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A challenge thing where you post a list of all of your fandoms, your favorite characters from those fandoms, your least favorite characters from those fandoms, your favorite ships from those fandoms, and your least favorite ships from those fandoms. You can also add your headcanons and OCs and other stuff for your fandoms, but those are optional.


(Warning: I have a LOT of fandoms)


Steven Universe

Favorite Characters: Padparadscha Sapphire, Topaz Fusion,  Peridot, basically everyone except for the antagonists

Least Favorite Characters: Probably Jasper, even though the fanbase loves her

Favorite Ships: Ruby x Sapphire ("Rubphire"), and maybe Peridot x Lapis ("Lapidot")

Least Favorite Ships: Garnet x Pearl, Lapis x Jasper, Amethyst x Jasper (Yes, some people actually ship these)

Headcanons: Lars is transgender, Rose Quarts and Amethyst are biromantic, all of the gems are asexual

OC(s): Poudrettiete 1 (aka "Powder"), Poudrettiete 2 (aka "Pow"), Lepidolite (aka "Lepi)


Gravity Falls

Favorite Characters: Waddles, Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, Soos

Least Favorite Characters: Gideon (I know he got redeemed, but still)

Favorite Ships: I used to be really passionate about Wendip, but now I don't really care that much about any Gravity Falls ships except for Waddles x Gompers and Sheriff Blubs x Deputy Durland

Least Favorite Ships: I don't really like Billdip (Bill Cipher x Dipper) or Dipcifica (Dipper x Pacifica) that much.


Star Vs the Forces of Evil

Favorite Characters: Star, Marco, Jackie, laser puppies, Tom, Janna, Buff Frog, Ludo

Least Favorite Characters: Toffee, the guy who runs the Goblin Dogs food truck, Mrs. Skullnick

Favorite Ships: Starco (Star x Marco), Kelly x Marco (Melly? Karco?), Jackie x Oscar (Jackscar?), Jackie x Janna (JannaLyn), Janna x Tom (Jom? Tanna?)

Least Favorite Ships: Tomco (Tom x Marco), Janna x Marco (Janco?), Janstar (Janna x Star)



Favorite Characters: Zwei, Roman Torchwick, Penny, Neopolitan, Ruby, Nora

Least Favorite Characters: Adam, Cinder, Mercury, Salem, Weiss's dad, Weiss's brother

Favorite Ships: Bumbleby (Yang x Blake), Freezerburn (Weiss x Yang), Whiterose (Weiss x Ruby), Arkos (Jaune x Phyrra), Seamonkeys (Neptune x Sun), Renora (Nora x Ren)

Least Favorite Ships: Monochrome (Weiss x Blake), White Knight (Weiss x Jaune), Ladybug (Ruby x Blake), Embers (Phyrra x Cinder)

Headcanons: Blake is biromantic, Yang and Weiss are lesbian, and Ruby is panromantic.

OCs: Maggie Rosewood (RWBYsona)


Camp Camp

Favorite Characters: David, Nikki, Max, Gwen

Least Favorite Characters: Sasha, Erin, Dolph, Quartermaster 

Favorite Ships: David x Gwen, Nikki x Max, Ered's dad x Ered's other dad

Least Favorite Ships: Maxvid (David x Max), David x Daniel


Sanders Sides

Favorite Characters: All of them

Least favorite characters: I'm pretty sure it's literally impossible to dislike any Sanders Sides character.

Favorite ships: Logicality (Logic x Morality), Prinxiety (Prince x Anxiety)

Least favorite ships: Anxotic (Anxiety x Logic), Anxiety x Morality

Headcanons: Anxiety loves cats. Logic is the tallest, closely followed by Prince, Thomas is a little bit shorter than Prince (5'10"), Morality is the second shortest, and Anxiety is the shortest. Logic and Morality are basically the gay dads of Thomas.

