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Dear Mr.Jones,

I am sorry to report that little Lynette has been assigned a detention.

As you know,Lynette is usually a very tack and little child.However,today I caught him snacking in class.

When I asked him to stop,he shouted "D'oh!" and began acting with his friend Verruca.

Lynette aggravated the matter further by calling me a slippery puppy and likening my armpits to a stunning potato.

Little Lynette was also in violation of the school uniform policy.I do not allow great dresses at Jordan College.

Jordan College prides itself on being a crumbling & broken establishment.Thus we cannot have children snacking & acting on the premisis.Added to which,my arm pits look nothing like a potato,as Mr.Jackson will testify.

Please ensure that little Lynette attends detention tommorow,and leaves his great clothing at home.


Steve Bobman

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