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Every child has a special animal companion. Sometimes they know it's there, and sometimes they don't. Sometimes they love theirs, and sometimes they hate theirs. Sometimes the animal is ordinairy, like a dog, and sometimes the animal is extraordinary, like a dragon. Sometimes their Beast is good, and sometimes it is evil. Some children decide to kill their Beast, and some decide to keep it with them for life. It's all about choices. And what will you choose? Your Beast's life, or your family's pride? Over The Wall, or home where it's safe? And what if you kill it? Won't it come back to haunt you for life?


You live in a small, modern neighborhood. All around it is a huge wall. Nobody wonders what is beyond it. Nobody thinks it is there. For all they know, that wall is the end of the world. Every child in this neighborhood is given a Beast. Every child grows up with it, and then at the age of twelve, kills it. To not kill it is to instead kill the pride of your family. To ask about the wall is to kill the pride of your family. To go over the wall is to literally kill your family. So, what if you don't kill it? What then? Will you be forced to go over the wall? 


Joining Form: 


Fill out both of these forms.



Age: (11-12)










Beast name:

Beast Gender:

Beast Age:

Beast Species:

Beast Personality:

Beast Appearance:


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Siggy remodel in progress.


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 The Starry Kip Queen

 If cookie are awesome, I guess I'm awesome!

 I'm werid, GET USED TO IT

   I love the night thou 

     Goodbye my Friends

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oooo save

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god of plants, healing, and peace. 

it’s a mental b r e a k d o w n *off key kazoo*



I’m the android sent by CyberLife

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This looks interesting. Save, please. ^^

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One Riot, One Ranger


"To the socially awkward." ~ Jaune Arc


"When I say it doesn't HURT me, that means I can BEAR it." ~ Killua Zoldyck

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Name: Violet

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Appearance: violet eyes, black/dark brown hair down to feet, medium/tall for age, 

Personality: looks fierce, actually caring, athletic 

Clothing:wears combat boots, tight leggings, white blouse, sometimes wears a belt

Strengths:dodging stuff

Weaknesses:hurting someone

Backstory/Bio: her father has her look fierce in public, along with a little arrogance, but when she is hidden, she is actually very caring. Her mother died when she was born, so she only has her father's judgement to go on. He always wants her to be fierce, but she is barely able to draw the tiniest amount of blood from something and not feel guilty. She is a vegetarian, and barely on her father's good side. Any action she would choose, would have her father's pride leave her for one reason, any reason.

Abilities:by abilities, you mean??


Beast name: Tensha

Beast Gender:Female

Beast Age:constantly age 1

Beast Species:dog

Beast Personality: extremely clumsy, very nice, intelligent even if it does trio over its own feet every few steps

Beast Appearance:golden brown with star on forehead, same violet eyes, wet black nose

Extra:She loves Tensha

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Flipside Sisters- Equal & Opposite




     Nothing else at the moment....

           ....asides from RPs


Always going to be a little lost...

> Name: Dallon Newport

> Age: 12

> Gender: Cismale

> Sexuality: Bisexual, if LGBTQ+ is allowed in this. If not, ignore this part.

> Appearance: He has messy dark brown hair (for reference as to the style, look up Dallon Weekes) and pale blue almond-shaped eyes that seem grey. His complexion is pale, possibly from Irish/English ancestry. He stands at about 5’11 and has a very lean, lanky build. (I’d write more and be more descriptive but I’m lazy)

> Personality: INFP-T

> Clothing: Dallon typically wears band t-shirts, jeans, and charcoal grey Converse. 

> Strengths: Most things musical, climbing (he has very strong legs), long distance running (not exactly fast though), large vocabulary 

> Weaknesses: Doing maths, avoids conflict at all costs, jumping, strong fear of heights and needles, has social anxiety, having a positive self image and good self esteem

> Bio: He’s had a very basic life so far. Dallon has always been drawn to music and languages, as well as animals and nature. He has three sisters and an older brother: Delilah (older sister), Snow (younger sister), Ashlie (slightly younger sister), and Aleks (older brother). Growing up with a lot of siblings (well not a lot but more than most people can handle), he’s never really gotten a lot of attention, though he’s fine with this. He has loner tendencies and his only good friend is Hailey West.

