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Yes, I am leaving the SAMB. Some of you guys may care, some may not. I bet most of you don't know who I am anymore. Who would, I mean, I'm just another SAMBer on the website. Well, it's time to go back in time. Into my past.


I want you to think of a girl stumbling upon this website in 2013, around the time when this site first opened up. When she digs around even more, she figures out it has animals in it. Already, this girl is sold into this game and wants to play, just because it has animals. For months, she played as her first character, learning all the secrets, tatics, and just watched the forums from a view. Finally, she gather up her courage and sent a first post. She learned about nicknames, and about not using emjis. The girl became Rylee, she clearly didn't have the brains to think of a new name besides her first characters name.

Now she has about three characters, a spirit animal fan. A fox, penguin, and a komodo dragon. All she loved playing as.

Then something happened. Something that dragged her away from the site. A year passed by, and soon enough, she was forgotten. Then she came back for a bit. Probably the one reason she came back was because she saw that new spirit animals were avavlbile. Taking the name Frost, changing her name, trying to start again. She left again, and this time, for about two years, she was gone.

Now this girl is coming back, she felt like something was pulling her closer to the site once again. She came on, and to start new things, she started a story. That was a story idea she had long ago, and it became Choatic and Free. She met new people there. Then she met somebody else named Frost. She then changed her name to Faith.

Afterwards, she ran into a Warrior Cats story. She entered, despite the forum being a little bit popular. She met someone named Tigris, Joy, Cresent, Swiftstar, and so on. She had lost Autumn, a friend of hers before, so she tried meeting new friends. She asked for a character to be made, and Lunarfrost was born, along with other OC's of hers.

The people on the Warrior Cats story became her new friends. She enjoyed the time, and never thought of leaving the site. The story grew, and then she met Topaz. Another friend joined her. The story grew into Warrior Cats Story 2. She stayed by the group of people, and enjoyed it.

But things like Candydragon, the glitch, the WoF MB. That got in the way of her. She tried to stay on, but more 'newbies' joined, and it was getting harder. One time, she was ready to leave. That was when she was making a warrior cats story of her own. To many people inavded, and she was ready to retreat.

The person stayed, but she found another website, Wattpad. She loved that website, same as the SAMB.

Then here comes the reason she left. Her friends were drifting off, and she made new friends on Wattpad. More people she knew were leaving, leaving her with only a few people left. More people she knew were on Wattpad, she spent more time there. She left the WoF MB, loosing interest in it. Now she left for months, only coming on once and awhile.

She was there in the shadows, stalking thee forums, checking each one and watching the friends she had left on here. That wasn't much anymore.












Now we're back in the present. Not very many of you may know me, but my name is Faith. I used to be Rylee and Frost. If you knew me from 2013, my name was Rylee and Frost. If you know me now, my name is Faith.


It's my time to leave. I many not be coming back. My time is over. Not very many people know me here. It wouldn't be very reasonable if I stayed here. It's time for a new era of SAMBers, I hope you will all listen to me when I say something to you.


Do not turn on the newbies. Think about it, you're new on a site like this, and you don't know the rules of this account yet. You use massive fonts and neon pink colors for text. Emojis, because they look cool. You were once a newbie. I bet you all you once used inncorect grammar and colored text. So did I. If you want prof, look through my old posts. I don't care if I'm made of a fool, I'll be gone by then.


I have a few messages for people, if they are still around:


@Frostdinosuar91- Thank you for being my first friend back on this website. Thank you, Chaotic and Free will be a book one day, I promise. Zara won't be washed away

@Tigerwolf4248- (Well, I can talk to you anytime). Thanks for letting me join your first Warrior Cats story, I think maybe the reason I came back was to meet you

@Wolfmagic494- Rose, I have no clue if you're still active or not, but I';m grateful to have met you. Same as Frost, Rose is in Chaotic and Free right now, she's not forgotten at all

@Topazhamster42- I may not have known you that well, but I'm glad I had time to spend with you. You're fun to be around and role-play with

@Silvermist539- Thank you, Joy. Doing the wolf rp with you was a blast, and having a friend like you made this site even better



That's all. It's my time to leave. I'm sorry to the people that know me. Newbies that I've never met or talked to, remember, you're the new era to the SAMB, when new people come on here, they're going to look up to you.


*Sees the SAMB train coming closer*

*Turns around once more to look at the SAMB*


Goodbye, Spirit Animal Message Board.


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No longer active anymore, please remember me


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Bye, Faith. I'll miss you.

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*Cries* Please don't leave! I know that I probably won't change your mind, but I want to at least tell you that you are one of the few SAMBers that I look up too. 


Well, goodbye. I won't forget you

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*I have returned!*

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NUUU!! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE MEH! (even though I am virtually never on)

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Ru Bibi... Or Melayia... Or Opal... :3


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@breezemagic7 (Faith)

To be honest, I kind of don't know you but I know for a fact that many people on this MB will miss you dearly. I hope you enjoy being on Wattpad, I have a Wattpad account also.

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wow that was dramatic


nice goin bub


hope you don't turn out like me and come back within the year

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i finally noticed somewhere along the way

the changing seasons painted the town a new color

fluttering flowers dance as my heart wavers

what will be left when it's all over?

in this bittersweet place

i want to stay my old self forever


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I certainly haven't been here for long, but seeing the posts the older SAMBers made certainly made me feel apart of something special. But no matter how hard I tried, the only people who even noticed me was Azalia, Embyr, and Wolfheart. So, Faith, I will miss you because of all the things you did that inspired me to try to be apart of the wonderful SAMB.

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