OCs: Stem (my logic), Petal (my morality), Pollen (my creativity), Thorn (my anxiety). All of them are named after parts of a flower.





That's all I can think of for now, but I'm sure there's more. I'll update later.



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~Puppy Traitare-Hamiltonia~

   (Demigirl ~ She/They)

Aka Spider Puppy, Dog Child, Yppup, Ghost Puppy, or Doggo



Angelica Luise









SAMBer of the day: Aphrodite!

Could I just put my main OC(s) for the OC part? Cuz i got lots of OCs.



My Favorites of WoF

1 Clay/Sunny

2 Qibli/Kinkajou/Winter/Turtle

3 Peril/Fatespeaker/Starflight/Jambu

4 Glory/Tsunami/Riptide/Deathbringer

5 Umber/ Reed/Mangrove

6 Six-Claws/Thorn

7 Moon

8 Ostrich/Auklet

9 Stonemover

10 Tamarin/Peacemaker/Cliff


Least Favorites from WoF

1 Morrowseer/Scarlet

2 Burn/Blister

3 Kestrel/Darkstalker

4 Whirlpool

5 Orca

6 Icicle

7 Shark

8 Cobra/Rattlesnake/Vulture

9 Battlewinner

10 Crocodile


My Favorite Ships of WoF

1 Cleril=Clay + Peril

2 Sunnyflight=Sunny + Starflight

3 Ripnami=Riptide + Tsunami

4 Glorybringer=Glory + Deathbringer

5 Winterwatcher=Winter + Moonwatcher

6 Turtajou=Turtle + Kinkajou

7 Moonbli=Moonwatcher + Qibli

8 Starspeaker=Starflight + Fatespeaker

9 Darksight=Darkstalker + Clearsight

10 Thornmover=Thorn + Stonemover


My Least Favorite Ships from WoF

1 Qinter= Qibli + Winter

2 Riptidebringer= Riptide + Deathbringer

3 Anamrin= Anemone + Tamarin

4 Umbli= Umber + Qibli

5 Pertle= Peril + Turtle

6 Clry= Clay + Glory

7 Tsunly= Tsunami + Clay

8 Sundler= Sunny + Smolder

9 Wintajou= Winter + Kinkajou

10 Clatermelon= Clay + Watermelon (fruit)



Main OCS:

Clover the RainWing, Splash the SeaWing, Deep the SeaWing, Desert the SandWing, Cattail the MudWing, Talon the SkyWing, Snowflake the IceWing, and Volcanictooth the NightWing.



Favorites from Warriors

1 Firestar/Graystripe/ Gray Wing/Thunder(star)/Spottedleaf

2 Sandstorm/Silverstream/Yellowfang

3 Bramblestar/Jayfeather/Lionblaze/Dovewing

4 Alderheart/Hollyleaf

5 Twigbranch/Violetshine/Turtle Tail

6 Hawkwing/Pebbleshine

7 Featherwhisker/Sunstar

8 Cinderpelt

9 Onewhisker

10 Brambleberry


Least Favorites from Warriors

1 Brokenstar

2 Onestar

3 Hawkheart/Mudclaw

4 Clawface

5 Spiderleg

6 Darkstripe

7 Darktail/Pinestar

8 Ashfur

9 Tigerstar

10 Leopardstar


My Favorite Ships of Warriors

1 Firestorm=Firestar + Sandstorm

2 Silverstripe=Silverstream + Graystripe

3 Holly Leaves= Hollyleaf + Fallen Leaves

4 Heatherblaze= Heathertail + Lionblaze

5 Crowpool=Crowfeather + Leafpool

6 Crowtail=Crowfeather + Feathertail

7 Squirrelstar=Squirrelflight + Bramblestar

8 Hawkshine=Hawkwing + Pebbleshine

9 Turtle Wing=Turtle Tail + Gray Wing

10 Crookenshine=Crookedstar + Willowshine


I don't really have any ships I dislike from Warriors, maybe except for Thistclaw and Spottedleaf and Mapleshade and Appledusk.


