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All right, so this was inspired by Puppy’s thingy but isn’t the exact same game.

In this, I give you a name and you build off it to create a character. Whoever creates the best character wins. You don’t have to be too detailed, but try to at least have the following:


Gender/Gender Identity:


General Appearance:

General Personality: (myers-briggs personality types work just fine and are easier)

Clothing: (general style)

School Stereotype: (popular, jock, loner, etc.)

Interests: (music, TV shows, books):

Fandoms: (really just for fun i don’t care if you have this)

Immediate Family: (mum, dad, siblings, pets)




First off, we have Lloyd Howell. And also an example so nobody’s really confused. My example:


Name: Lloyd Howell

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

General Appearance: Blond hair, buzzcut. Grey almond-shaped eyes. Short, skinny. Compact build. Olive skin.

General Personality: INTP

Clothing: Pretty casual. Jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers. 

School Stereotype: Nerd

Interests: Electronic music, likes Star Wars and Marvel, loves sci-fi. Favourite subject in school is maths or history. Wants to be a lawyer. Likes anime.

Fandoms: Star Wars, Marvel, Maximum Ride, Wings of Fire

Immediate Family: Steven Howell (dad), Charlie Howell (mum), Aleks Howell (brother, one year older) and Mozart (beagle puppy, male)

Nationality: German

Extra: this was literally all random and took me five minutes


haha nobody’s gonna do this but whatever

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infp // libra // hufflepuff // bisexual

ill see you in the future when were older

  and we are full of stories to be told

() ~remember chester bennington~

gang: dan, danny, grey [formerly dan II], aleks

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Gender/Gender Identity: Male
Sexuality: Straight
General Appearance: He has combed brown hair, green eyes, and major achne and freckles. He also has fair skin.

General Personality: He's very shy, but very smart He's that kid who reads encyclopedias and dictionaries for fun. Most of the times he talks is when he is correcting someone, so he doesn't have very many friends, other than other nerds.
Clothing: HHe wears turtleneck sweaters or tucked in plaid shirts with khakis.
School Stereotype: Nerd
Interests: (music, TV shows, books): Brain games, Rubik's cube, programming
Fandoms: (really just for fun i don’t care if you have this) I'm going to do this lol
Immediate Family: His dad is Lloyd Howell the Third, mom is Susie Howell, and he has a great Dane named Alexander the Great. He has an older brother in college named Rodney. 
Nationality: American
Extra: I did not make him a nerd because that is what you did, when I sawLloyd i thought nerd.

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