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So I'm questing for the talisman of Jhi (ya know, normal Greencloak-cool-ness), and I suddenly notice.... theres a clear, almost invisable, circle at the bottom of the screen, just barely being cut off by the bars at the bottom with the skill things and experience stuff. I then notice it IS invisable! The only thing that lets me see it is when I move under the tree's shadows and inside the (perfect) circle, the shadows become less pixilated. And ONLY the shadows. It reminds me of a magnifying glass (without the magnification) or like glasses. Very bifocal like. It just felt like one of those "I CAN SEE!" moments. Though it was only with shadows and not a big deal. It was like, instead of very pixilated shadows, it was just sorta pixilated shadows. It wasn't a biggie and not distracting or anything after the first 6.7 seconds, but just letting you know/ asking if this is a glitch. yep. :)


And I got good news: I GOT A NEW LAPTOP! My old laptop broke a few weeks ago and I couldn't play, and I could barely talk on the forums with only a tablet to use. But not only can I play now.... But its so much better and smoother on a not-8-year-old laptop! and even better: It works on my accont! Not just my parents! Yay! Just thought you would like to know!

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