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I swallowed the bitter taste in my throat as name after name was called. A huge crowd was dismally watching fail after fail, and I hated being forced to watch the disappointed gazes, one after another, and know the odds were highly stacked against me being any different. As another girl stumbled sadly off the stage, I gazed carefully around the huge square. People were piled around the stage, albeit for the roped off section reserved for those who would be having their Nectar Ceremony. I sighed, my spirits dropping. Such a large ceremony for so little success. My heart was beating faster than normal, and dread settled in my stomach. What if I didn't get a spirit animal? Or, maybe the better question was, what if I did? 

Anticipation started building up inside me. I didn't have the slightest clue when my name would be called, I hadn't payed enough attention to decipher a pattern in which people came up onto the stage.

The thin clouds that had been creeping onto us finally found the sun, and everything turned a dismal shade of grey. Almost if it was a sign, I heard my name called out by the emotionless announcer that had been droning on throughout the ceremony. My heart both sped up, stopped, and skipped a beat all at once. I stepped forward as everyone stepped back to let me through. I walked slowly to the stage, lips dry. Everything was too bright, too loud. I focused on getting up the stairs, then on stepping forward, one step at a time. I was handed an unmarked flask. 

"One sip only." The man instructed. His words registered in the back of my head, but I could barely hear them. The crowd was silent, but the ringing in my head was drowning out everything else.

I took a sip with trembling fingers. 

For a moment, nothing happened, and my heart was dropping. Then, the boom of thunder that wasn't there rang out through the crowd, and surprised murmurs turned into cries of confusion. I didn't hear them. The ringing in my head turned deafening. A bright light flared in front of my eyes and I almost dropped the flask. 

When the light faded away, I finally saw its source. Beside me was a tiger.

A beautiful white tiger.

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A twisting road

A flash of light

A creek where water still flowed

My hand rests on the bone dry bed

The memory's no longer there

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sounds fun


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Ava cherrymoon :)

(horse lover)

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I had turned eleven a week ago. My nectar ceremony was about five minutes away and  I looked around at all the other kids who would be receiving the nectar. The light of the sun refracted off of the cape of my silver tunic. I was more scared than I had ever been in my life, and it depended on this one moment.



  I watched as the first kid named Joel stepped up to the goblet of nectar.

"Good luck." I whispered to him as he trembled.

"Thanks." He whispered back as he slowly grabbed the nectar and took a sip.

nothing happened as I heard "How about the one with the silver tunic." He had said something else but I couldn't hear it over the sound of my beating heart.



  Taking a sip, I tasted the nectar which was like my mother's Cookies on a winter night while we watched a movie  together it was a feeling I couldn't  explain. 




   A moment later a beautiful horse, a buckskin mustang appeared  and reared on his hind legs as I looked into his eyes I sunk into their blue depths as he nickered and playfully nudged me.

"I'm ready for adventure if you are."I said joyfully. Then he snorted and I said "Lucky." 

"You will be Lucky."

I don't know how or where the name came to me but I knew we were destined for greatness! 


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Ava cherrymoon :)

(horse lover)

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Harmonie felt like one of the porcelain dolls on her mother's shelves. The eleven year old's passive expression put the lifeless novelties to shame. Ever since she had woken up, she had been swarmed by handmaidens, escorts, tutors, and even her nanny. All of them were insisting she bring honor to the Moonsword family name.


It was suffocating.


Still, just like she had been taught, Harmonie did not complain. Kati, her older, much more perfect, sister, had been able to go through with the procedure, so Harmonie promised she would as well. She allowed herself to be dragged about the Zhongese manor and fussed over until she was finally given an hour to herself.


The young child knew she had no right to dismiss her family's staff. It was the day of her Nectar Ceremony, after all, and they simply wanted to make sure it was perfect. Granted, it was only perfect for the sake of her parents, but it was still a nice thing to do, so Harmonie could not blame them. Taking a deep breath, she once again beat down her ever increasing fear and started to get dressed.




The bright, shining sun sprinkled rays of light down onto the stage. A throng of people turned towards the sound of light, gentle footsteps. Harmonie walked steadily, hands folded in front, and smiled softly at as many people as she could. She was last to drink the nectar today, in the place of honor. Everyone else had gone, now it was her turn.


The noble girl stopped at the steps to the grand stage and looked up at the Greencloak that stood atop it.


"Harmonie Moonsword, please receive the Nectar of Ninani."


