The Last Conquest

                 A Spirit Animals Fanfiction


Chapter 1: The Horn


The deer twitched its nose endearingly, grazing on the grass, unconscious of the hunter treading cautiously parallel to it. But one wrong move, and the animal will be dashing to the other side of the ravine.


I knew I had to be careful. Muscles tensed, I nocked an arrow into my bow, pulled back and hesitated. I’ve never killed before. I didn’t think it’ll be necessary for me to do it, but after the devastating tsunami that had destroyed the crops two months ago, our village has never been as vulnerable as it was now.


Exhaling through my mouth, I closed my right eye like I was taught. The string escaped my fingertips, and arrow flew and—



—it slammed into the trunk of a tree. Startled, the deer pounced off its strong, hind legs.


“Urgh!” I growled, maladroitly fumbling for another arrow in my quiver, but it was too late. The deer already disappeared behind the woody shrubs.


“You’ve forgotten everything I taught you already, Evelyn?” a low, baritone voice said.


I turned. Rowan leaned against a tree, frowning in distaste. There was a limp rabbit dangling from his left hand, and a sleek, menacing long-bow was strapped against his back.


In contrast to me, Rowan possessed everything I wished I had: strength, flexibility, and smart comebacks for every insult I threw at him. I’d lived for twelve years under the protection of my best friend, as much as I despised it.


“You hesitated." He said. "The worst mistake a hunter could make—you nock, you pull, you aim, and you hesitate. Is watching your prey escape satisfying to you, Evelyn Nakoa? You are certainly the dullest of idiots I’ve—”


“Look who’s talking!” I snapped. “You mistake honey for toothpaste, so don’t call me an idiot—”


I broke off, suddenly alert. The wind carried away a low sound in the distance. It was barely audible, but you could hear it coming from the ocean. I whispered, “Do you hear that?”


“Yes, that would be my stomach growling.”


“No, I’m serious. There’s that sound…” I trailed off, frowning. The breeze carried the scent of the sea, threading into my nose, and—


—there is was again. The sound.


A horn.


From the corner of my eyes, I saw Rowan tilting his head, listening. His dark hair fell over his face, concealing his expression, but I could tell from the way his muscles stiffened that he knew what the horn meant.


“What is it?” I exclaimed, stepping forward.


His hand came up to his collarbone, touching something behind his shirt. "A raid," he said. "It's a Conqueror raid."


"How do you know that?" I asked incredulously.


"I've served the Greencloak leader, Olvan, and Keith for two years," explained Rowan. "It might be years since I've last fought a battle, but I know the sound of a Conqueror's ship when I hear one." When he turned to look at me, there was nothing about his gaze that spoke of a sixteen year-old, like me. His gaze shone with anger and a thirst for vengeance.


"Hey, wait!" I grabbed his arm as he turned to leave. I asked, "Why are Conquerors invading this village?"


For a moment, I saw the same confusion masked in his eyes. But then, he shook his head, "I don't know." He paused. "But stay here, Evelyn. It's going to be chaos in the village, and you'll just get yourself hurt, or worse, captured." He crackled his knuckles, then starting running towards the direction of the village.


I shook my head, muttering. "Typical Rowan." I waited for his silhouette to vanish between the trees before nocking an arrow into my bow and silently treaded after him.




Author's Note:


That was a sneak-peak of a story I'm hoping to write. The idea is that I'm going to be writing from a Conqueror's perspective.  Should I break it up into smaller chapters, I'm afraid these chapters are too long? Also, any reviews are highly appreciated! ^-^



P.S. Do not plagarise, as it is against the forum rules and this story belongs to me.

A character sign-up thread will be up shortly. Please drop by!


Stay tuned for Chap 2~

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Cool! Can't wait till the next chapter!

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