Main OCs:

Leafwhisker, Wolfstar, Tigerfang, Splashpelt


My Favorite Characters from Survivors

1 Storm/Alfie/Fiery

2 Lucky/Whisper

3 Arrow/Moon

4 Sweet/Bella

5 Mickey

6 Snap

7 Twitch

8 Breeze

9 Daisy/Beetle/Thorn

10 Martha


My Least Favorite Characters from Survivors

1 Alpha/Blade

2 Mace/Bullet

3 Terror

4 Bruno

5 Whine

6 Alpha (Wolf/Dog/Pup)’s Wolf pack members/Fierce Dogs at the farm where Alpha (Wolf/Dog/Pup) was captured

7 Ruff

8 Chase

9 Woody

10 Callie


My Favorite Ships from Survivors

1 Lueet= Lucky + Sweet

2 Alfsy= Alfie + Daisy

3 Alpity= Alpha + Calamity

4 Arrlla= Arrow + Bella

5 Fioon= Fiery + Moon

6 Flar= Fly + Star

7 Mickap= Mickey + Snap

8 Blace= Blade + Mace

9 Whisrm= Whisper + Storm

10 Blallet= Blace + Bullet


Main OCs:


Spike; Clover; Maple, Fury, Adder, Bee, Briar, Earth, Hawk, Zip


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I'm weird. Get used to it


Im insane; you?







"Geoduck- it looks like a naked turtle."

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Favorite characters: Vriska, Terezi, John, Rose, (Vriska), Meenah (the Beforus timeline version), Karkat, Kanaya, Jade, Dirk, Andrew Hussie, AND MANY MORE I SHALL LEAVE IT AT THAT


Least favorite characters: Gamzee. (I don't reeeaaaaly hate anyone else, despite everything...)


Favorite ships: Vriska <> Terezi, (Vriska) < Andrew Hussie (sue me nowwww)


Least favorite ships: Vriska <>/< Tavros. It would never work.



(I'll do more later)

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Eternity EternaFlamCrandberrand Katrina



Bobcat Twin


Gang @/341306
















Fav characters: Coco Adel, Arthur Watts, Jaune Arc, James Ironwood, Winter Schnee, Glynda Goodwitch, Penny Polendina

Least fav: Jacques Schnee, Emerald Sustrai, Tyrian Callows

Fav ships: Bumbleby (Blake x Yang), Arkos (Pyrrha x Jaune), Renora, (Ren x Nora), pretty much the same as Puppy minus a few

Least fav: honestly I either ship something or I don’t

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Puppy there are a few of your randoms also in the netherlands

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homethread /313731

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MODs help I can't load all post again

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homethread /313731

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I’m just gonna do my main fandoms, because otherwise we’d be here all day.



Favourite Character(s): Castiel, Dean, God/Chuck, Charlie, Gabriel, Lucifer (it sounds weird, saying that Lucifer is one of my favourite characters)

Least Favourite Character(s): Alastair, whoever killed Charlie, Ruby, Zachariah, Metatron, Lilith

Favourite Ships: Destiel (sorryyyy)

Least Favourite Ships: Wincest (Sam x Dean)



Favourite Character(s): John Watson

Least Favourite Character(s): Moriarty, Irene Adler, Mycroft

Favourite Ships: *grin* jOHNLOCK

Least Favourite Ships: are there any other ships on the show...oh wait, yeah there are. Mary x John and also Molly x Sherlock (Sherlolly?)


Stranger Things

Favourite Character(s): Mike, Eleven, Dustin, Steve, and Jonathan

Least Favourite Character(s): I don’t really like Max or Lucas all that much...I don’t know why, I just don’t particularly care for them. Also Nancy.