Everything suddenly seemed so much more real. She had been numb, dull throughout the day. Now, that simple phrase unleashed the tide of anxiety and worry that was held carefully in check. Harmonie could fail. She could fail so, so easily. She could summon nothing. She could cry.


Harmonie didn't want to disappoint a single person. She had set herself up to fail. Her expression was starting to crack, so Harmonie took those final steps up to the Greencloak.


The flask was handed to her.


With tremulous hands, she took a sip. The flask was taken away in that same moment. It was sweet, like the syrup on the cakes of flour Harmonie would make for breakfast sometimes. A small smile passed across her face.


Then the screaming started.


Animals cried out together. The lovely rays of sunshine faded, as if they didn't want to disturb anything. A soft breeze swept through, gently ruffling Harmonie's dark brown locks. The girl couldn't speak, her lungs felt like they were being pressed by rocks. It hurt, acually. Then, for a second, it all went silent. Her ears swam.


Suddenly, a trail of light gently landed onto the wood. That light faded to reveal a tiny osprey. He chirped, staring at Harmonie. Her expression morphed into one of surprise. The osprey flew onto her shoulder and nuzzled her hair softly. Her lungs felt free once more. She grinned.


"No one's ever going to hurt you, OK? We're going to be safe. I'm going to make sure of it," the child whispered.


If only it had been true.

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-Queen of Magic, Magic Believers, Pink, and Star Wars Rebels

-Kid of Hecate + Herobrine

-Fluffeh Master

-Potato Bringer

-Melon Lord


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What is death? Is it a prison? Is it some ancient servitude where souls got to gain freedom of their body? Or is it a dark abyss, full of hate, anger, pain...


"Wake up! Wake up!" "What! Who's there!" No one answers as (unspoken name) is the first human to walk the world. As he sits and wonders about the strange dream he had, he can't help but question what death was actually. He had seen many animals die, as they sunk into whatever this death was. Every time he saw it happen, he wished he had the speed and strength to run away from the awful sight of an animal dying. Always wanting speed. Obsessed with it, fascinated by the creatures such as the peregrine falcon, or the cheetah, what makes them so fast. That is why he studies the human genes to try alter them or boost them to make him run fast. Until one day, something happened after he created a syrum, a potion that he drank. There was a tremendous flash and he felt the urge to step outside his shelter. There standing there was the most beautiful peregrine falcon he had ever seen. He once again felt the urge to touch it. Stepping toward it slowly, he reached out his finger and the falcon pecked it once. A shock of realisation came over him that the world was moving slower, a bird was in the middle of flapping in midair. Seemingly still. A leaf was falling from a tree, ever so slowly. Then it kept going. He strained to think what was happening, to try stop it. He couldn't live like that, being lonely from the beginning, he couldn't be even lonelier, away from all the animals he loved watching, and feeding, and petting. But then, as if summoned by thought, time sped up again. 


The he might he wondered what had happened that day, the falcon had followed him around, he fed it, petted it, and it even sat on his shoulder and demonstrated how it hunts. He felt an intelligence in it, some connection between him, and it. A bond. He tried the slow motion thing again, a bird was passing and then everything slowed down again, but this time, he felt energized and powerful, so he took of running, and it was even fast in the slowed down time, he would use this, he would use it to give the world life.

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"I'll always be one step ahead"


"You will never know who I really am. No matter how hard you try, I will always be ANONYMOUS."


As it takes one second to be brave, but a lifetime to forget the regret.


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I know I am late but this is my nectar cerimony.

(My name: Quin Firerider)

(My spirit animal's name: Zyphyr)


It was like any other day in Eura, Trunswick. But it was also unlike any other day. For today, was a nectar ceremony. Not just any ceremony, my nectar ceremony. I quietly fiddled with the clasps on Dawson's fancy jacket. We both quietly agreed that it was purely for show and would be completely useless if he was out in a storm.


"You asleep yet?" Dawson asked teasingly.


"How could I sleep with your fabulous commentary?" I retorted with a snort. This caused Dawson to laugh and he spun around before I could finish the last clasp.


"You think you'll summon anything?" Dawson questioned me. I could only shrug in response. Did I hope to call a spirit animal? Of course. But no one in my family had ever called one before.


"I hope that I do, then I can help Connor and the others protect Erdas." Dawson declared as he puffed out his chest. I walked around him to try and do the last clasp but he followed me.


"Will your family be there?" Dawson asked. I was hit with a pang of grief then. The last time we had spoke, was three years ago.


"I imagine they will be." I mumbled before walking around Dawson, finally able to button his last clasp.


"Well, let's hurry!" Dawson whined, smirking slightly. I quickly nodded, falling in behind him as we headed outside.


