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okay so we have a band concert and i'm supposed to have black DRESS pants, but my parents won't buy it cause i have black "sweat" pants, they're kinda like sweat pants except they don't really look like it

my band teacher is gonna k*ll me... i've already been yelled twice... and let's just say both did not end well


plus our band can't even play most of our songs even though the pieces are sooo simple: quarter notes eigth, half... almost literally NO sixteenth notes except for like 2 measures for sax


i can literally almost predict everything my band teacher says if he catches me... if... i think i should use the word "when"


i'm screwed

i'm screwed

i'm so screwed...

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Destiny, Mai, Meanie, Dune, or Mina



A Warrior?

A Seeker?

A Fighter?

A Greencloak?

A Hero?

A Musician?

A Reader?

A Survivor?

A Challenger?

A Normal Girl?

A Human?


Turns out...


I'm all of them


And that's who I will always be...