> Abilities: Plays guitar, plays drums, sings, climbs well, knows German as well as English and Gaelic


> Beast Name: Dare

> Beast Gender: Male

> Beast Age: 7 human years

> Beast Species: Red fox

> Beast Personality: Fiercely overprotective, fairly independent though doesn’t mind being around people, a bit standoffish and a bit rude towards strangers but very cuddly around people he knows well (Dallon, Hailey, Snow). 

> Beast Appearance: He has amber eyes and blazing red fur along with white paws and a very fluffy tail. He’s lean and muscular, and the tips of his ears are black. he looks like a fox okay

> Extra: yee


> Name: Hailey West

> Age: 12

> Gender: Cisfemale

> Appearance: She has crimson red hair (dyed obviously) styled in a pixie cut. Her eyes are wide and hazel. She stands at about 5’7 and has broad shoulders, though she’s thin. Her skin is pale as well, and she has an angular nose. Hailey’s face is more of an oval shape and she has high cheekbones. There’s something very androgynous to her appearance, and she is often mistaken for a guy.

> Personality: ENFJ-T

> Clothing: Hailey tends to wear graphic tees and skinny black jeans along with white Converse. She is aware that she doesn’t exactly dress feminine, but she doesn’t care.

> Strengths: Leading, has a way with words, good singing voice, great upper body strength, fast runner (though not a lot of stamina), very flexible, can jump high

> Weaknesses: Easily irritated, snaps at people sometimes, runs out of stamina easily while running, legs aren’t very strong, very stubborn, a bit aggressive, jumps to conclusions, gets into fights a lot

> Bio: Her dad left her and her mother when she was 9. Since then, her mom has developed a very good relationship with her daughter. She’s become independent and fierce since then, and doesn’t take anything from anybody. While her parents were arguing, shortly before her father left, Dallon would always comfort her. They’ve been friends since they were 6. She has no siblings, but she does have one dog named Atlas.

> Abilities: Public speaking, singing, flexible, draws very well, playing soccer


> Beast Name: Winter

> Beast Gender: Male

> Beast Age: 4 human years

> Beast Species: Hawk

> Beast Personality: Shifty, a bit aggressive, antisocial, pretty much only likes Hailey (they’re working on it)

> Beast Appearance: Yellow eyes, brown feathers, white belly with brown spots like a hAWK (also i got pretty lazy here if you couldn’t tell)

> Extra: *raptor screech*

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//\\ Truce //\\

|| bisexual || she/her ||

Hey moon, please forget to fall down...

|| Superlock || P!ATD || TØP || FOB || Bastille ||

Stay aliv|-/

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Queen of color, rabbits, and much more

Pink fluffeh unicorns dancing on rainbows!!



Jesus loves you!!

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Can my beast be a unicorn? If not I want it to be a doe (Doe, a deer, a female deer)


Name: Mikiyu Zarinka

Age: (11-12) 12

Gender: F 

Appearance: Black hair that looks like Orochi's from Beyblade Burst (if you don't watch, just look up Orochi Ginba and look at pictures) And pale skin. Relatively tall for her age, she's quite athletic-looking. Her eyes are a dark bluish-purplish-grey (Like Keith's from Voltron Legendary Defender, if you don't watch just look up Keith Voltron) She has plenty of scars dotting her arms (due to something, will be explained in Backstory/Bio) And a scar across her right eye (Like Shu's from  Beyblade Burst)

Personality: She's quite quiet and often the voice of reason for everyone around her. She;s often solitary and hangs back most of the time, not letting people get close to her. If someone probes her too much, she'll explode at them, but otherwise she's tight lipped and will shut down if someone talks about her.

Clothing: She normally wears a tank top (not spaghetti straps, if you know what I mean) and a blue, worn-out jacket. She wears jeans that are tattered and some grey-blue sneakers.

Strengths: She can appear out of the blue sometimes, able to see others and how they're feeling, she's very athletic

Weaknesses: If someone knows who she is, and they talk about it, she'll be very sensitive and (as i said) will possibly blow up at them. She's not very good socially and it's very hard for her to make friends

Backstory/Bio: When she was 5 or 6 she went through a traumatic experience and went through PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and she's had a hard time ever since. She has scratched herself so many times, which is why she has all those scars. She has trained and trained since then, and is very skilled in combat or anything to do athletically.