-The Courtyard-


When we arrived in the courtyard, I was unnerved by what I saw. The normally vacant courtyard was now swarming with people, all here for Dawson's nectar ceremony. I was not good with large crowds of people, and as a result, I froze in my tracks.


"Quin!" The voice of my mother brought me out of my daze and I turned to see her, my two older brothers, and my younger sister, all waving at me. My dad glared at me with his arms crossed so I quickly waved before rushing over to join Dawson on the bench.


"Hear ye, hear ye, good people of Trunswick! Before the eyes of man and beast, we are gathered here today to participate in the most sacred rite in all of Erdas. When human and animal unite, their greatness is multiplied. We have come to witness whether the Nectar will reveal such greatness in either of these two canidates-Lord Dawson Trunswick, and Quin, son of Firerider. Keep in mind that if no animal is summoned, this will still mark the end of their childhood." A Greencloak bellowed. The cheering after the mention of Dawson all but drowned out the last part of what the Greencloak said. This Greencloak had a very powerful looking lion next to him, Cabbaro the lion. Which had to make him Kirat. Kirat shushed everyone before raising the flask above his head.


"Lord Dawson Trunswick, step forwards." Kirat ordered. Dawson stood and eagerly walked over. After taking his sip, nothing happened.


"Take a seat. Quin, son of Firerider. Step forwards." Kirat instructed. I shakily stood, slowly walking towards him. Having all eyes on me made me uncomfortable. 


"Accept the Nectar of Ninani." Kirat stated. I took a sip. At first, nothing happened, so I stood to go take my seat. Then, everything happened. The animals began shrieking, the sky darkened, and a flash filled the area. Taken by surprise, I fell to the ground. I watched with wide eyes as a canine emerged from the light. It was big, all black, and had golden brown eyes. A wolf. I had called a wolf. Instinctively, I recoiled from the wolf, scrambling to my feet.


"Congragulations Quin. Go on, don't be shy. Go say hi." Kirat encouraged me. I glanced at him, then gasped as Cabbaro, who had apparently stood up, nudged my leg, making me stumble towards the wolf. After regaining my footing, I slowly reached forwards. The wolf lightly pressed its head against my shaky palm. It were as if an electric current passed between us. I knew the wolf was male, considered me its equal, was happy to be my partner, and that it was named Zyphyr. Then, the moment of enhanced perception passed. Suddenly, the area was filled with cheering. I jumped at the noise before looking at Kirat.


"Come, there is much to talk about." Kirat began.


"I can't be a Greencloak!" I cut him off. It wasn't that I did not like the Greencloaks, but I had no skills in combat and was horrified of blood. The very smell made me nauseous. Kirat nodded in understanding, backing away.


"If you ever change your mind, come to Sunset Tower." Kirat sighed. I quietly nodded.


(Eventually I would join the Greencloaks but I am not a big fighter)

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The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack ~ The Jungle Book

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I just realized that I did not describe myself. I would be wearing a white sweater, beige jeans, and black sneakers.

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The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack ~ The Jungle Book

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And if anyone is wondering, my dad in this does not like me because I am the weakest in my family (yes even weaker then my little sister). As a result, he is never impressed with me and when I get my spirit animal, he is even less impressed with me.

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The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack ~ The Jungle Book

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Actually, that is impossible, because when Devin is in the forest with Zerif in Spirit Animals, book two, Hunted, He is attempting to avoid a spider and Zerif explans that it is impossible to bond with an insect.

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Call me Hay!!!

Doesn't Care What People Think

Plays To Win

Proud GreenCloak

Loves My Family

My Favorite Quote, "Love is the greatest happiness." -George Sand


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I guess I will do the nectar ceremony for me. I am not using any of my actual names by the way.


     I couldn't wait. Coming from a boring family, we never witnessed anything really exiting, but it was about to change. Even if I don't call a spirit animal, I have the chance of seeing one of my peers. My mother knocked on my door and said, "Lyra, hurry up, we haven't got all day, you know." I responded with a grunt. I threw some shoes on, and then my baby brother, Liam, started screaming and crying. I went to go take care of it, but my mom told me to go ahead and that she'd meet me there. I stepped out into the cold Euran morning breeze. I breathed in, and exhaled, cherishing the best day of my life. 