Favourite Ships: Mileven (Mike x Eleven) and Jancy (Jonathan x Nancy)

Least Favourite Ships: Stancy (Steve x Nancy)


and don’t forget the bandom (only one)



Favourite Band Members: Dan and Will are the two I like the most. I love all of them, but these two are my absolute favourites.

Least Favourite Band Members: none of them how dare you

Favourite Ships: Dyle isn’t that bad...I mean it could be worse

Least Favourite Ships: is it weird that Dyle is simultaneously my favourite and least favourite ship

Headcanons: Dan is actually bisexual

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infp // libra // hufflepuff // bisexual

ill see you in the future when were older

  and we are full of stories to be told

() ~remember chester bennington~

gang: dan, danny, grey [formerly dan II], aleks

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*Breaks down door of thread* I. HEARD. FANDOM. 


Undertale/it's AUs - 

Favorite characters - EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM. 

Favorite ships - 

Pappy x MTT 

Dancetale Sans x Frisk 

Least favorite ships - 

Every single ship that envolves an AU Sans being shipped with a different AU Sans. (PLEASE DON'T YELL AT ME BECAUSE OF MY FAV SHIPS AND LEAST FAVORITE SHIPS!)  


Hamilton - 

Fav character - Everybody but Maria and whoever shot Philip(can't remember) 

Fav ships(Don't hate me)- 

Ham x Eliza

Burr x Angelica

Herc x Peggy


So...yeah. Please don't judge me. I hate it when you guys yell at me for my ships. 



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AKA Mozilla

Cʜᴀɴᴄʟᴇᴛᴀ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ

օղӀվ í ɾҽՏҽɾѵҽ Եհҽ ɾíցհԵ Եօ ʍɑƘҽ ƒմղ օƒ ʍí ɑʍíցօՏ

 Like a pheonix I will rise and fly from the ashes 


Draw a circle there's the Earth! 






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Faves-Sophie (Of course), Fitz, Dex, Biana, Linh, Tam, and Keefe (Sorta) Oh and Alden and Della and Jensi and Marella and Mr. Forkle and Physic and Elwin and Grady and Edaline and Sandor and Grizel and Terik and Oralie and Kenric (RIP :'< ) and Bronte and Amy and Silveny (You gotta love Silveny) and Greyfell and Wylie and Kesler and Juliene


Least favorites- FINTAN (GET A TASTE OF YOUR OWN MEDICINE AND BURN IN EVERBLAZE) Brant (RIFP) and Lady Gisela and Lord Cassius and Ruy and Alvar and Alina and Gethen.




Tiana or Kiana or Diana (SO HARD TO DECIDE THEY'RE ALL SO CUTE) (Biana+Tam, or Keefe, or Dex)




SOKEEFE (Sophie+Keefe)

That can die in a hole

Like Sodex did

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Starlight Ruewen Random

   Christian | Aspiring Author | Gryffindor

   ✩Hate on the trait, not the person.

        Oldie | Sophitz Shipper | ML Fan

Trust in the Lord with all your heart.

            Book Lover | Pianist | #STS
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Mods no likey hearts. Even if it's part of a spade. Okay. Trying this again.


Wait, most of that post got deleted actually. I think I just got a bad mod... Or they disliked my Homestuck ships... XD






Favorite characters: Vriska, Terezi, John, Rose, (Vriska), Meenah (Beforus timeline), Karkat, Kanaya, Jade, Dirk, Hussie, and many more


Least favorite characters: Gamzee


Favorite ships: Vriska <> Terezi, (Vriska) < Hussie


Least favorite ships: Any Vriska and Tavros ship.





Favorite characters: Roxy, Terezi, Dave, Dirk, Karkat, Calliope, Meenah (Beforus timeline), John, Feferi, Vriska, Doc Scratch, Jane


Least favorite characters: Jake, Gamzee, Hussie


Favorite ships: Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh I need to think about it


Least favorite ships: I'm with her, any Vriska/Tavros ships.



We'll do more later.