Abilities: Anything athletic, can understand other's feelings, memorizing things easily, good with animals, and drawing/writing


Beast name: Hylizarie (meaning "lover of the moon")

Beast Gender: F

Beast Age: 5

Beast Species: Unicorn 

Beast Personality: Very courageous and spirited, creative and a bit wild, strong and good-willed

Beast Appearance: White fur that seems to glow like to moon in darker areas/at night, rainbow mane/tail, silvery-rose-gold horn

Extra: UNICORNSSSSSSSSSS (if not, then it's just gonna be a deer. same personality but different appearance)

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My name is Random, though you may have heard of me as Animal.


(You can call me Wist/Wistful/Nova)

"When there's no peace on Earth, there is peace in Christ"  

Im a Mormon and what's wrong with that?

A Million Dreams  

Pilot of the Green Lio

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le bump

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My name is Random, though you may have heard of me as Animal.


(You can call me Wist/Wistful/Nova)

"When there's no peace on Earth, there is peace in Christ"  

Im a Mormon and what's wrong with that?

A Million Dreams  

Pilot of the Green Lio

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Lʏ Dʀʙʟ

H/Hɪ ʀɴɴ

Pʀ Aʜɪ

Kɪɴɢ ғ Wʟ ɴ Lʀғɪɴ Hʀʀʀ  


❂ Tʜ ʏ I ʀɪ ʟɪ

I ʟ ʜɴ ʙɢɢʀ' ʜɴɢ

ɴ ɢ ɪ ʜ ʀɪʜ

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Name: Nebur Neva



Appearance: long white curled hair, blue eyes, small for her age but she is also strong for her age

Personality:she is very quiet and doesn't like to talk much, she looks on the outside like a very cold person but actually she is very caring and friendly

Clothing:thick white jacket, white snow boots, white snow jeans

Strengths:she can think very quick under any circumstances

Weaknesses:hates water(but not snow)

Backstory/Bio:she was once with her family driving and her dad needed to send the car to the left because otherwise they would have killed a rabbit and her family loves animals. They dived in the river and her whole family died except her because she wasn't in the car they traveled towards her to pick her up and go for a dinner in a restaurant and she had just played with her girlfriend so she waited multiple hours, but her parents didn't came. When she heard this story she got nightmares about her family that were dying and of that moments on she hates water.

Abilities:very flexible, fast and can jump high and change direction in mid air


Beast name:Azer

Beast Gender:male

Beast Age:11.5?

Beast Species:lynx

Beast Personality:he is a little bit of a hot-head but he is very friendly and kind in overall towards Nebur's friends

Beast Appearance:yellow eyes, yellow fur with black dots

Extra: tell me if I did something wrong

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The whole problem

with the world is that fools and fanatics

are always so certain of themselves

and wiser people so full of doubts

-Bertrand russell

# RememberTheLost 

#Ishmael's forum brother


homethread /313731

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Name: Grace Ordey


Age: (11-12) 11


Gender: Female


Appearance: Long, wavy dark brown hair, dark chocolate brown eyes, lightly tanned skin, moderately long eyelashes, and is very short. Small and petite frame with slightly pronounced hips. Thin arms.


Personality: Very jumpy and anxious. Loyal, polite, and respectable. Intelligent and loves to follow the rules. Never swears. Very quiet and soft-spoken. Introvert. Surprisingly good at comforting others.


Clothing: Hot pink fluffy jacket, pink t-shirt, dark blue skort and leggings, and black and pink tennis shoes. Garnet earrings.


Strengths: Basically the Mom Friend, good at cooking and baking, knows some useful tidbits of information. Does a lot of cardio excercises, so she runs fast.


Weaknesses: Has the strength of a twig. Unable to really speak. Too jumpy and nervous to compete in anything. Near-sighted. (hot pink glasses in her pocket)


Backstory/Bio: Basically has a normal, uneventful life.


Abilities: Good t singing, cooking, baking, and running.



Beast name: Floofy


Beast Gender: Female


Beast Age: 2 years old. (Normal adult fox)


Beast Species: Arctic Fox


Beast Personality: Empathetic, loyal, compassionate, and playful. Calm and quiet, but will get very excited if she senses someone wants to play. She loves helping others and acts much like a dog.


Beast Appearance: Fluffy, pure, white coat. Dark brown eyes. Little splotches of pale gray on her paws.


Extra: Acts more like a dog than a fox, and rarely strays from Grace's side.

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-Queen of Magic, Magic Believers, Pink, and Star Wars Rebels

-Kid of Hecate + Herobrine

-Fluffeh Master

-Potato Bringer

-Melon Lord