality: Gynesexual (attracted to girls)

Power: Has wings and can fly, but can only fly for five hours at a time. Six hour cool down.


Number: 0012 

Alias: Vixen

Real Name: Charlie Ryder

Gender Identity: Cisfemale

Sexuality: Lesbian

Power: N/A (please help)


Number: 0013

Alias: Phantom

Real Name: Peter Brown

Gender Identity: Cismale

Sexuality: Gay

Power: Can become invisible and stay invisible for up to thirteen hours. Four hour cool down.


Number: 0014

Alias: Glacier

Real Name: Eve Richards

Gender Identity: Cisfemale

Sexuality: Aromantic asexual

Power: N/A (please help)


Oh and by the way they’re all 16/17 and for some of them their alias doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with their power

This sounds like a superhero story but it’s not exactly one

So I need help with ships (aside from Denter), a surname for Misha/Winter, and powers for Vixen/Charlie and Glacier/Eve

Also should there be less bisexual people? I feel like a lot of them are either bisexual or pansexual, but I don’t know.

And I know there are a lot of guys as opposed to girls, but the gender wouldn’t be perfectly equal if it were realistic. And there are always a bunch of girl characters in stories on here. I wanted to change things up a little bit.

Last thing, the ship names (majority of them, anyway) should be the aliases, not the real names. They’re not supposed to really know each others’ real names for a while.

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