____Time Skip to Nectar Ceremony_____


    I wished best of luck to my best friend, who is like a sister to me the best of luck. All of a sudden, the sky darkened, and my friend, Paige, started to scream. There was a flash of light, and a snake appeared at her feet. She sreamed, and dropped dead. She was keeping a secret from us. The nectar was two years late. She was fourteen. The sky lightened back up and everyone was staring. I shook away any tears that came into my eyes. She was my best friend. I had to be strong. I can't cry. I bet my hero, Meilin never cried. Our greencloak, Midas raised his hands and silenced the crowd. He announced, "This is a frightfully shocking instance of bonding sickness! Please never hide and take the gamble! Now, shall we carry on with the ceremony?" He called up a boy, but he looked more Zhongese than Euran. "Joshua Kim, son of Mathias Kim, please come forward." He stepped forward, but his gaze remained on me. He winked, and returned his attention to Midas. "Please accept the nectar of Ninani the Swan." He gulped down the what appeared to be thick liquid. He looked around, but to his (and mine) dismay, nothing happened. He attemped to keep a straight face, but to no avail. He  made a scowl but tried to smile with it, but it didn't work. He shook tears out of his eyes and sat on the bench with his head in his hands. Midas then called me. "Lyra Proctor, daughter of Jenna Proctor, please come forward." I prepared for this fateful moment. Taking one more deep breath of the fresh air, I rise and come to greet Midas. He offers me the flask, and I gulp down. The nectar, and I try not to choke, but it is so thick! I gulp one more time, and it finally clears my throat. The sky begins to rumble. The dogs begin to howl. The crowd begins to shout. I fall to my knees, as pain in my chest was increacing. There is a loud yell, "My god, she summoned an owl!" My vision and the clowds begin to clear, and perched on top of my head, is a wide eyed, great horned owl. I coax it onto my arm and decide to call him, Biko.

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Call me Hay!!!

Doesn't Care What People Think

Plays To Win

Proud GreenCloak

Loves My Family

My Favorite Quote, "Love is the greatest happiness." -George Sand




”and agrave, daughter of kih.” I shivered as I walked up. Fear surged through me. What if I didn’t get a spirit animal? What if I did? What happens to your family? Will I have to abandon my home? WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO ME?!  I drunk the nectar. Nothing happened. My heart sank, but came right back up as a flash of lightning lit up the sky. And there, slithering toward me was the serpent spirit animal, Gretchen. My head spun as it Gretchen reached me and slithered up her leg onto her shoulder, were it sat intelligently.

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black eye

flame, mid, iced, puddle, seaweed, fern, rusty, falconvine, apricot, twig, tropical, ember




i am a 









warrior cats



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"Mikiyu, wake up. The Nectar ceremony is starting soon."

The gentle words snapped me awake. I glanced and my family was carefully preparing items - my mom was making parts of the feast to follow the ceremony, my sister some jewelry, and my twin brothers were rushing around, grabbing stuff and handing off to my parents. My father looked through the dresses and chose one for me - a beautiful light grey with faint ghostly markings that looked like animals. After I washed, ate a banana, and dressed, we headed for the town square. I held by bow tightly in my hand, looking over the Niloan landscape. Dry and cracked, but green and beautiful in some places. We lived on the edge of a small forest, some of our houses built in or around the trees. The Nectar ceremony started. After three other kids names were called, I heard my name.

"Mikiyu Karav"

I walked straight-backed to the podium and drank the Nectar, letting the taste fill my mouth. Suddenly, a bright flash, and flying in front of me was a brown-black owl. I grinned and let it fly around me, and I thought of her name. Wreath.

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back at it again at krispy kreme!


One of MANY (emphasis on the many) Fandoms


"I prefer the term mentally hilarious." - Alex Fierro, Magnus Chase


I am your local meme friend and wild random kid


Eternally a kid


Status: Sick w/ the flu


Gang: WIP

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Will definitely do this after school

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I am a demigod, a Wiccan, an LGBT+ supporter, an author, a reader, Divergent, and a dimensional keeper.

All the hate you've heard will always seem invisible compared to the love you've felt. You will always be loved!


