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There’s not really any information available right now, as I’m still messing around with various ideas, but it is fantasy; that’s the only thing I can tell you for sure. The main characters have weird powers (except there’s a twist - actually several twists)


Spots: (remember, these are all background and don’t have major roles in the story i’m writing)


The Dreamers -  


  Seekers: Ambriel [2 SPOTS LEFT]

  Warriors: [3 SPOTS LEFT]


The Messengers -




  Scouts: [3 SPOTS]




  The Dreamers are a group of seven. The Healer has special healing powers (abjuration, if you will). The Seekers have precognitive and retro-cognitive powers, albeit only in their dreams, and the Warriors can make things of fantasy come to life (they imagine it, they can create it), much like deities. The Dreamers, if they existed in a universe where good and evil existed, would be considered good; in this, however, they are simply favourable and generally preferred over The Messengers. They do not have a set leader.


  The Messengers are a group of six. The Alpha is the leader of the group, and the Beta helps the Alpha make decisions. The Healer is as described for The Dreamers. The Scouts can teleport, and each one has a special power (though not great; you can choose). The Messengers have a group telepathic communication thing. The Alpha has their own power, as does the Beta, but it is a relatively small power (again, you choose; maybe something like posession, but only for an hour; nothing huge like shapeshifting).




 For roles that have powers which you can choose, the following powers are excluded:


  Turning back time


  Seeing and talking to the dead

  Immunity to fire; summoning fire

  Shape-shifting (which wasn’t allowed anyway)

  Freezing things

  Water-breathing/breathing underwater



  Using powers of those around them

  Wings; flight



  Control of/taming animals


  I may alter the power a bit to make it more minor; again, nothing huge like telekinesis or telepathy. And only one.




  LGBTQ+ is very much allowed; it’s actually encouraged.

  The only things you can leave blank on your form are the ones that are marked as optional.

  I can do anything I like with your character. 

  They are simply background characters, so don’t develop the character too much, because they won’t be used as often. Also keep in mind that if you give me zero detail, the character will be hard to write in and I might end up not using them.

  This is story signups, not a role-play.

  I have another story going, Fade, so I probably won’t get to write that often. If you’ve read this much, put Trojans (why Trojans? probably because of the song i’m listening to. it’s actually not related, but whatever) under “Extra”. Also, I probably won’t start writing immediately. This is still being developed and is really still just an idea.

  Genders don’t have to match, but I’d appreciate if it wasn’t all girls.

  Please delete all the parentheses (side notes) in your form. It makes it much easier to read.

  You can have a maximum of two characters, unless I state otherwise.





  Alias: (much like SAMB nicknames; for example, Glitch, Winter, Gamble, Dare. doesn’t have to match powers. you can leave this blank, in which case i’ll assign them an alias.)

  Gender & Gender Identity:

  Age: (11 to 20)

  Sexual Orientation:

  Side: (dreamer or messenger)

  Spot: (healer, alpha, seeker, etc.)

  Appearance: (hair colour, hair style, eye shape, eye colour, skin colour, height, build; be a little descriptive here)

  Typical Clothing: (jeans or shorts, band t-shirts or plain t-shirts or maybe not t-shirts, maybe fancy shirts, are they really casual or pretty fancy and formal, what shoes, etc. not just outfits, but more their overall style. you can get specific about some things though; see my form for an example)

  Personality: (maybe just a Myers-Briggs personality type; actually those are easier; but maybe you want to list traits. if you don’t feel like going into personality too much, you can pick a song that describes them pretty well. i’d actually just really prefer a Myers-Briggs personality type, though)

  Likes: (optional)

  Dislikes: (optional)

  Ambitions: (optional; what drives them?)

  Fears: (optional)

  Power: (if the spot you’re taking requires one. only for The Messengers)



My Form:


  Name: Ambriel Watson

  Alias: I dunno I just really like the name Ambriel, so I’m gonna stick with that (which you can do; I have a main character who simply goes by his middle name instead of something like Blaze or Frost or whatever. not recommended for common names, however, like John or Dan.)

  Gender & Gender Identity: Cisfemale (born female, identifies as such)

  Age: 14

  Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

  Side: Dreamer

  Spot: Seeker

  Appearance: Long, light brown hair styled in a fishtail braid. Wide amber eyes (which are rare, i know). Fair-skinned; stands at about 5’3; small, compact build.

  Typical Clothing: Usually somewhat casual. Tends to wear light blue jeans; wouldn’t be caught dead wearing shorts or ripped jeans. White Converse, glasses. Wears all sorts of colour shirts, but not too much black. Wears a grey, zip-up hoodie (though usually leaves it unzipped and only wears it in the winter, early spring, and fall). An example of an outfit would be light blue jeans that fit well, along with her white Converse and glasses, and a white, slim Hufflepuff t-shirt. 

  Personality: ENFP; is also a huge dork, and quite enthusiastic. Generally happy, optimist.

  Likes: Bookworm, meeting new people; pretty much anything she doesn’t like. If she saw a cat, since she doesn’t hate it, she automatically likes it. Also likes happy music; not pop specifically, but strays from angry and sad music.

  Dislikes: People who are extremely negative, isolation, fire, cloudy days, winter, monkeys

  Ambitions: This is kinda cheesy, but she wants to make the world a better place.

  Fears: Isolation, abandonment, fire, monkeys

  Power: N/A

  Extra: N/A


mods please let this through this took me a little bit of time (time that could have been used to watch sherlock) so it would be nice

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