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Eternity EternaFlamCrandberrand Katrina



Bobcat Twin


Gang @/341306















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bookmark for when i have time to think about such things

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loading candy.exe...


i look at myself and say

that i will be happy


loading data, please wait...

joined 1/5/2016

star count: 2573

homethread location: /322526

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Favourites: Iroh, Zuko, Sokka, Katara, Aang, Toph, Azula, Ty Lee, May, Suki, Avatar Kyoshi... I like too many people in this show.

Least Favourites: Jet (he just annoyed me), that guy who was the head of the Earth kingdom security people, Zuko's mom (unpopular opinion, she was a good mom to Zuko, but a bad mom to Azula. JUST MY OPINION DON'T HURT ME)

Favourite ships: Yukka (Yue X Sokka, I feel like this would have been cute if (SPOILER) Yue hadn't sacrificed herself), Kataang (Katara X Aang), Zutara (Zuko X Katara), IrohXTea, Tyzula (Ty Lee X Azula, this one seems sweet to me), Zukaang (Zuko X Aang, for reasons).

Least Favourite ships: Jetara (Jet X Katara), Mayko (May X Zuko, I feel like the creators randomly threw it in and shoved it at us, there was absolutely no hints that these two would become a couple), Tokka (Toph X Sokka, unpopular opinion, I know, but I just don't see it)

Headcanons: None really

OCs: Nope



Favourite Characters: Qrow, Tyrian, Weiss, Ruby, Yang, Sun, Nora, Ren... ANOTHER LONG LIST

Least Favourite Characters: Roman (ok he was funny and all but I couldn't see him as a major threat or a big villain), Weiss' dad

Favourite Ships: Renora (Ren X Nora), Arkos (Jaune X Pyrrha), Black Sun (Blake X Sun), Rose Garden (Ruby X Oscar, do not shoot me for this)

Least Favourite Ships: Bumblebee (Blake X Yang, another unpopular opinion, but the toxic shippers made me hate this), Neptune X Weiss (just don't see it), Jaune X Ruby

Headcanons: I don't really do these tbh (I'll stop here since I have none)

OCs: Had some, don't care enough to remember (ok I literally make no OCs for fandoms, I'll stop this section too)


How to Train Your Dragon + Race to the Edge (both movies and TV shows)

Favourite Characters: Viggo, Dagur, Hiccup, Snotlout (ok he's so badly treated by the creators, he's actually a great character and more than just comic relief), the twins, Hiccup's dad.

Least Favourite Characters: That new villain in S5 of the show (I don't even know his name but I don't like him)

Favourite Ships: Hiccup X Viggo (MY FAVOURITE CRACKSHIP! Also I'm the only one out there who ships this), Hiccstrid, Hiccup's parents, Toothless X Stormfly, Heather X Eret (saw videos about this, made me ship it).

Least Favourite Ships: Fishlegs X Heather (just don't see it), Ruff X that one guy from the show in S5, Snotlout X anyone (I see him as a bachelor tbh)


Fairy Tail

Favourite Characters: Jellal, Meredy, Lucy, Mirajane, Irene, Laxus, Erza

Least Favourite Characters: Juvia (I'm sorry, but her Gray obsession makes me want to stab her. She started out a great character then got ruined), Happy (got annoying as well) and there were probably a bunch more but everyone who's not a main character disappears at some point so I don't care enough to remember who else I hate.

Favourite Ships: Jerza (Jellal X Erza), Gale/Gajevy (Gajeel X Levy)

Least Favourite Ships: Gruvia (Gray X Juvia, I could write an essay on how much I hate this ship, just ask me for my reasons in a separate post), Miraxus (no reasoning), Romeo X Wendy (no reasoning, people ship them just because they're the same age), Zervis (Zeref X Mavis, there is so much wrong with this ship in my mind)


My Little Pony

Favourite characters: Celestia, Discord, Rarity, Twilight (both versions of her, both pony and EG), Spike, Cadance, Sunset Shimmer.