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Jade-  When I woke up this morning, I remembered that today was the nectar ceremony

. I was the last person in my family to do a ceremony. No one else had called a spirit animal. I took a deep breath, then my mom came in saying,"Time to get ready, and you have to wear this dress." I did not like dresses, but this was a special occasion so I did as told. Then she tried to put my hair in a really fancy bun. I said," Mom, can't I just have my hair down?" She replied," Sure, I guess so , but you would look so much better with the other hair do." ( Time skip to nectar ceremony) There was two other kids both had summoned nothing. I was last to go, my family wasn't super rich but we were better off than most people in our town. The greencloak gave me a flask,  I took a sip, it was warm and tasted like my favorite food, warm rolls. The earth started to spin around my a light flashed. It was like my scenes were turned up the world looked more vibrant, and in front of me stood a fox, instantly I knew she was my spirit animal. She padded over to me and sniffed my hand. Her fur was the brightest shade I knew immediately what I should call her Ruby.  The greencloak in front of me said," Would you join the greencloaks?" Should I go, should I stay. I turned to my family, my mother nodded her head giving approval. This gave me reassurance. I slowly turned to the greencloak and said," Yes I will join."  He said" Then we must go right away."  Then we began the journey to Greenhaven.


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 If cookie are awesome, I guess I'm awesome!

 I'm weird, GET USED TO IT

Don't forget you're human. It's okay to have a meltdown. Just don't unpack and live there. Cry it out. Then refocus on where your heading.

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I am Lyra in here, not Lyria in the game world. 


And... this is my story.


I didn't know how I got here.

All I know is that i'm

"Lyra Starlight!"


"Come here, and recive the Nectar!"

I took a sip. It tasted like... apple cider * honey * brown sugar * ...Moss?

The sky above me turned black as a shadow fell...

Then, a dog fell from the sky directly onto my head.

"Ugh..." I pushed him off. "Your... A ender dog! i summoned an ender dog!" He pushed me onto the ground and licked me. 

My eyes lit up, and I jumped onto him. "Al-right! Mossy, let's go!"

In the blink of an eye, I dissapeared into the world of Minecraft. 

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What's the last time I came here?

Characters: Ruby, Leona, Linda, Alex, et cetera

Starter of: The World of Noobs (MC/286817), Adventure in the Other World (SA/313692).  


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My family was a rich bunch, all of us generals or some important people. My father was the only exception. He fought as a conqueror. I was only 11, and my mother took me and my older brother Gavin away from Eura into Amaya. My father's side was defeated, and I had not seen him since. But I still wish I could see him, if only once. Today is my Nectar ceremony, and I almost wish father could see me. But he isn't my father anymore, anyway. At least, mother says he isn't. But if I summon a spirit animal, as I'm almost sure I will, I wish he could see it.


"Morgin, come on. It's time for your ceremony," yelled Gavin from his room.


"Where's Mom?" I yell back.

"Don't know. You better get ready, you only have 10 minutes." I bit my tongue. The ceremony was being held far from us. I really did need to hurry. I selected my neatest clothes, a white shirt, brown pant, a red scarf, and I quickly braided my shortish white hair into a small braid. I then rushed to Gavin. Ever since the war ended, father stopped sending us money. We survive because mother works as a cleaning lady. We barely ever see her. I wondered what would happen if she missed my ceremony. I closed my eyes. She will come, I thought. She has to. 


Gavin met me and we ran out of the small shack. In Amaya, people like us aren't rare. In fact, another boy like us was taking the Nectar today. But he probably wouldn't miss his ceremony. I ran faster, pulling Gavin behind me. 


The greencloack giving my ceremony had long, black hair. Her eyes were bright blue and I felt something stir in them as she looked at me.


"Jarnar Rivergrander, come forward," she said. I gritted my teeth. Jarnar was a son of a very powerful man. He was spoiled and everyone thought that he would get a spirit animal. "Receive the Nectar of Ninani." Jarnar drank it. I prayed that he wouldn't get anything. Nothing happened. Jarnar looked around. No animal was in sight. Jarnar glared at the crowd watching, daring them to laugh. Jarnar angrily left.


The other two children went. Finally, it was my turn. 


"Morgin Moonmaker, come forward." I did. "Sip the Nectar of Ninani." I did that as well. The nectar tasted like the cookies my mother used to make before the war started. I reached forward, eager to drink again, but the greencloak pulled away the flask. All of a sudden, I felt dizzy. Everything was so detailed, and my senses were on high alert. I was rushing through the forest, swinging through the treetops-


I was pulled back to reality by a gasp. Standing in front of me, pushing into me, was a crocodile, slightly smaller than the devourerers. I stumbled backwards, not knowig what just happened. 



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"There is no inherent right or wrong in this world, those labels are just artificial constructs. Right and wrong are held by figures of authority."

"People need fear to survive. We experience it so we can get stronger."





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I would write my Nectar Ceremony except there are like WAY too many  spirit animal tigers and some tigers are wearing Crimson Animal Armor.

And my tiger wears crimson animal armor so im not gonna write my nectar ceremony. 

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sooo good


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omg I love ure story 

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