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In my "I'm back, what did I miss" (Uh...Hi?) post, I mentioned that I was planning to contribute to the SAMB. And well, this this that post. This will be long, and are MY IDEAS (I think). This will be mini-series that I'll run (maybe with some help) and are original (unless somebody is currently doing these, cause if so, please tell me). With that out of the way, let us begin!!


Idea 1: Book Reviews

For something so simple, I hardly ever see this on the forum. Anyways, in my reviews, I'll be reviewing each of the books in the series. Each review is based of off my opinion, will be ranked on how good it is, how good it is compared to the other books, a summary, how it moves along the plot, etc. Once again, most of it will be based off my opinion. One last things, side books (like the Book of Shane) will be rated on the depth they add to the overall story. We'll begin with Book 1.


Idea 2: Bad Book Reviews

Idea 1 but dumbed down and it made fun of. The plot is told, but jokingly. No ratings and is purely objective. Will begin with Book 1.


Idea 3: Spirit Spotlights 

Idea 1 but with characters. Each character will get an entire thread to themselves discussing their character, relevance, a rating, etc (hence Spotlight). I hope it brings different perspectives to certain characters and causes discussion. To begin, we'll do the BEST character in the series, the Jailer from Book 1. Just kidding, it'll be Meilin.


Idea 4: Spirit Theories

GameTheroy has finally met the SAMB. I'll be discussing mysteries, conspiracies within the books (and game) to an extent. The theories will be fan requested. The first theory will be simple but hard, "Why are YOU called the Keeper?"


Idea 5: Fanfic

Compared to the other ideas, this is the most unique. It'll be a story between OCs, told by a man experiencing it, Garren. However, he is not the main character. There are three main characters and Garren is the least important. This fanfic will discuss society beliefs, mental illness (to an extent) and equality. One of the characters is openly gay, you'll find. She is treated badly. Remember, this story takes place during medieval times, when it was looked down upon. Don't worry, that's not all there is to her. If this ever is finished, I'll release Memories of the characters to explain backstory/motivation or just to add more salt to the wounds. Two of the characters are heavily based of of Fire Emblem, so don't be surprised by any references. I was planning to put an excerpt, but I realized this post would be too long, so I'll put it in the comments.


Well, that's it! I plan on doing all of these on a schedule. The Spirit Theory will come out first.

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