Least favourites: Starlight Glimmer (Ok, she's grown on me a little, but her backstory is shoed in and gives no reasoning, her redemption makes no sense and I feel like she was randomly thrown in as a main character. I like her a little more now but that doesn't excuse the gaping flaws in her character)

Favourite ships: Fluttercord (Fluttershy X Discord, this might get me hate but I think they're cute together)

Least favourite ships: EG Twilight X that guy from Everfree (NOPE)


I'm tired, I'll do more later. Also please don't hate me for my unpopular opinions, I know that they're unusual but they're mostly from looking deep into things and realizing that this pair isn't right and also toxic shippers. Toxic shippers ruined several RWBY ships for me tbh

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Thank you all for everything.



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~ They/them ~ Nerdy friendo ~



The universe calls.

Let the star's light

Refract into the night.

After all,

This world's never

truly dark.



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Favorite characters: Edd, Matt, Tom, Tord, Laurel, Kim, Katyel, Ringo

Least favorite characters: Eduardo, Mark

Favorite ships: Kim x Katyel, Mordor (Matt x Tord), Tomato (Tom x Mat), Totord/Tomtord (Tom x Tord) (This one is okay in some circumstances imo), Teddy (Tom x Edd).

Least favorite ships: Edor (Edd x Tord), Medic/MattEdd (Matt x Edd), Tor'd (Tord x Tord), Toom (Tom x Tom), Eddd (Edd x Edd), Dodo (Eduardo x Jon), Mon (Mark x Jon).

Headcanons: Edd is the tallest, closely followed by Matt. Tom is shorter than both of them, but his hair is so tall that it makes it look like he's the same height. Tord is slightly taller than Tom, but still shorter than the others. (This was actually confirmed by the official Eddsworld account on Twitter, except they didn't include Tord's height, so Tord's height is the only part of this that isn't canon)


Spirit Animals

Favorite characters: Abeke, Conor, Meilin, Rollan, Briggan, Jhi, Worthy, Maya, Tini, Dawson, Dinesh, Suka, Tellun, Ninani, Mulop, Rumpfus

Least favorite characters: Zerif, Kovo, most of the antagonist people (except for Shane and Drina, since they're not as 1-Dimensional as most of the antagonists)

Favorite ships: Conbeke (Conor x Abeke), Reilin (Rollan x Meilin), Rorthy (Rollan x Worthy), Ailin/Mabeke (Meilin x Abeke)

Least favorite ships: Shabeke (Abeke x Shane), Ronor (Rollan x Conor)

(Sorry to all the Shabeke shippers out there)


The Last Dogs

Favorite characters: Rocky, Gizmo, Gertrude, Madame

Least favorite characters: Dolph, the other antagonists because most of them are pretty annoying and 1-dimensional (I don't like Dolph either, but at least he has a little more personality than the others)

Favorite ships: Rockmo (Rocky x Gizmo)
Least favorite ships: None, because this fandom is so small that there's literally only 1 ship avaliable)


Stranger Things

Favorite characters: Dustin, Eleven, Mike, Lukas, Will, Max, Hopper, Joyce, Nancy, Steve, Jonathan, that nice doctor guy from season 2, Bob, Barb, "Funshine"

Least favorite characters: Dr. Brenner, the Demegorgon, the Shadow Monster, and basically all of the other antagonists

Favorite Ships: Jancy (Jonathan x Nancy), Stonathan (Steve x Jonathan), Mileven (Mike x Eleven), Joyce x Hopper, Joyce x Bob, Dustin x Lucas, maybe Max x Will or something

Least favoritie ships: Stancy (Steve x Nancy)

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~Puppy Traitare-Hamiltonia~

   (Demigirl ~ She/They)

Aka Spider Puppy, Dog Child, Yppup, Ghost Puppy, or Doggo



Angelica Luise









SAMBer of the day: Aphrodite!