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hhhihihihihihi. I just need a place to write and rant all of this out, so if you don’t want to reply or read this that is completely fine. Basically, this is about how being mixed race is kinda tough. Also, I’m fully aware that many people face much worse problems, I just feel like talking about this, because it’s difficult for me. If anyone relates to this, please tell me. So my mom is Filipina, and my Dad is white. My school is really really diverse, so there are kids of all different races there. Some Filipinos identify and Pacific Islander rather than Asian, but I personally identify with Asian. So even though the school is so diverse, people of the same race tend to group together. Of course they have many friends outside of their own race, and they are perfectly friendly and nice to people of different races. But naturally, most of the Asian kids seem to hang out together, which is fine and normal. My problem is that I don’t look Asian. I don’t look white either, a lot of people think I’m Latina in some way. But I am so so proud of my culture, I love the Philippines. And it can sometimes frustrate me that people don’t recognize me as Asian. And the Asian kids at my school are fully aware that I’m Asian, but not looking like it just kind of sets me apart. It kind of just puts a barrier on me, keeping me sort of in the outer circle of friendship. With the white kids, I’m “too Asian”. With the Asian kids I’m “not Asian enough”. And sometimes I just really wished I look more Asian. And I know all that stuff, “you’re beautiful just the way you are” and ajgjsjjdaudujsjsj. And I believe in those things. It can just be frustrating sometimes. Are there any other mixed people who can relate to this?

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greetings i am queer and half asian and i love hedgehogs and tacos weee

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Yes. This hits the spot on my exact problem. I am a 1/3 italian (Dad), 1/3 mexican (Grandfather and mother), and a 1/3 american (Mom). Some would think I look mostly italian-nope. 

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